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Get the Pokemon Clover ROM full and final setup free download from pokemonlog.com, having lot’s of different new features and new pokemon characters. Pokemon Clover is one of the most played and loved hack of Pokemon FireRed which is quite a popular series of Pokemon games. In Pokemon Clover ROM you will have to control some Pokemons as you will be the main trainer and one professor will be your master, he will train you and give some valuable instructions all the time. Some new pokemons and fakemons are also added in the game as the main game has been created and developed by Games Freak. The area assigned to you is named as Fochun, one of the most popular areas, remember you’re your instructor is from the Auckland and he is the master as well. You will be playing the game to complete some missions and explore hidden areas.

pokemon clover

Basic Info About Pokemon Clover ROM Free:

  • File Name: Pokemon Clover GBA ROM
  • Hack of: Pokemon FireRed
  • Date: Late 2015
  • Region: Fochun
  • Language: English
  • Version: 1.08

Pokemon Clover ROM Hack Screenshots

clover rom download

pokemon clover download

pokemon clover rom

pokemon clover version

Pokemon Clover Hack Gameplay

Fochun Region is the most famous region in the whole world of Pokemon games, as this area contains all the old culture and tales that were passed a long time ago. According to the professor, he said that this land (Fochun Region) was once under the kingdom of Powerful people who passed a long time ago, also this land was created by God and this region was specifically made for rule over the inhabitants of this region. Now according to Professor, some new and powerful pokemons were also created at that time for battle purposes. Actually, the region name is “Fochun Region”. According to that person, it is the place where many types of strange and amazing Pokemon are filled everywhere, as they were really experts in fighting battles and doing some amazing experiments on the land.

Some hidden and un-explored regions are available in the Fochun region of Pokemon Clover ROM, which is untapped and unexplored and no one in this region has so far visited this place. Now when the professor instructs you to go to that region then you have to visit that place for exploring some new places and pokemons in the whole region. As we know some bad Pokemons are also present in the region, their core mission is to hurt you in any way. As you are playing a role of young trainer boy whose core job is to train other pokemon and also to discover and find some new pokemons in the region as well. After finding different pokemons you have to defend them and place from the bad people. This region is from the Ancient Japenese Place, as stated by the story-teller. There are some statues of gods and goddesses, which should be protected in a proper manner. Pokeballs are also added in the game and the whole pokedex is changed this time.

Play Instructions of Clover ROM

If you want to play the game on PC, you will need to install the specific emulator on your PC, however, some emulators are really brilliant and amazing, they provide you the real gaming experience. As my professor, he knows everything according to this land, some new Fakemons were also added at that time, some of the Fakemons were really powerful and can be reused too by the main character in the game. As we know that Fakemons are always created by Pokemon Fans, so that’s why they are called as Fakemons. As the whole region is filled with the mysterious thing and pokemons, and there are about 250 Fakemons are added, which makes the complexity of the game more than enough like in Pokemon Omicron.

What to do with Pokedex?

Collecting the Pokeballs is one of the fun and interesting part of the game, you will have some Pokeballs in the start of the game which you will lose soon as you use them. Now after getting the pokeballs you have to use them wisely while visiting some mysterious locations in the land of Fochun.

Exploring the area and catching Pokemon:

You’ve, never even thought to before. Amazingly enough. This was my first playthrough of any main series game using a cloister or arcanine on my team, and now that I finished, I would easily put these two creatures among my favorite Gen 1 Pokemon.

Instead of being like some generations where you need to see every Pokemon in the regional Dex before you can continue your adventure, capturing 60 Pokemon feels just right and it’s. Actually, a stipulation that I think makes playing these games even better.

Regardless. Once read, does obtain the National Dex from the good professor, he and blue will travel back to the seven dinners Eliel upgrade his current system. Our protagonist then travels to the remaining islands now crawling with elusive Johto pokemon and acquires the ruby and sapphire along the way.

This is also where we get our last bit of story in the form of Team Rocket with Giovanni disappearing. The group is in disarray as they’ve, set up camp on five island and are gathering members across the region to help them find their crime boss.

This plot addition was clearly added in as a way of setting up Team Rocket’s, eventual return three years later in the johto region and actually injects a little humanity into the remaining members. As far as I can tell, their main executives are the same two who take over goldenrod radio tower in gold and silver and despite red, trying to tell them that Giovanni’s gone for good.

Their refusal to accept defeat is sort of heartbreaking. If a little pathetic anyways after red beats the two and they flee the hideout, the Sevilla Islands really open up and you can partake in a variety of puzzles and mini games.

Battle Towers and others:

Although, beyond the battle tower on the day care there’s, nothing that really creates replayability here battle tower itself is only okay. I mean it gives the game a little more meat and it does help the player get some key items for completing the Pokedex other than that and the chance to see some shinies that you’ll, never be able to catch it’S a shallow precursor to emeralds Battlefront here and when it comes to battling and sheer gameplay.

This is where firered and leafgreen probably differentiate the most from their original counterparts. I’ve, already mentioned that there are a few random double battles scattered throughout the region, but in general the mechanics and battle engine are virtually identical to the ones used in Ruby and Sapphire.

This is actually a welcome change. For me, as one of my biggest issues with red and blue were the lack of fairness in battles. No one type feels broken in these games due to the balancing of Gen 2 and nature’s and abilities make a return, meaning these games immediately offer more strategy than their archaic ancestors again.

Gen 1 is still playable from a battling standpoint, but these games just feel a lot more. Fair players can also acquire items and moves that didn’t previously exist in these games, including berries and hms like waterfowl, but most of these things, aren’t necessary to progress in the plot, which means, if you’re A Kanto purist you can probably avoid having to use them all together.

Graphics and other Features of Clover Pokemon rom hack

The Overall Graphics and GUI of Pokemon clover game is really amazing to play in. There are some new items which are included, for the sake of making the environment and GUI look more professional and catchy. Big changes have been made from any previous pokemon rom hack. Like by comparing to the previous versions of Pokemon games, you will realize that the overall scenes are awesome. There will be some issues regarding to the PokeCenter and Maps of the game. You have to resolve that too, but by practicing them, you will be no more in trouble with these tools in near future. There are some new Characters included in the Pokedex of this game, which makes the game more interesting to play like in Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter.

You have to visit different places on the map, while visiting some places you may also need some other’s Pokemon’s help. If you have collected and made some friend’s pokemons for yourself then its good news for you. Train them properly so that they have some intelligence that can be used by them while you are on Journey. Some of them are talented while you have to train them as well. You are playing the role of Young Trainer who has enough capability of playing the game with his full charm like in Pokemon Chaos Black ROM .

Some Amazing features of Pokemon Clover ROM Free:

  • Pokeballs are added.
  • Amazing GUI and Environment.
  • The professor is the instructor.
  • Some new Fakemons are added.
  • About 250 New Pokemons are added.
  • Overall physics of the game are also improved.
  • New places are added in the Fochun region.
  • Some un-explored regions.
  • Playing the role of Young Boy
  • Train some new Pokemons.
  • Entire new Pokedex.
  • You are a trainer.
  • Amazing Battle Systems.
  • The Graphics are improved.
  • The player can move in every direction.
  • The overall Gameplay is enhanced.

Download Pokemon Clover ROM Hack for free

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