Pokemon Hoenn Adventures Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Hoenn Adventures is one of the famous rom hack of pokemon ruby version which comes up with mysterious adventures and some new pokemon as well. Get ready for amazing kind of experience while hunting for creatures in pokemon hoenn adventures rom download. We provide the full working download link, from where you can get the full game setup as well.

Some mysterious kind of travels are available to experience and the professor is going to guide you all the way. Let challenge the Hoenn Region’s Gym leaders and rival members. Coaches and pokemon are totally new and unique from the previous rom hacks. Also, you will have different starters available to choose from. Let move on to the detail section of this review where you can get the full info about this game and all the hidden features available in this game.

Full Game Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Hoenn Adventures Version
  • Hack of: Pokemon Ruby
  • Remake by: Brock
  • Region: Hoenn

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

conversation with other players

Wild Zigzagoon appearance

pokemon heonn adventures gameplay scene 1

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Hoenn Adventures Download ROM:

Awesome! Get ready for full-On adventures coming on your way in the hoenn region where you will get some new pokemon of different generations. The difficulty level of the game is increased from previous hacks of ruby version. If you are wondering that from where your adventures get started. So, your adventure begins in the Villa Root, located on the island / continent called Hoenn. This place is known for its mysterious creatures available at different places like in Pokemon Nightmare Version. Get ready for hunting these creatures in the grass and many other places. Professor Birch is being attacked by a wild Poochyena. Now you have to help him out with your starter pokemon. Note that earlies from this event you have already selected your starter pokemon. Based on the ability of your initial pokemon you have to help him out. Remember that you can choose from Treecko, Mudkip and Torchic.

TMs are available for purchasing, remember that for all of your trips you have to buy some TMs as well. As during your trip, you have to be the best to perform best for completing the missions. With TMs you can blow head and all, sure that your gaming experience is tremendously satisfying from buying and using these TMs. As already mentioned, Pokémon is a title that is extremely fun if you allow yourself to engage him, that’s the important point to be noted. The hackneyed phrase “Catch’em All (catch them all) takes on a sinister meaning in the sense that, for some mysterious reason. The Player constantly looks at the grass which is his natural behaviour is strolling at everything.

Update about Graphics:

Graphics of the game is enhanced alot while including some cool kind of effects and animations as well. Now the pokemon are available with NDS Graphics which is one of the unique feature of this hoenn adventures pokemon game download rom. Pokemon League Team Magma are constantly busy in completing the pokedex and finding out all the missing creatures from different places of this world. You need to be strong and faster enough to find all those missing creatures so that the pokedex is completed on time. You can also become the Crowned Champion of this region, if you are able to defeat the Team Magma. It can only be defeated if you are able to be faster than them. Also, try Pokemon Nova ROM

Completing the Pokedex:

Completing the pokedex is one of the crazy task which can be completed. The player is constantly in search for all those missing creatures available in this region. He want to find all those lost creatures to complete the Pokedex on time. Some creatures are harder to catch but you will need some experience level to catch them trickly. All of your starters are part of this pokedex and many new pokemon are available from different generations. The Speed of every pokemon is also different and the abilities as well. Try Origin Fire Red 3D Pokemon Game

List of Some Amazing Kind of Features in Pokemon Hoenn Adventures ROM Download:

  • There are some new tiles and scripts.
  • Graphics of the game is new with NDS Features.
  • Many Events and Leagues.
  • Background HGSS style.
  • New dialogues to create atmosphere.
  • Mysterious gifts and different pokemon.
  • Midis remastered to give a new environment.
  • Get the Reusable MTs.
  • Pokémon passersby minis mapping to give realism.
  • Plot of the game is unique.

Download Pokemon Hoenn Adventures ROM For Free:

Download Here

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