Pokemon Silver ROM Free Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Silver Rom Free is one of the best Pokémon game which is based on the amazing storyline.  The graphics in pokemon silver rom game has been improved by any other pokemon game. Silver ROM Download is developed by the Games Freak and Published by Nintendo. This game is specially developed for the GBC(Game Boy Color).  One of the best RPG (Role Playing Game) having lots of new characters and elements present.  This game can be played in the Single player as well as in Multiplayer game mode.

Pokemon Silver Rom Free Download

Some basic Info about Pokemon Silver ROM Game:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Silver
  • Developer: Games Freak
  • Publishers: Nintendo
  • Type: RPG
  • Platform: GBC
  • Setup Size: Above 10MB


Pokemon Silver Game ROM Free Snapshots:

Pokemon Silver Rom Free

Pokemon Silver free download

Pokemon Silver Rom

Gameplay and Walkthrough of Silver ROM Download:

While the game start, the main player have some tasks at the start to complete. Overall Storyline is really interesting by introducing some new Pokemon and new Characters. You can play and experience the Pokemon Silver GBC game new changes and 3D elements. Actually, the 3D Elements are present in the game for making the game more interesting to play. Actually, the Pokemon Silver emulator was released back in October 2010.

The Pokeballs are present in the game this time and can be enjoyed. Now one of the interesting features of this game is that any pokemon can hold items easily. This is one of the major updates which was introduced in the game. The Pokeballs are present in some places. Your main task is to search and keep it to yourself. While finding poke balls you are allowed to use any tactics.

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Some Interesting new feature experience in Pokemon Silver GBC download:

One of the interesting things about this game is that one special thing names as Berry. Which is present in some places. You have to collect some berry. After Collecting them you can use them for recovering purposes. Or in other words, you may consider it an item that can increase the Health Bar which is an amazing feature in the game. This can be used especially when you are in fighting mode with other games.

Pokemon Silver  Rom is now the Beta 1, actually, the game is now in Beta State and may be complete as soon as possible. Some other Beta Versions are also available in the market today and can be download from Pokemonlog.com as well. One of the amazing thing to notice that the leading character which is the main character. His mission is to destroy the Enemy as soon as Possible. Get yourself successful on time, as there is some time limit on some missions. In case if you finish them with their partners and colleagues then your points will increase accordingly like in Pokemon White 2 GBA

The PokeCenter is also present and now it is in the transformation state. There are some changes present in the PokeCenter of the Silver Rom free download. The Pokedex is changing a lot by adding some new characters in the game. The 3D elements are really amazing which is present in the game by increasing the complexity of the game.

Some Great Features of the Pokemon Silver Rom:

  • Pokecenter is present and updated.
  • Pokedex is present.
  • Amazing Graphics and UI.
  • Day and Night Mode.
  • Pokeballs are also present.
  • New Challenges to face.
  • Enjoy some new Extra Events.
  • Catching all the Pokemons feature is not available.
  • New 3D elements.
  • Event hours are increased.
  • New Pokemons and Fakemons.
  • Amazing Maps and Poke Map.
  • New and difficult levels are present.
  • HM can be used properly.
  • You can use HM Fly in this game.

Download Pokemon Silver ROM GBC for Free:

Download Here

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