Pokemon Wonder Guard Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Wonder Guard is a pokemon emerald rom hack which is in beta version. The Storyline follows the basic game structure of Emerald Game but there are some changes available which makes it a special game. Download Pokemon Wonder Guard Version GBA for Free From Pokemonlog which always provide the best and working download links for all the pokemon rom hacks.

This version is created by AeroMaster7 (or BigBoss on PHO) in the English language for all the GBA Lovers, having a nice inspiring story. The main character has to move forward and collect some gems in the area. One interesting thing for all the pokemon characters is that all of them have a special feature known as Wonder Guard at the toes. They cannot move in normal way, but the whole moves are different than the normal. Stay tuned with us, as we are moving forward to discover some amazing and hidden features available in this game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Wonder Guard
  • Version: Beta
  • A remake of: Emerald
  • Remake by: AeroMaster7 (or BigBoss on PHO)
  • Platform: GBA

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

pokemon intro start screen in the game wild zigzagon appeared

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Wonder Guard Version GBA Download:

As the game starts, you have to choose the basic gender that you want to play the whole game. If you choose male, then all missions regarding to male characters will be displayed to you. The storyline is about the same and gameplay as well to the original Emerald ROM. But there are some changes present in the gameplay which makes it unique among all the emerald rom hacks. The player has to complete some missions which is by default present in every pokemon rom hack. One amazing fact about the characters in the game is that they have a wonder guard and it can be used during the moves and battles of every character. Some nice collections of graphics are part of the game which makes it look more brilliant and professional in the gameplay scenes.

Each pokemon data is present in the Pokemon Detail Card, which contains all the basic information about the character. As the wonder guard word here means the Super Effective move Hit the foe which is quite amazing to watch and experience with every pokemon character that the game contains like Pokemon Omega Paradox ROM. You can make use of Randomizer or do Nuzlockes as a challenge not so that people would play it as is. Although you are more than welcome to play it as is too! Randomizer is quite useful in the moves and actions of battles of every character. Even all the basic characters have the abilities to move in any directions, each and every move can be enjoyed with some special effects.

Moves and Battle System:

There are some special moves and battle effects present in the game which makes it more unique and special among all the pokemon emerald lovers. Sylveon is now available (Thanks to Aethestode who is my inspiration). You can find it instead of the first In Game Trade. (Note: You CANNOT evolve Eevee into Sylveon and you cannot catch it in the wild due to a glitch. The overall battle system is updated with some addition of animations effects and special moves which makes the battle look more professional and unique than any normal pokemon rom hack.


The gameplay is changed alot, with the increment in the difficulty. This makes the game look more difficult to play and experience the realtime battle effects. All of your rivals are ready for some challenges which can be really tough though. The gym leaders make the game alot more complex for you because they are constantly looking for someone who can give them challenges and fight with them in their own leagues.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Wonder Guard GBA Download:

  • Having a new menu.
  • Nice collection of graphics.
  • Fairy Type pokemon and fairy moves are available.
  • New Pokemon from different generations.
  • Some new movesets change the way of movements of different characters
  • Starters from all the 3 regions.
  • Pokemon Markets have different new items.
  • The Day and Night System.
  • Available in the English Language.
  • Shedinja has more than 1HP to compensate.
  • Small missions.
  • Amazing graphics and animations effects.

Download Pokemon Wonder Guard GBA For Free:

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