Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is the best fan made by the author Schrroms which is available in the English Language. Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download is based on the storyline of creating new and unique pokemon characters from the existing ones. In the game, you have to fuse the Pokemon to create new Pokemon Species. The main thing is that you have to use the DNA Splicers. Also, there is some amazing addition to the graphics of the game.

Basic Info About the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Version GBA:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Infinite Fusion Version
  • A remake of Fire Red and Blue
  • Available in Language: English

Snapshots of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Game Download:

pokemon infinite fusion

pokemon infinite fusion gba

pokemon infinite fusion game for free

Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download:


The main story revolves around a single unique concept of creating new Pokemon Species from the existing pokemon. You can use the DNA Splicers which is the most amazing feature and tool for mixing the Pokemon to form a new species.  Actually mixing the DNA of different pokemon is the experimental process which forms new species.

The overall game is based on the Pokemon Fusion generator, which will enhance your process of creating different species from the existing pokemon characters. There is about 22801 unique pokemon present in the pokedex and you can create even more. The Pokemon Sprites are updated to the newest version which will have the features of giving a new look.

The Fairy type pokemon characters are also present in the game and you can even change the name of them easily. As the game starts the main menu will be prompted that will be asking the basic info about the Player.

Randomize Mode:

This is the most awaiting feature in the Pokemon Infinite Fusion is the randomize mode. This mode can be used for creating different kind of Pokemon Species from the existing one. This is the best feature so far available which can create an amazing random quality of species with amazing qualities and features. You can also try Pokemon Resolute Game OR Pokemon Pinball Game 


One of the most amazing features we have seen so far in the Pokemon Infinite Fusion version. Now you can trade in the Wonder Trade section. This will allow you to create and trade with other team members.

New Sprites and New Pokemon:

There are some new sprites which are available in the community. You can also make some custom quality sprites from the existing ones easily. This time you will be amazed to see some of the best sprites available in the community. Also, some new Pokemon Characters are available which can blow your mind. Total of 22801 Pokemon Characters is present in the Pokedex of Pokemon Infinite fusion GBA download.

Some Best features of Pokemon Infinite Fusion GBA Download:

  • Create Custom Sprites of about 400.
  • New HM Items are present.
  • The Trainer house and new areas are present.
  • Amazing quality of graphics and UI.
  • Gen 5 graphics are present.
  • New Fairy type Pokemon are present.
  • About 20 Sidequests and Double battles of Wild categories.
  • Now speed up the game with Speed Up button.
  • HM Items are available.
  • Day and Night System.
  • Randomizer and Wondertrade.

Download Pokemon Infinite Game For Free Now:

Download Here

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