Pokemon Mega Adventure Download Free [Updated 2021]

One of the most awaited Pokemon game name as Pokemon Mega Adventure is now available in its fully completed form. The Version 1.3 of Pokemon Mega Adventure Download is fully available on pokemonlogdotcom. Recently we reviewed Pokemon Reborn which was also one of the best hit RPG Maker XP Game and this one too. The creator of this game name as Leon Draceus has developed and created the game for Windows Users with the RPG Engine. The main storyline is somewhat different from the previous version in which the main player is searching for some mega evolutions happening in the area.

Basic Info about Mega Adventure RPG Pokemon Game:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Mega Adventure Version
  • Creator: Leon Draceus
  • Starters Pokemon:  Charmander, Squirtle, Chespin, Froakie, Bulbasaur and Fennekin.
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

pokemon mega adventure rom menu

pokemon mega adventure walkthrough

pokemon mega adventure download v1.3

pokemon mega adventure download for android

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Mega Adventure Download Game:

As the game starts the main player has to be chosen from the main menu. In the main menu, you have the option of playing the game in the mode of Boy/Girl. Now it totally depends on you as this does not have that much on the gameplay as Pokemon Reborn Version. As we know that the storyline remains the same whether you chose the male or female character in the game. You have to go out for research purpose and that’s the final decision in the game.

As the name of the Hero is Luster if you chose the male character as your main player and if you chose the female character then her name is Haruki. Both of them can be found in Akito region which is one of the oldest region having lot’s of greenery and grass. Several Pokemon Species are currently living in the area.

Soon as the game starts, the player has to visit the professor Oak research lab as you are playing the game the main Pokemon Trainer. You have lots of abilities which you can use by training a different pokemon character in the game.

Professor assigns the research:

As soon as the main character visit the professor lab, he will give you some kind of research of finding different pokemon mega evolutions and adventures happening in the area. As soon as you move forward on your way, you meet a lot of your friends and rivals. There are some different prime teams who have bad guys. Your main tasks are also to prevent the bad guys from doing bad things.

Team Prime:

This team can be found while you are exploring the area, as you are on the research process of finding different pokemon evolutions. The Prime team goal has to find some ultimate powers in the area which can be used in the near future for destroying different areas. They are searching for the strongest powers in the area which are in different evolutions. You can download Type Wild Pokemon Game OR Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version

Guardian of Misty Island:

As you are on the way to find different evolutions and prevent bad guys from doing some bad things. Suddenly the guardian of misty island meets with you and you also request him to help you as well. Lation takes him to the defense tower for discussing some serious stuff in the area. Becoming the partner with Latio may good or bad. It all depends on you. Will you be able to catch all the Latios or not?

List of Some Amazing Feature in Pokemon Mega Adventures Game Download:

  • Excellent and most interesting storyline.
  • The gameplay is enhanced in the latest version.
  • Version 1.3 is the completed version.
  • Akito area.
  • About 721 Pokemon to catch.
  • Amazing graphics and sound effects.
  • Some special effects are present.
  • About 7 Gyms in the area.
  • This game is for PC and has 18 Towns.
  • Link Cable can be used for the trading purpose.

Download Pokemon Mega Adventures ROM Full Version Now:

Download Here

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