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Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina is a wonderful GBA based Pokemon Game which is made by mitchel1. Its a remake of Pokemon FireRed, with lot’s of similar features and updates. Having so many new pokemon, new Pokemon and story changes makes Pokemon Dark Cry really unique. A great storyline which will explain the events after Pokemon FireRed where Groudon, Kyogre & Rayquaza became too violent.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina
  • A remake of: Pokemon Fire Red
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: English

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina:

Game has an excellent storyline in which the character is a super player. Changing landscapes and climates of entire regions. You start as a young trainer from new region called ‘Pokempana’ then you have to find 8 gym badges in order to challenge Pokemon League. Pokemon League is the best Pokemon Tournament in Pokemon World’s history.

Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina is Pokemon Worlds’ 11th Pokemon Tournament. Pokemon League consists of Pokemon Gym Leader’s and Pokemon Champs from each region. During the Pokemon League, you will be fighting against most powerful trainers in Pokempana including old characters of Pokemon FireRed like Blue, Giovanni, Steven, Cynthia and so on. Also, try Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Download (Latest Version)

New Region Based On Pokemon FireRed:

No doubt Pokemon fans will surely like Pokemon Dark Cry because it has same regions and events as Pokemon Firered (Pokemon Red). New Game Region: Pokempana, which consists of 7 Regions :

– Johto [Open for Beginning to Mid Part]

– Hoenn [Open for Mid Part to End]

– Sinnoh [Virus Infected Region – Closed For Ever]

All the 6 new regions are fully playable which means everyone can play them from start to end as long you have enough time and patience. Pokemon League is a wonderful Pokemon Tournament which will make world really peaceful by making sure that Pokemon Groudon, Kyogre & Rayquaza are not going to fight each other again. Also, try Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies

New Pokemon Selection for Pokempana: Pokemon fans will be very happy after seeing more than 100 new pokemon added in the game along with old pokemons from previous games. [Having 300+ Pokemon]

New Storyline/Quests:

Main Storyline changes many things related to Pokemon FireRed’s storyline. New quests like Pokedex Completion and Legendary Quest have been added in the region ‘Hoenn’. Pokemon Dark Cry is Pokemon FireRed with lot’s of changes, new Pokemon, Pokemon League and Storyline.

As far as the Quests are concerned, it has Pokemon FireRed’s different Quests like Pokemon Trainer Academy, Pokemon Ranger and so on…But there are new quests added in it. Quest like Legendary Pokemon Groudon is the main Quest in Pokempana Region. Also, try Pokemon Coral Version.

New Weather Changes:

Weather changes according to seasons now days. There are 7 Seasons in each year. For example; Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring etc… As you know that weather sometimes creates big natural disasters so it will show its effects on your game play also. It will cause damage to human or Pokemon life because of its power which goes beyond your imagination. It has excellent weather effects which results in natural disasters and Pokemon/Human Life loss etc… Pokemon Weather Changes are based on real life weather changes.

Summer – Pokemon FireRed’s summer. This is the normal day time temperature, no natural disasters or Pokemon death.

Winter – Pokemon FireRed’s winter, this season is as cold as ice, Pokemon tends to have low stamina; people caught outside might freeze to death instantly. It will cause hard times for both Pokemon trainers & wild Pokemon like Pokemon battles, egg hatching and etc… Few other things like a high chance of legendary birds appearing because from their nest they come out when it snows heavily in winters just to feed themselves so its way easier to track them (For Pokemon Trainers), Pokemon sleep in this season to save their energy.

Wild Regiwater appeared explore the region I am classie welcome to the Shinou city

Autumn – Pokemon FireRed’s autumn, it is bit similar to Winter but its slightly warmer than winter so wild Pokemon dies a little slower or not even able to death because of its low temperature, which makes Pokemon battling & egg hatching very easy for Pokemon Trainers. Few other things like a high chance of legendary birds appearing because from their nest they come out when it rains heavily in autumn just to feed themselves so its way easier to track them (For Pokemon Trainers). Pokemon sleep in this season to save their energy and some Pokemon families also hibernate in caves or underneath trees at night time. Also, try Pokemon Grape Free Download (v1.5 Latest)

Spring – Pokemon FireRed’s spring, weather is normal, Pokemon and Pokemon Trainers are happy in this weather.

