Pokemon Mega Adventure Download (v1.3 Updated)

One of the most awaited Pokemon game name as Pokemon Mega Adventure is now available in its fully completed form. The Version 1.3 of Pokemon Mega Adventure Download is fully available on pokemonlogdotcom. Recently we reviewed Pokemon Reborn which was also one of the best hit RPG Maker XP Game and this one too. The creator of this game name as Leon Draceus has developed and created the game for Windows Users with the RPG Engine. The main storyline is somewhat different from the previous version in which the main player is searching for some mega evolutions happening in the area.

The game will include all 151 original Pokémon from Red and Blue versions, as well as adding over 100 new monsters to explore and capture. There will also be new features including Mega Evolutions, Expanded pocket options, and Battle Tree improvements. You get to explore new regions and find all of your favorite pokemon. It comes with 3 options, one where you get to choose your starter pokemon, one where you get to pick 6 random pokemon, and one where you can get 6 random items. With 184 different types of pokemon in this game it’s almost impossible not to like it!

Basic Info about Mega Adventure RPG Pokemon Game:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Mega Adventure Version
  • Creator: Leon Draceus
  • Platform: RPGXP
  • Starters Pokemon:  Charmander, Squirtle, Chespin, Froakie, Bulbasaur and Fennekin.
  • Game Size: 797 MB

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Mega Adventure Download Game:

As the game starts the main player has to be chosen from the main menu. In the main menu, you have the option of playing the game in the mode of Boy/Girl. Now it totally depends on you as this does not have that much on the gameplay as Pokemon Reborn Version. As we know that the storyline remains the same whether you chose the male or female character in the game. You have to go out for research purpose and that’s the final decision in the game.

pokemon mega adventure rom menu

As the name of the Hero is Luster if you chose the male character as your main player and if you chose the female character then her name is Haruki. Both of them can be found in Akito region which is one of the oldest region having lot’s of greenery and grass. Several Pokemon Species are currently living in the area. Soon as the game starts, the player has to visit the professor Oak research lab as you are playing the game the main Pokemon Trainer. You have lots of abilities which you can use by training a different pokemon character in the game. Pokemon Mega Sol X Download (Updated)

Pokemon Mega Adventure is an action-packed, kids game where players take on the role of one of four Pokemon trainers competing to catch every available Pokemon in Alola. Players can choose from Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, or Squirtle and start their journey exploring the region with their chosen starter partner by their side. Pokemon have been around for decades. They are cute, cuddly creatures that everyone loves, especially children. All you need to play is a Nintendo DS and the game called Pokemon X. The player can explore an enormous 3D world, catch pocket monsters, trade them with friends, battle other players in the game’s online competitions, or just have fun.

Encounter some Pokemon:

Pokemon Mega Adventure is a game with nearly 600 different monsters, each one with its own set of abilities and strengths. Will you be able to find all of them? Who knows. As you go through the game, you’ll encounter many different types of Pokemon in many different places. Some seem to be easier to find than others, so keep your eye out for what’s around you when traveling the world. It might just help you catch something else! You’ll encounter 50 different pocket monsters to capture and train for battle, but don’t think this game is for kids. Even with its cartoonish graphics, Mega Adventure has some mature topics, such as death and drug use. Also, try Pokemon Mega Origins Download (Updated)

If you ever thought Pokemon was a fun game, think again. Its a whole different ballgame in the real world. The people who inhabit this planet have been watching our every move and have been growing more and more suspicious of what we’re doing to the planet. They know whats coming next as they see that our planet is reaching capacity as it can no longer provide for all its inhabitants. Kids are everywhere hunting down Pokemon in all their glory, playing with them, and adding them to their friends list. The game is designed for players 6 years or older, but there are modifications that make it playable for children as young as 4. There are also versions of this game for kids with disabilities like Cerebral Palsy (CP) who cannot easily use a traditional controller.

pokemon mega adventure download for android

Mystery Gifts:

In the new Pokemon Mega Adventure, players have been receiving mystery gifts at seemingly random intervals. These gifts contain a variety of items, ranging from potions to rare berries, but remain a mystery as to who is sending them. Some have speculated that it is done by an NPC who decides to reward the player for their progress in the game. However, others have suggested that these can be set off by actions taken in-game. It features all new quests and dungeons, with over 500 new Pokémon to catch and collect. The game also includes an “unlimited” number of Mystery Gifts, which can be obtained by completing certain quests or buying them in the in-game store. Also, try Pokemon Mega Light Platinum Download (Updated)

Your partner has left you for another person, you’ve been robbed four times, and no matter what you do, your team just won’t cooperate. You’re starting to wonder if the game was designed to be this difficult because it’s too simplistic for anyone advanced to play. Well one thing that may give you hope is Mystery Gifts! For decades, Pokémon fans have been solving puzzles and defeating bosses in order to obtain another piece of the Pokédex. With every game since Pokémon Red and Blue came out in 1996, there has always been at least one mystery gift for players to discover. But, with the release of the mobile game Pokémon Mega Adventure, players are faced with not just one but two mystery gifts.

A game so full of mysteries that sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Even if you’ve played for hours, you’ll still find something new the next day. The Mystery Gift feature is one of these hidden treasures, but you can’t just get them by playing the game. What are these Mystery Gifts? Some think it has something to do with the Mystic Tree.

pokemon mega adventure walkthrough

Team Prime:

Team Prime is a team of four trainers who met each other while traveling in the Kalos region. The members are Cal, a skilled water-type trainer and the leader of the group; Shane, an upbeat electric-type trainer; Lily, a timid fairy-type trainer; and Alex, a logical and analytical steel-type trainer. The group came together when they all helped each other out during difficult battles. They quickly bonded over their shared love of Pokemon and decided to team up. Since then, they have been working together to become the best trainers they can be. Their ultimate goal is to become the best Pokemon Mega Adventurers in the world. To do this, they will need to overcome challenges and beat tough opponents along the way. With teamwork and determination, Team Prime is ready for anything!

Team Prime is a group of trainers who work together to defeat the Elite 4 and become the Pokemon Mega Champion. The team was formed by four friends – Brendan, May, Wally, and Steven – who all share a common goal of becoming the best trainer in the world. They train together, battle together, and support each other through thick and thin. The team has faced many challenges over the years, but they have always come out victorious. Their biggest test yet came when they traveled to Johto to take on the Elite 4 there. They were able to overcome all of their opponents and become the new Pokemon Mega Champions! Now that they have proven themselves as the best trainers in the world, Team Prime is planning their next adventure – a trip to Sinnoh to take on Cynthia and her powerful Pokemon!

Team Prime is a team of trainers from the Kalos region who have teamed up to defeat any and all challengers. The members are all incredibly skilled and use only the best Pokemon. They are currently undefeated in the Kalos region. This team can be found while you are exploring the area, as you are on the research process of finding different pokemon evolutions. The Prime team goal has to find some ultimate powers in the area which can be used in the near future for destroying different areas. They are searching for the strongest powers in the area which are in different evolutions. You can download Type Wild Pokemon Game OR Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version

Guardian of Misty Island:

A young girl by the name of Calie is the Guardian of Misty Island. She has been living there for as long as she can remember, and takes care of the Pokemon that live on the island. Recently, a group of trainers known as Team Meteor have been trying to capture the island’s Legendary Pokemon, