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Get the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter full and final version from pokemonlog, having different storyline and features included in. Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter is completely changed from any previous version. The overall Pokedex is changed this time, also this rom is hacked by the Aesthestode who have created a lot of interesting pokemon rom hacks for the Pokemon Community. The main character is changed from the trainer pokemon to main role of Male Pokemon. Now you have to play the role of Male Pokemon who having some troubles in the main area and compete with different tackles come in your way. Play the different game ever, having lots of features of playing the main character also some new pokemons are also included in the game. If you are a True Pokemon game lover and want to test a new one, then go for this hack.

pokemon adventure red chapter

Some Interesting Information about Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter ROM:

  • Hack Name: Pokemon Red Chapter
  • File Size: Below 10MB
  • Language: English
  • Author: Aethestode
  • Mode: Single Player as well as Multi-Player game.

Snapshots of Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter ROM Free

pokemon adventure rom free

pokemon adventure red chapter download for free

pokemon adventure red

By Looking to the Storyline of the game the author has made interesting Storyline while changing all the main roles and characters from the main pokemon previous games. The main character is assigned to a different role this time, now you have to complete missions assigned to you in a different way. The Gyms center also designed in a different way from the previous roms. There are some different tasks which will be assigned from the Gym centers by the Gym owners.

The main character is a male one, and he will be Red. You have to encounter some Pokemon in different areas, which is the core task of you to complete in the game before you move forward in the game. You have to encounter the Mew Pokemon in any region, at last, you can find that Pokemon in the pallet region which is the main region in the area in which you are doing the research process. Also, Red found himself in a Pokemon Journey which has to be completed on time. The region assigned to you is the Kanto region, now the main mission of yours is to be a Perfect Pokemon Trainer, so for that, you have to train different pokemons in the area. Team Rocket is the main team which is present in the same area and you have to compete them for everything that is coming in your way. Team Rocket began to perform their cruel experiment in the area, which may destroy the world in a critical way. How can the good trainers save the Pokemon World? That’s the main pending question by all the Pokemon Lovers.

New Installment is included in the pokemon adventure red chapter game, which makes the game more complex than ever. Some of the regions are bonded to come and explore them from any perspective. While playing the role of Trainer Pokemon you have to find different Pokemon from the area and train them in your own way so that you can become a good trainer in the area and win some serious missions. Like the region of Kanto is really awesome as it has all the features available like new Fakemons are now there. Some Pokemon from the Gen III to Gen IV  are also added, which makes the game more complex and explorable.

The overall area is changed, now you have different outfits colors, change any outfits in your own whichever you love to wear. There are different colors and shapes of the outfits, make sure all the outfits that you have chosen for your pokemon characters are same as you and having no such difference at all. The Land of Sevii Islands which is the main area of the game. As we know that Sevii Area is changed from all the region and having different characters which need your guidance for moving forward in the game. You have to train your characters as well. You can try Pokemon X ROM Free

The Overall Storyline of the pokemon adventure red chapter  is changed from the Pokemon Y ROM, now having the main role of the Manga fact, like the Pokemon Adventure Manga. There are different roles to play in this game and some new languages are included in the latest version of Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter, as we know the previous version was in English Language only. Events system in the game is really awesome, some new events are also added to the game for making the game more explorable and complex. Now complete all the missions assigned to you regarding to events, as they are the crucial part of the game. Also, one of the challenging task for you will be that you have to complete all the pending events like in Pokemon Brown ROM Free Download.

One of the main features of  Pokemon Adventure red chapter rom is that it has the different gameplay modes. Once you start the game the main menu will have the option of Day and Night. You have to choose whatever game playing mode you like to play.  If you want to play in Day mode you will have different environments options in the game. Similarly in the Night game mode System also. There are some new Cold areas/regions are also added and you have to complete the missions ahead in the pending areas as you know they are so much cold which is a big update in the game ever like in Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Free Download .

The Slave options are now also added as the major update of the pokemon adventure red chapter. Choose whatever Slaves you like to choose, now you can fully utilize the option of TMs and HMS. Also, note that they both are reusable. Now you can use some pokemons as a slave and make some big changes while playing with them.

Some of the Best Features of Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter ROM:

  • HM and TMs are added.
  • New Maps are added.
  • Pokedex is changed.
  • You can view all the hidden areas of the game.
  • Now some pokemons will follow along the way.
  • Some new Events are added.
  • You will be given some new bonuses.
  • The difficulty level is increased.
  • TMs and HMs can be reusable.
  • Day and Night System is added.

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