Rainy Season – Pokemon Dark Cry’s rain season. This is Pokemon FireRed’s rainy season but with slight changes which means with increase of temperatures, it causes sudden natural disasters like heavy thunder storm with strong lighting effect due to the rise of temperature. Pokemon death also happens because of lightning but not as much as during winter season or snow season because Pokemon attacks that caused by Pokemon Trainer have a lot higher chance to cause Pokemon death while they are battling in this state.

New Pokemon Changes and Pokemon Evolution:

Overall Pokemon Evolutions for Pokemon FireRed are same. But Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina has new evolutions to Pokemon like Eevee, Electrike, Magneton and many others. All the evolutions Pokemon have new Pokemon moves along with Pokemon FireRed’s old Pokemon Moves.

How to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Dark Cry:

You can catch Pokemon by using Pokeballs like you used in Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina Used a New method to capture Pokemon which is to stun the Pokemon and then throw Pokeballs at it, this would be easier for people who want to complete their Pokedex. When you try to use Pokeball on sleeping Pokemon with low health (Health is shown when you put your mouse over the Pokemon) it will fail and wake them up quickly making it hard to catch them but its not impossible, so don’t lose hope while trying to catch them just keep on trying. Also, try Pokemon Dark Energy Download (v 5.01)

But if they are Pokemon with Pokemon moves that can cause Pokemon or Pokemon Trainer death then highly recommended to use Pokemon with Pokemon Attacks that have high chance of Pokemon death and capture them quickly before they attack you. Also Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina has more time for wild Pokemon battles so your chances are increased as well if you have good Pokemon battling skills like predicting opponent attacks, power attacks etc…

New Pokemon Types/Pokemon Moves:

A new type called “Poison” introduced in this hack which gives 10% more chance of poisoning opponent weither they are from poison family or not. This type is weak against Ground and strong against water types because its a toxic gas based move.

There are many new moves added into the game which are: Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina GBA. Pokemon FireRed’s old Pokemon moves are also included in Pokemon Dark Cry but with some improvements & little changes as well for better game play, example Pokemon like Charizard now have Mega Blaziken Pokemon attacks instead of normal Pokemon attacks only. To know full list of Pokemon Attacks check out Pokemon Attacks section above.

New Battle System:

You can battle trainers 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 now and its few times harder than the original one we had in Pokemon FireRed due to many new attacks added into this game along with original 4th generation Pokemon Attacks which makes battles strategically challenging because you need to predict attack types along with damage taken by opponent from your side while battling to make your Pokemon survive.

New Pokemon World Map: Pokemon Dark Cry ‘s Pokemon World Map is same as Pokemon FireRed but with a little changes, in mountains you will find cave instead of the mountain and caves have different areas for Pokemon to reside in where they find food, Hibernate themselves from cold weather to come back next season.


Fatal Pokemon Damage Mechanics:

It’s fatal damage mechanics are changed from Pokemon Firered, In Pokemon Dark Cry if Pokemon get hit by fatal move that could cause death like explosion it would be easy to revive Pokemon using 1 Revive (Heart) or Max Revive (Star) but its hard to revive them while battling against wild.

New Pokemon Levelling System:

Leveling up Pokemon in Pokemon Dark Cry is little bit hard because you need to spend a lot of time to level up your Pokemon like the same as Pokemon FireRed. It requires a complicated process called ‘DHOVING’. What exactly is DHOVING? It is Baby Pokemon evolution which means it will evolve into next stage of its life when it reaches certain level and then after that it needs knowledge points through training & studying with its trainer/trainer’s Pokemon or at least 5 days period if no one spends any point on its training. Following

New Pokemon Types Added:

– Fairy Type Pokemon (Pokemon Dark Cry leads the way in introducing brand new type – Fairy Type.)

– Ice Steel Pokemon (There will be all kinds of Steel types which include Ice, Flying, Rock & Sand Steel Types)

Pokemon Myths: You will find lot’s of myths like Unowns evolved form with ‘W’, Time Traveler Celebi and many more in the region called Sinnoh. Finding info about these myths will

New Features:

With Pokemon Dark Cry being Pokemon FireRed Remake with many new updates there are features that can’t be found in Pokemon Fire Red due to its age like Battle Animations, Character Animations, Pokemon Belly Animation and so on.

Dynamic Region Changes:

Pokemon Dark Cry has been programmed by a very experienced person who owns huge knowledge about Pokemon Game Making hence he has done wonderful works in Dynamic region changes which makes entire game more beautiful and interesting. Instead of the same old regions Pokempana consists lot’s of dynamic changing landscapes depending upon events happening in the game causing different climates.

Download Pokemon Dark Cry Legend of Giratina For Free:

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