Pokemon Fuligin Download ROM (Working 100%)

Pokemon Fuligin which is one of the amazing hack of Pokemon Fire Red Version and specially made for RPG. A Wonderful game with an interesting storyline make it more popular in less time. Pokemon Fuligin Download is available now in the English Language also, you can play this game in the English version now. Having Pokemons characters from different generations like Gen 1 to III.  One of the famous storyline game which involves the main characters like the two brothers and their mother. You will be assigned different missions in the game which can be from the Team Rocket.

Basic Info About the Pokemon Fuligin Download Version:

  • Game Full name: Pokemon Fuligin Versions.
  • Hack of : Pokemon Fire Red Version.
  • Game Author: Sloo.
  • Language: English.

Snapshots of Pokemon Fuligin Version Download For Free:

pokemon fuligin rom game download

pokemon fuligin rom

pokemon fuligin walkthrough

Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Fuligin Game Download:

Perhaps you might have played several hacks of Pokemon Fire Red Version which are quite interesting. They have a very unique storyline everytime you play them. But the Pokemon Fuligin is one of the most interesting game we have seen so far because of it storyline and new characters in the pokedex. You are playing the main role of a trainer who is going to train different characters in the game. Go for Pokemon Titan ROM OR Pokemon Perfect Platinum ROM

The main player is living with his/her family. As the game starts you will be asked to enter your gender, whether you are going to play the game as Male or Female. If you choose the male character then the whole gameplay will be in the male version as well. As you are living with your Brother who is in the Alora Town with the mother.

As we know that the Professor Oak is going to make a new Pokemon Research Laboratory in the town as well. Whenever you visit the Professor Lab, you will have some really amazing experience as well. The Professor is going to give you a really powerful pokemon which can be stronger as time passes.

About the Brother Characters:

As the team Rocket is also in the region where you are currently located. As your brother is in the Team Rocket and he will convince you to join the team rocket because they are a more influential team in the region. They are doing all the missions and tasks in a perfect way and going up in the ranking.

At least you are going to join the team rocket. They will assign you a special role in the game as well. As you are playing the game according to your excellence you will see your ranking going up. You will receive the first mission in the Lavender Town as well for several impressive schemes. You will have different missions and tasks ahead in the Pokemon Fuligin Download game which may be amazing sometimes.

About the Graphics and Battle System:

The graphics of the game are really amazing, having some new graphical elements. The 3D and 2D Elements in the game makes it more interesting to explore the unrealistic graphics. Some new characters which are in the pokedex of the game are really amazing and have a different role as you explore the Pokemon Fuligin game.

The battle system has some amazing effects and storyline. Now you will have some stronger pokemons available which are quite powerful to experience in the game. The Battle can be played in different locations such as in the Lavender Town and Johto region. These are some of the most important places where you can discover more effects and challenges like in Pokemon Glazed

List of some Amazing Features in Pokemon Fuligin Download Game:

  • Some new Mega Evolutions in the game.
  • Having new abilities and moves.
  • You are playing the role of Team Rocket member.
  • Criminal Jobs are also available.
  • Having new Physical and Special Splits.
  • New Move tutors having new TM and HMs.
  • Steal now the Pokemon and items.
  • Train yourself and test also.
  • Having some new graphics in the game.
  • The whole pokedex is redesigned.
  • Now the game have more difficulty.
  • Having new Leaders and Elite Four.

Download Pokemon Fuligin Game For Free Now:

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