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Get the Pokemon Trading Card Game (PTCG) download from Pokemonlog.com, 100% Working Download Link is given at the end of this review. Pokemon Trading Card Game ROM has a really interesting storyline which is quite unique from all the previous successful games of Pokemon. Now Collect all the Cards in the game from your opponent teams so that to make this game complete. Different missions and tasks are on the way to complete. Let’s have a look at the Basic Info of Pokemon TCG.

Basic Info about Pokemon Trading Card Game ROM Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Trading Card (Pokemon TCG)
  • Publishers: The Pokemon Company, Media Factory
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Snapshots of Pokemon Trading Card Game

pokemon trading card download gbc

pokemon trading card game download

pokemon trading card

Pokemon Trading Card Game Walkthrough and Review:

Are you a player of Card playing and loves to play Cards? If yes, then you have selected the right game to play. Pokemon TCG is really awesome to play different cards, there are about 6 Cards that you can play and complete the game on time. Several new missions are present in the game which makes the game more interesting to play. The main players are 2 in the number who plays the game for the sake of Cards. Download Sage Free

Now you as main Players in the game are the best trainers of your area. You have to use your Pokémon to battle with your opponents.  Remember that your opponents are present all the way you explore in the game. There are different places where you have to fight with your enemies and opposing teams to achieve all the cards from them. There are some special pokemon in the game who have sustained huge kind of damage to the area where you are currently present.

You have to knock out all the opponent teams in the Pokemon Trading Card game download in order to receive all the Cards in the game. The Setup time for this game is about 2-3 seconds where the gameplay time is about 120 minutes. Now the player who knocked it out draws a Prize card which is a really interesting fact of this PTCG.

About Prize Cards and Opponent Teams:

Some of the opponent teams are present in the area where you are currently moving. The different prize cards should be collected from the different teams in order to complete the pending tasks. There are about six Prize cards which are present in the game. Now you can win the game by drawing all the cards from your opponent teams.  You can win the game in other cases as well by defeating the opponent team and drawing all the cards at once. You can also download Pokemon Sun Link  OR Pokemon Pearl Game

Graphics and Physics:

The graphics and UI of the game are really amazing and attractive. You can simply use all the basic feature of the game. The User Interface is made so much user-friendly that you may be a fan of this game. Also, the main player can move in every direction as the Physics of the game is improved from the older versions.

Beginning and collecting of Cards:

As main Players of the game, you can begin the contest begin by having one player selects heads or tails. Remember that you can select the head or tails options by flipping a coin. The coin is present in the game for flipping purpose to select your choice. In case if you win the coin you can select whether the first team will play the first turn or not. Remember that you cannot attack their first turn. You can shuffle the coin as many times as you want.

Some other amazing feature of Pokemon Trading Card Game Download:

  • Simple but amazing UI.
  • The coin is present.
  • Having several new missions.
  • Collecting the Prize cards.
  • 2 main players.
  • Pokemon Trainer.
  • Physics are awesome.

Download Pokemon Trading Card Game for Free:

Download Here

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