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Pokemon Blazing Red or Pokemon Rouge Flame is a Special Pokemon Fire Red Remake by Tetra for GBA Lovers. It is available in the English version, having several new features of gameplay. Overall gameplay is improved, Kanto is the main region where the whole game plot is made. The storyline of blazing red is almost the same as Fire Red, like the main trainer named as Red, now you have a new rival. Green is no more the rival, you will face a new rival. There are 16 leaders throughout the whole Kanto Region and almost all the gym leaders are stronger than you. Train and catch the pokemon on time. Let’s move forward and explore the hidden features that the game contains before downloading it.

Game File Name:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Blazing Red
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake By: Tetra
  • Remake From: Fire Red.
  • Language: English.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Blazing Red GBA Download:

The main character named as Red, who is a trainer in the Kanto region has to explore the area for some mysteries to be solved. Various new pokemon are part of the game which makes it more unique and interesting. Special new pokemon are part of the game and you will sometimes visit little land of Hoenn region as well. This game is really beautiful I got to say just the the art style they went for. And kind of style the game is in is freaking fantastic and I don’t know which is my favorite right now but very remake of firered. There’s so many and they’re all just fantastic. There’s been a few that haven’t been too happy about or too excited about and we really see investing you know anything crazy. This game is just insane ok hello there glad to meet you welcome to the well applied my my name is a people affectionately refer to me and he Pokemon professor this world is inhabited by creatures. Did you checked the Pokemon Cursed version.

The screen for the actual game is really small so I look at my actual like OBS. How it looks he’s video rival to speed by the babies what is name now let’s go with with green. I guess whatever did yes sir over now his name is green. Acknowledging is about to unfold a world of dreams and adventures with bike one awaits. Let’s go boys OKC is what I hear scatter what I what I meant like the gain I showed is really beautiful dolsot actor. It’s sped up Toto just me or if the actual game is supposed to be like this I have nobody clear going to be honest. Whatever let’s just quickly get here it doesn’t work okay really it’s a computer case oh cool so we actually recognize most of these things can’t go.

About the Pokedex:

Pokédex now the spit is really quick in this game like look at this it is so fasted Cassie. I love that that aspect is really nice because it speeds up anything it makes it so much easier. Actually, play I can hear your voice we’re done talking to you boy and we’re out of here what out of here. So let’s see quickly ah you save just in case. Let’s see we have options now as well okay so it’s unscheduled.  Also, download Pokemon Obsidian Download (100% Working)

We should probably not be touching that then that is not reasonable. I think I want to cut it short here I just want to showcase this slowly and to see what you guys think. Because I’ve got so many these like remakes that I got to play. But I just don’t know where to start. There’s so many of them we got a scholar blaze. We’ve got infernal red we’ve got our heart red we got just my point is we got too many. We are too many of these to play I don’t know which one to start with which one to finish with which one to let’s play.

Choosing the Screen to Battle:

Choosing screen here we annoying that I skipped Charmander like that but you know. I’m gonna go Charmander because a Charmander reasons. There we go yes we take Charmander cool do we want to name it. You go squirtle of course make sense wait wait red/green let’s check out our Pokemon. I remember as well they have this like bout like these sequences where you see like the characters like actual face. It’s really holy he actually says let’s do this wait original team were black and away is that was great. Did you checked the Pokemon Marble Version.

Let me see let’s go down instead blades red right let it be our place red right make sense. We choose a theme of the music would spoil it let’s go boys. Animations are smooth and nice looking fresh AAF voice. I am liking this pretty tight so it is sort of in like French or whatever. I think but the actual moves are you know you couldn’t Carol you can kind of comprehend what’s going on just by looking at what we have in front of us. Also, go for Pokemon Ultimate End Download

It’s not like it’s the hardest thing in the world to really understand. So shouldn’t be too hard for anybody to comprehend oh let’s just go for scratch again. Really what else is there to do I mean we could go for growl but it feels kind of pointless to be honest. He’s gonna keep lowering my defense which is really annoying that’s fine I’m just gonna keep scratching him but then we’ll get ahead in actual damage.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

what will charmander do wild abra appeared wild roselia appeared taillow
Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Blazing Red (Rouge Flame Version):

  • New Pokemon are part of the game.
  • Kanto Region is full.
  • Little part from Hoenn Region.
  • A large amount of wild Pokemon have been changed.
  • Various new graphics and animations.
  • Sound system is amazing.
  • A little extension of Kanto about cities and routes.
  • Pokedex is also updated.
  • Elite Four have reached lv 80-100.

Download Pokemon Blazing Red For Free:

Download Here

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