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Pokemon Scarlet is a GBA game that is a wonderful remake of Pokemon FireRed. It is available in the English Language which is created by houndoomed. Many new areas and pokemon are part of the game, which makes the game more flexbile. PThe new region is called Izabe Island. There are 5 gym badges to win and the Elite Four to beat in order to become Pokemon champion again.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Scarlet
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: English
  • Remake of: FireRed
  • Author: houndoomed

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Scarlet GBA ROM:

The main goal of this game is to complete your Pokedex by capturing every Pokemon that can be caught in the grass, caves or water areas of Izabe Island and defeat the Elite Four and become Champion again. This can also be a cool tool for learning how you should name your Pokemon so it would sound realistic instead of just having numbers instead of names and symbols in their name. Pokemon that are traded from Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum have the option of having a nickname, which makes Pokemon Scarlet more realistic than Pokemon FireRed.

#001-Bulbasaur (Grass Starter) Level 5

#002-Ivysaur (Level 16)

#003-Venusaur (Level 32)

#004-Charmander (Fire Starter) Level 5 <–New!

#005-Charmeleon (level 16) <–New!

#006-Charizard (level 36; learns Blaze Kick at level 40; Mega Evolution available; learn Dragon Pulse by TM in Emerald Version after it reaches Lv 100 and becomes a Charizardite X or Charizard. It learns Blast Burn by Pokemon X Stone at level 100 and becomes a Charizardite Y. It learns Dragon Dance by Pokemon Y Stone at level 100 and becomes a Charizardite X; Mega Evolved Pokemon can learn Hyper Beam but Pokemon Scarlet does not have it so you must trade from Pokemon Emerald Version or Pokemon Sky Blue). Also, try Pokemon HarvestCraft

#007-Squirtle (Water Starter) Level 5 <–New!

#008-Wartortle (Level 16) <–New!

#009-Blastoise (level 36; knows Bubblebeam at level 40; After Pokemon reaches Lv 100, the Pokemon can be traded to Pokemon FireRed where it will evolve into Mega Blastoise which is requires a Blastoisinite.

Battling in the Game:

Battling is a key factor in Pokemon. Pokemon Scarlet also comes with new battling system called “Super Pokemon Battles” which involves pokemon to have four moves. Pokemon can only use one move per turn, but it takes one less PP and the effects are improved. In addition, Pokemon battle animations are more fluid than before. Pokemon can be traded from Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum and they will have their nickname.

Key Changes: Pokemon like Electivire, Magmortar and Rhyperior don’t evolve from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald Version. It’s the same with Pokemon FireRed but Pokemon Scarlet introduces more evolutions of Pokemon that did not appear in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald Version.

Region Facts (Izabe Island):

Izabe Island is a new region which has many place to visit such as Routes 1-37, Celedon City, and Izabe University. It also has two islands called Tamoya Island and Bikinial Island. The game features 5 gyms to win before you face the Pokemon League and become Pokemon champion.

The Pokemon League:

Gym Leaders are the elite four which is located in Celadon City, Izabe Island (they moved from Kanto and Johto after Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow) where you battle them one by one until you face Champion Dan Green. After defeating him, your Pokedex will be complete and a new journey begins so you can capture every Pokemon that has been released for Pokemon Emerald Version or any future games of Pokemon series.

You defeated the Elite Four when they move to Ekansala Island (which is like Elaphurea) where you must defeat them again before becoming Pokemon champion but this time it’s called “SuperElite4” where they have Pokemon of high level and also the Pokemon League is on a cave instead of the Pokemon Center where you can find every Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald Version (note: Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum will not appear in Pokemon Scarlet but they can be traded with their nicknames).

The New Rival’s Name is Red. He looks like Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon Anime) so that’s why he has the letter “R” as a first letter of his name because he is called Red like Ash Ketchum who has an anime series named “Pokemon”. The old lady helps Red to capture Pokemon before going away at Celadon City to explore more areas of Izabe Island which you must complete later to become Pokemon champion.

