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Pokemon Crystal Clear is an open world game and a successful remake of Crystal ROM. The Pokemon Crystal Clear Download Version GBC rom can be downloaded from Pokemonlog. This is only available for GBC Platform and has been created by ShockSlayer. Explore the area with bunch of new graphics and awesome new elements present in the area which advances the graphics and environment of the game. The Entire Gameplay is based upon the open world in which the main player has to choose the game mode and carry on the game successful in their own way. There are lot’s of features and awesome updates which are stated below.

Basic info about Pokemon Crystal Clear GBC Version:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Crystal Clear.
  • Platform: GBC
  • A remake of Crystal ROM
  • Creator: ShockSlayer

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

characters movements in pokemon crystal clear game

players in the game

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Crystal Clear GBC Download:

As soon as the game starts, it will ask from you to select the gameplay mode either in Male or Female. After that, you move to the next stages of the game and explore the area with awesome adventurous places like in Pokemon Cyan Game Free. The game is purely made for GBC and having the best moves every in the crystal version. Many new pokemon from different Generations has been added and make the pokedex of the game more complex than ever.

The gameplay starts and you have to pick a starter pokemon, after that, you have to complete different missions and tasks like in Pokemon Johto League Showdown Download ROM. The Complexity of the game is made more harder because of the new pokemons. One of the interesting fact about the game is that you can customize your region and characters. All of the characters can be customzied accordingly and most of the pokemon are from different Generations.

Collect different types of badges in the gameplay, which advances the gameplay and unlock a different kind of missions. Catching different kind and generations of pokemons is the most crucial part of the game. You can challenge the Elite Four and many more teams for different games. There are certain types of events which can be enjoyed and join by you for performance.

About the Gameplay and Region:

The gameplay is made more awesome and having an open world environment. There are some special background effects and animations have been added. These effects and animations make the game background more attractive and awesome to play. The region of this game is entirely ed-designed and having some new places.

Most of the game parts are in the Jhoto Region while some of them are in Kanto region as well. The Jhoto consist of different kind of hidden pokemons which makes the area more awesome. New Places of the game are awesome and having more battle effects.

Battle and Sound Effects:

The Battle system of the game is made more awesome, because the developers of the previous version have many complained about it. You can customize the entire region as well and makes the game more effective. You will explore different graphics of battles and war during the battle with your rivals and enemies. The sound system of the game is made more awesome, there is various kind of sound effects makes the gameplay more awesome.

List of Some Interesting Features in Pokemon Crystal Clear GBC Download:

  • The gameplay is based in Johto and Kanto region.
  • Having some new Pokemon from different Generations.
  • Select from 24 Starter Pokemon.
  • Customize Characters and Region.
  • Having some new Tiles and Sprites.
  • Many HMs and TMs.
  • Gym Leaders are present in the town.
  • Re-Challenge gym leaders.
  • The Gameplay is based on Open World.
  • You can scale trainers and gyms.

Download Pokemon Crystal Clear Game For Free Now:

Download Here

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