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Now get the Pokemon Brown ROM latest version from pokemonlog.com which is one of the best site providing all pokemon games and roms.  Pokemon Brown rom hack is the latest version in Pokemon FireRed version. There are too many additions to the pokemon FireRed, which contains a lot of new pokemons from all Generations. Now this time we have examined that some Pokemons from Generation 2 are also included, by adding them to the Pokedex, you can easily see all their properties. Brown rom free is the first ever ROM hack of KoolBoyman, now they have created and published a lot of amazing hacks in the Pokemon games industry. Brown rom Pokemon was released in 2004 in the light of Fire Red version. The whole storyline of the game is changed from all of the previous versions, also the region it is made is named as Rijon.

pokemon brown

Information about Pokemon Brown ROM:

  • ROM name: Pokemon Brown
  • Hack of: Pokemon FireRed ROM
  • Developed Date: 2004
  • Developer: KoolBoyman
  • File Size: Above 10MB

Pokemon Brown ROM Screenshots

pokemon brown download

pokemon brown rom

pokemon brown romdownload

What are the Basic Changes in Pokemon Brown Version?

This time the region has almost every type of pokemon available, like some of them are your serious enemies while some of them will be very friendly in nature with you. This time the area is vast and the Region where the main character is located is named as Rijon, one of the vast area which is full of the top most demanding poekmons of previous pokemon games. Now the entire Pokedex of the game is updated and changed a little bit from the Pokemon Sapphire Rom. Actually, this game was actually then Remade in 2009 while making some changes in the storyline of the game. Some new Fakemons were also added, which were made by the Fans of Pokemon games and makes the game more complex and amazing to play.

While playing the game you will realize that some of the new characters are really strange in terms of their lifestyle, this will be the best experience while playing this different game ever. This time the area assigned is really different from all the previous versions. Rijon is an area near Johto. While we all know that the Johto is one of the amazing places as we have examined it in the previous roms of pokemon.  One of the Amazing fact in the Pokemon Brown Version is that it contains all the Pokemons from the Generation 1 to 5.

Pokemon Brown Walkthrough:

Some new pokemons from the previous generation are also added, while the author and creator of this game have kept this fact in mind that all the pokemon gamers have complaint them about some pokemons which are present in the area. They are moving from one place to another while searching a different kind of food items to feed themselves. So they are a total of 224 Pokemons are selected in this game, hope you will be satisfied with these Pokemons.  And a Big news is that 1 Pokemon from the Generation VI is also selected, which is quite amazing and powerful in the region like in Pokemon Spectrum Rom Free Download.

Some pokemons will be playing the role of slaves in the area, while you move forward in the area to search something new and amazing. The revolution has been done, while in the last few games of pokemon series and it’s full of entertainment and new stuff. Some new Evolution to the Pokemons are also added, which makes the game more complex to complete the missions on time and interesting to play. While playing the game, the main character will be the responsible person to handle all the stuff.

Some new gyms are also added, in which you will be assigned new tasks and also you will properly be instructed while completing the missions ahead. The gym’s owners are the people who are responsible for managing the gyms like in Pokemon Ethereal Gates ROM. You will also be given some tasks in the Gyms or missions to complete the untapped Pokemon adventure and really awesome experience you will gain in less time.

There are some changes has been done to the Cast and Crew, while making the storyline completely different and re-assigning the tasks from some pokemons which were not performing well enough in the previous roms. Big changes have been done ever in the Pokemon games series. New TMs and HMs are added, you can use them as your slaves to make the tasks done by them.

When you start the game on your emulator you will be prompt a menu from where you can select you game type. Like the Game type given as Below:

  • Wood Type game mode.
  • Gast Type
  • Abnormal Type
  • Wind Type
  • Sound Type

These are some options which will be given in the menu and you have to select one of them. Remember that each of the game mode you have to select the best one whichever suits you like in Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM. If you choose the Gast Type then all the related features will be available to you after the selection process. One of the interesting features is that of the Battle system. Some new Evolution to the pokemon battle system is also added. There are about 50 HMs and TMs added in the game, which makes the gameplay more interesting.

Whenever you select any game type you will be in that mode, there are some missing pokemons in some modes as well. Some features are limited to some game modes also, you will be given some missions accordingly to your game type. Pokemons from the generation 1 are added which were the demanding feature in some previous versions of Pokemon ROM Hacks

Some of the Best Features of Pokemon Brown ROM Hack:

  • Easy Interface.
  • Amazing and excellent quality Graphics
  • Really fancy GUI
  • Gametypes are divided and included in the menu.
  • The menu will have the help option.
  • Some new TMs and HMs are added
  • About 5 New Moves added.
  • Great Support for the gamers.
  • The area is vast and amazing
  • Some new Fakemons are added.
  • Some Evolution to the New Pokemons
  • Pokedex is updated.
  • New and Enhanced Gameplay
  • Pokemon from Generation 1 and 5 are added.
  • New Types are added
  • Wind Type
  • Wood Type
  • Abnormal Type
  • Sound Type
  • This command is available “Clefairy: Normal to Fairy”
  • Some areas are hidden
  • About 230 new Pokemons are added
  • The game is more complex than previous versions of Firered.

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