Pokemon Theta Emerald Download ROM [100% Working Link]

Pokemon Theta Emerald Download Rom is one of the best remakes of Pokemon Emerald, which have all the latest feature and updates. Pokemon Theta Emerald Game download inhabits those features that were present in the Emerald Version as well as a bunch of new updates which makes the game more interesting to play. About 650 New Pokemon character and 100+ moves are present in the game. The 100% working download link for Pokemon Theta Emerald is given at the end of this review.pokemon theta emerald

Basic Info About Pokemon Theta Emerald Remake Version Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Theta Emerald
  • The remake of: Pokemon Emerald
  • Remaker: LCCoolj95
  • Remake Year: 2015

Snapshots of Pokemon Theta Emerald Download full version:

pokemon theta emerald rom

pokemon theta emerald download

pokemon theta emerald download rom

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Theta Emerald Version:

If you have played the Pokemon Emerald version, you will be quite familiar with the main storyline of the game and will also know the Pokedex. Same here are the conditions, having a little bit different Storyline and some characters makes it a new version. However, there are a bunch of the updates that we will be covering below one by one.

As there no more than 350 Pokemon characters present in any remake of Pokemon Emerald rom, because no Remaker was able to insert so much characters with all at once. Now you will see the Trainers , Elite Four  and even the Gym leaders have their own Pokemon characters as well. All these characters are cachable and can be controlled in any way.

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Let’s have a look at the best feature of the game

Special Split and Fairy Type:

In order to to denote each move in the game, you will see the icons present with the special moves in the game. All those Physical split has been present in the game for denotation purposes. Also, one of the interesting thing is that the fairy type pokemon character is also present in the game. We know that the Fairy type was presnt in the Pokemon X and Y rom.

Running Shoes:

Now you can run inside the buildings by wearing the running shoes in the game. Before this major update the main player was not able to move inside the buildings.

Gain More EXP:

Yes, the Experience Points (EXP) can be increase by capturing different pokemon characters in the Wild area. Remember by capturing the Wild Pokemon your main player will be able to gain more and more EXP like in Pokemon Ultra Moon Citra

Some Interesting Evolution Methods:

Now the evolution methods are completely different, now a pokemon who is evolved with the trade will have a different meaning in the pokedex. Some interesting new type are made possible in the Pokemon Theta Emerald Game, like the Map Evolution. With the Map Evolution you can evolve you maps easily with one click away. Similarly you can make changes in the Movement of the main player.

New Moves:

Around 600+ new moves are made possible in the latest version of Pokemon Theta Emerald Game Download. These moves are upto the Generation 6. Now you can do all the movement of Gen VI type.


List of Features in Pokemon Theta Emerald Download Game:

  • Extremely different UI and Graphics.
  • You can delete the HM’s
  • Repel System is new now.
  • Around 250 total Levels.
  • You can gain the EXP by capturing different pokemon.
  • Battle Frontier.
  • Around 80+ Reusable TMs.

Download Pokemon Theta Emerald ROM For Free Now

Download Here 

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