Pokemon Glazed ROM Game GBA Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Glazed GBA Game is one of the most famous Pokemon Emerald Hack. Get the Full and Final Version of Pokemon Glazed with all the latest features and updates present in it from Pokemonlog.com. This is one of the most demanding GBA hacks which can be downloaded from the download link given at the end of this article. The Storyline of the Pokemon Glazed Version GBA is a unique one, having a different region in the game. You can have access to two more regions in the game. The main region name is Tunod region.

Basic Info About Pokemon Glazed GBA Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Glazed GBA Version
  • Size: Above 10 MB
  • A remake of Pokemon Emerald.
  • Language: English

Snapshots of Pokemon Glazed GBA Download Game:
pokemon glazed rom

pokemon glazed gba rom

pokemon glazed gba download

Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Glazed Version GBA:

The game has some cool quality graphics present which will create a unique gaming experience for you to play the game. You are playing a role of a young boy in the Tunod region. The Tunod region is a new region and for the first time introduced in the Pokemon Games. The region is quite amazing and vast to explore. Some adventurous lands are present on the map which can be accessed in the area.

As you are living in the Tunod region with your parents. And Today is your Birthday, you will receive a special gift? Guess what can be the best gift for you? The Answer is that you will receive your first Pokemon in your life. This Pokemon will be with you forever. Where ever you go, this will be the best companion of yours. But be careful that it can be dangerous in some conditions as well.

About the First Pokemon:

As you will be receiving the first Birthday Gift as Pokemon. This Pokemon character is quite unique from the normal Pokemon characters. In order to make it your best friend, keep it well trained and behave with it more politely while you are doing any sort of conversations.

One of the things to note that this pokemon may be harmful in a case if you’re not going to use it carefully. Don’t hurry for certain events and things because it may become harmful for you. You can also download Pokemon Puzzle Challenge  OR Pokemon Infinite Fusion

About the Graphics and Battle System:

Several elements which are present in the game are for the first time. There are some new 3D Elements which are really awesome to enjoy. The overall graphics for the background systems as well for the foregrounds are really marvelous.

Talking about the battle system, several physics are introduced in the movement of the player. Now the player can move in several directions as well. The rival teams are present in most places who are ready for a fight. Try Pokemon Apollo Game

Best Features of Pokemon Glazed Version GBA Download Game:

  • Amazing quality graphics.
  • A-One Quality physics.
  • There are pokemon from Gen 1 to 5.
  • Also, have some legendary pokemon from Gen 3 and 4.
  • Having a new region name as Tunod.
  • Having five starter pokemon.
  • Two different regions name as Rankor and Johto are accessible.
  • Unique storyline
  • New Sprites and textures.

Download Pokemon Glazed ROM Game For Free:

Download Here

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