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Get the Latest and full version of Pokemon Ethereal Gates ROM from pokemonlog.com which is one of the best website providing working links to pokemon rom hacks. Pokemon Ethereal Gates rom is one of the latest game which is actually a fan made game, so we can call it as Fakemon as the Pokemon game. Entire Storyline of Pokemon Ethereal Gates rom hack is changed this time having some interesting characters added to the game. Now the overall graphics are improved from any previous version making the game more interesting and more GUI based.  The Author of this game is PerihelionProductions which have made this game possible for us.  The area and region assigned in this area are really awesome and vast to discover. Stay connected and tuned for some amazing updates and upgrades of ethereal gates rom in the pokemon game series.

Some Basic Info About Pokemon Ethereal Gates ROM:

  • Author: Perihelion Productions
  • Developed in: 2015
  • Approx File Size Setup: More than 10MB

Snapshots of Pokemon Ethereal Gates Free Version:

Pokemon Ethereal Gates rom

Pokemon Ethereal Gates demo Pokemon Ethereal Gates rom Pokemon Ethereal rom version

While as the game starts you have to play the main role in this game. Sometimes the main role is the role who have the rights to control other different characters in the pokemon ethereal gates which will normally under your considerations. Now you have a new cast and crew that should be allowed to explore the whole area of this amazing game.

Once there was a Pokemon, who have traveled a lot from far away places and came to a place where he is currently located, now that Pokemon is actually your character like in Pokemon Chaos Black.  Some old people and ancients ancestors of this area stated that there were some adventures happened in the past in this area, they further said, that pokemon character in the past was possessing a Small Device of thing which have some great powers. And if you have the power, you can do anything in the world, if you have that device with you.  Now your task is to discover that device, so everyone is searching for that Pokemon so that they may be Powerful one day and rule the world.

After the Game Starts:

Now when the game starts you will have the option to choose which character are you going to go with. There are mainly two types of genders in which you have to choose your main character and go ahead to explore the vast area of ethereal gates rom. If you are playing the game in the sense of Male gender then a different storyline will be assigned to your game character. Now it all depends on you whether you are going to choose the female gender to face the different storyline. By the way, the overall storyline of this ethereal gates rom is one of the best and interesting from any other pokemon game in the series.

Your main goal in this game is to search that device which is left by the pokemon character in the past. While staying in this area, your core job is to search it and use that device wisely against your enemies of Pokemon Omicron ROM. Now there are some different tasks to do in the gameplay of controlling different Pokemon characters. Apart from being a Role model for the area’s people and other characters, you will have to keep in search for that Pokemon. It is known from the old people of the area that relic was split in four parts so that’s why they named area as the pokemon Ethereal Gates. So be clever and use your talent to train your own friends and colleagues.

About PokeCenter and Maps:

The PokeCenter of this game is updated from the previous games of pokemon series. Now this game having different role characters which are under your considerations.  The Pokedex is upgraded from the previous version by inserting some new characters and pokemon in the entire pokedex. Now there are some new features and characters added to the game. The Main character is Professor Hawthorne who is the most talented person in the area. Professor Hawthorne will guide you in the whole gameplay. He will be directing you to complete the missions and tasks assigned to you by him.

Now the Maps are updated from the previous game in the pokemon game series. You have to use the maps wisely the maps and discover the different hidden area in the game. Now the maps are highly enhanced in the Pokemon Ethereal gates rom. You can see all the hidden parts of the game and discover them for the purpose of your main goal to find that device like in Pokemon Sapphire ROM . Some area is by default forbidden in which you cannot go and discover it simply. You are playing as a Character of being a Protagonist in the area. There will be several teams in the area, some of the name as Mythos and Gym Leaders etc. So you can contribute to them as well, for playing different games and tournaments.

Traveling and other features:

Traveling is the main feature and part of the game. You have to travel in the game for discovering different areas and some new pokemons as well. They will help you in finding that device as well they will be your colleagues in the whole gameplay. You will be instructed every time by Professor Hawthorne if you are in danger also your pokemons will guide you too. Now use the Pokedex and PokeCenter wisely to find some new things and characters.

Some new pokemon from the Gen 1 and 5 are also added and now you will notice that more than 160 Pokemon are added as new characters, which can be used for the purpose of mining and find the device in the area of Pokemon Light Platinum GBA ROM Download [Updated 2018]. Complete the missions in given amount of time and don’t exceed the time limit, now the Time interval may be small enough that you will not be able to complete if you are being a Slow gamer.

Some Great Features of Pokemon Ethereal Gates ROM Hack:

  • Graphics are added.
  • Entirely new Area and Region.
  • About 180 new Pokemons are added.
  • Pokemons from Generation 1 and 6 are added.
  • Some new missions are added.
  • The Pokedex is updated.
  • Now You will have some options for changing the screen.
  • PokeCenter is new this time.
  • New interface and UI.
  • Fakemons are inserted

Download Pokemon Ethereal Gates ROM for Free:

Download Here

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