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Get the Pokemon Stadium 2 Game NDS Free Download having a bunch of new Characters, Storyline, and features. Pokemonlog.com is responsible for providing the Full working download link to Pokemon Stadium 2 NDS ROM Game. The Developers of this game are Nintendo EAD and publisher is Nintendo. After the successful game of Pokemon Stadium, now Nintendo decides to launch a brand new updated version of Stadium rom having some advance features as well as Storyline. This game was released at the end of 2000.

pokemon stadium 2

Basic Info About Pokemon Stadium 2 NDS Game Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Publishers: Nintendo
  • Developers: Nintendo EAD
  • Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer
  • Type: Strategy Base
  • Release date: 14th December 2000.

Some Snapshots of the Game:

pokemon stadium 2 game for nds

pokemon stadium 2 game download

pokemon stadium 2 download


Pokemon Stadium 2 Walkthrough and Gameplay:

After the success of Pokemon Stadium rom, Nintendo EAD releases the game for Nintendo 64 Devices. All the basic and famous features and updates of Pokemon Stadium rom are present in the game. One of the amazing fact and feature of Transfer Park is now available and part of the game. This increases the complexity of the game. Now all the players are allowed to use the trained pokemons from other pokemon games like Pokemon Blue or Pokemon Yellow.

About the City:

This Game is actually based in the white city, where all the basic features will be available to you for usage. Like all the resources of Battles, Team management and researching different things are now available in the white city.

The Gyms are located at different points in the city. All the tournaments matches are in this city which is quite amazing fact about this game. Several different types of pokemon are available to play the game with. Also, the Pokedex of the game is now the new one, having all the new characters included in the game.

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About the Matches and Tournaments:

As we all know that there is no such storyline for this game. All you have to do is to win different matches in different tournaments. You will be aware of different tournaments that are occurring in the city. Each tournament gets complexed as soon as you move forward for higher levels. There are some new levels present in the game.

Tournaments, Castles, and Battles:

Basically, you have to face some different scenes like Matches in the tournament, then Gym Castles and after that, you have to fight with your rivals. Like after winning the matches in tournaments, you will challenge some different Gym Castle for winning them. After defeating several Gym Castles, you will be challenge by the Rivals to fight with them. Now you have to defeat them in order to move forward in the Round 2.

About Cups in the Pokemon Stadium 2 NDS Download:

There are about four main cups, which are achievable in the game. Their names are Prime Cup, Poke Cup, Little Cup and Challenge Cup. For each cup to win, you have to pass from the above stages, I mean you have to play matches in different tournaments, defeat Gyms castles and Rivals.

Now you can play 12 different Pokemon Themed mini-games,  in this version of pokemon game. As we know that these are the just small type of pokemon tasks that are present in the game. You can practice the game and matches in the free battle modes. As these are the modes which are available especially for training purposes.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Stadium 2 Game Download:

  • About Four New Cups.
  • Prime Cup, Poke Cup, Little Cup, Challenge Cup.
  • About 12 Pokemon Theme new mini-games.
  • New Tournaments and matches.
  • Gyms Castles to play and challenge.
  • Defeat the Rivals.
  • For Nintendo 64.
  • New Graphics and UI.
  • Winning Stadium Cups.
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Download Pokemon Stadium 2 Game for Free:

Download Here

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