Pokemon Fire Red Download Version GBA (Working 100%)

Get the Latest Version of Pokemon Fire Red Version Download Rom from Pokemonlog.com, having some really new features to discover this time. Pokemon Fire Red Download Version ROM was released back in 1996, which is developed by the Game Freak and Published by one of the most famous Organizations which is The Pokemon Company. This version of Pokemon Fire Red Download Free is designed and developed for the Game Boy Advance users. This game was also released in other parts of the world back in 2004 because of its popularity in the Pokemon games industry.

Pokemon Fire Red version

Basic Info About Pokemon Fire Red Version GBA Download:

  • Full Name of the Game: Pokemon Fire Red GBA
  • Final Release: 2004
  • Developers: Game Freak.
  • Publishers: The Pokemon Company

Some Gameplay Snapshots of Pokemon Fire Red GBA Download:

Pokemon Fire Red version walkthrough

Pokemon Fire Red gba version

Pokemon Fire Red download version


Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough and Gameplay:

After the successful games, back in 1996 and 1995, the Pokemon game company released one of the interesting game in the market, which was a big hit. Several new animations and characters are present which increases the interest level of the gamers to the next level. Seriously, the gameplay and scenes are designed and developed in a way that you will be amazed to play the game. Several new missions are also part of the game, which should be completed in the given instant of time.

Fire Red GBA ROM is one of the best game, which supports Single player game mode, as well as the multi-player game mode. After the release of this game in the market, several big forums and games websites had given the rank of best Role-Playing video game (RPG).

When you press the start button, the main screen will prompt up and will ask you to which pokemon you want to play the game. Now it’s your turn, you wanna play as Boy or Girl. After that session, you will be asked to enter your name and several other options in details.

What Happens when the Game starts:

As the game starts, the main player who is a successful trainer at the end of the game, have to encounter several wild pokemons. After the encounters of Wild Pokemon, you have to train that pokemon to be a social one. As a main trainer in the, you have several responsibilities to keep all the pokemons in the area as trained.

After you encounter the Wild Pokemon, the main game screen will be switche towards a Battle Screen. Now you have to fight a battle with several powerful enemy type pokemons in the area. As you have several powers to use in the battle like you can move in several directions. If you want to move in forward, Backward, right or left, you can do all the steps.

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About the Battle and Hit Points:

Hit Points (HP), Wow! This is a really amazing feature in Pokemon Fire Red GBA Download version. While you play the game and encounters some wild-type pokemons in the area, you have to play the battle. Your enemy is ready for you every time to play a Gigantic battle. Now several things you have to keep in mind that the Hit Points will be increase or decrease in the game. You have to keep it increase in any way.

In order, to keep your hit points increase, all you have to do is to win the games. While winning the games and battles from your enemies your hit points will automatically be increase.  If you fail to keep your Hit points up, then you will face difficulty in continuing the battle with your enemies.

The Experience Points (EXP) is also one of the amazing features in the Pokemon Fire Red Free download version. Because while you and your team in the battle with enemies and your enemy faints. Then, all the team members and you will get some experience points.  In this way, your Level can be improve and you will move to upper categories.

Extra Ordinary features of Pokemon Fire Red Download GBA Version:

  • Having a different layout and UI.
  • New Pokemons and Fakemons are present.
  • Beautiful scenes.
  • Capture Pokemon.
  • Poke Balls are present.
  • The success rate of Capturing Pokemon.
  • Experience Points  (EXP).
  • Hit Points (HP) are present.
  • RPG base, a single player as well as multiplayer.
  • Union Room is present.
  • Trade and chat with others

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