Yellow town map Pikachu is appearing Water Pokemon Froakie

Scyther evolves into Scizor:

Scyther evolves into Scizor at level 20 instead of level 30 after getting Metal Coat as a gift from Prof. Oak on Izabe Island for winning Forest Badge . Lickitung now learns Rollout by leveling up instead of Fissure when traded to FireRed version as an event Pokemon. Pokemon that could only be caught in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald Version has been removed from Pokemon Scarlet so it is similar with Pokemon FireRed version but they can be traded using Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum. Specialized TMs are also available now to teach your Pokemon moves such as: Mega Punch (HM04), Mega Kick (HM05), Skull Bash (TM01) and Submission (TM48).

Pokestar Studios:

When you visit Pokestar Studios after defeating Gym Leader Erika where there is a new part called “Another One” which allows you to use your camera by taking pictures of Pokemon then upload them on internet sites for players to rate whether good or bad. Taking photos works just like Pokemon Snap but Pokemon Scarlet’s setting looks more 3D. Pokemon can get sick when Pokemon Cup winner takes photos of them while they’re eating or sleeping. Good Pokemon will have high stats and good poses, bad Pokemon will have low stats and bad poses so you shouldn’t take a photo of it! Also, try Pokemon Dreary Free

Pokestar Studios is also the second place where trainers battle you to win HM06 – Dive after defeating Gym Leader Erika in Celadon City. It gives you access to dive into Pokestar Studios lake which lets you catch Pokemon that are not found anywhere else. There are three floors with 4 areas each that include: Dark Cave (which has Pokemon like Golbat ), Ice Cave (which has Pokemon like Seel ) and Light Cave (which has Pokemon like Kecleon ). The Pokemon you can find here is the same as Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald Version.

The Field Pokemon:

Instead of creating events for Pokemon to be found in a cave, they created areas that have Pokemon located there permanently. However, some Pokemon are rare to find so you have to search hard for them!

The list of these Pokemon includes: Ariados, Aron, Charmeleon, Donphan, Farfetch’d, Fearow, Golbat, Golduck, Lickitung (these two are removed from Pokestar Studios) Mankey/Primeape /Rattata/Raticate (same three with different names) Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot (same three with different Pokemon names) Rhyhorn, Sandslash and Slowpoke also appear here. Pokemon that evolve from Pokemon found here have their Pokemon type changed so they are not the same as Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire or Pokemon Emerald Version. For example: Raichu is Electric/Normal instead of Electric/Psychic like on Pokemon FireRed version. However, some Pokemon are removed at Pokestar Studios such as Farfetch’d and Porygon2. Also, try Pokemon Fusion Generation 2 Download

In Game Trade Evolutions:

It was hard to trade your early caught Pokemon for something better in Pokemon FireRed version so now Game Freak added this feature that lets you trade with a NPC who is called “Trader Dave” which is near Pokemon Center in Saffron City. Pokemon you can trade and get Pokemon that are better than your Pokemon. It’s easy to catch Pokemon with high level so you don’t have to worry about getting weak Pokemon for a trade!

Basal Pokemon:

The Pokemon based on real life animals such as Lickitung, Farfetch’d, Tauros or Kangaskhan now evolves into Pokemon that is not the same type found on Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire Version . For example: Farfetch’d is removed from Pokestar Studios but it now evolves into Toxicroak when leveling up with at least 31 happiness where it learns Low Kick by breeding (evolves when holding an Everstone) instead of Slash/Stomp. Pokemon that evolve by trading still have Pokemon type as before. Pokemon such as Tauros and Kangaskhan are now Normal/Fighting which is not the same as Pokemon found on Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire Version.

New Areas:

There are new areas to explore in Pokemon Scarlet including: Safari Zone, Pokemon Village, Route 8, Tohjo Falls and Sevault Canyon.

Safari Zone

When you visit Safari Zone after defeating Gym Leader Erika where there is a new area called “Another One” for trainers to catch Pokemon. Instead of catching them with bait like Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal Version , you catch Pokemon using balls now available at Pokestar Studios! The rival character has two other party members: Puck (a Water-type specialist), who joins the party at the beginning of Pokemon Scarlet and his Pokemon is Croconaw.

The other Pokemon you can get at Safari Zone is a Pokemon based on a mythical Pokemon called Spinda which has many patterns like Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald Version.

Pokemon Village:

A strange house that appears in Celadon City where villagers will talk about the legendary Pokemon “Gyarados”. This feature was found in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal Version . It also appeared as Ruins of Alph where you can find many items including HM04 – Strength and S.S. Anne where trade with trainers are available giving you access to train your team members for better performance! In this game.

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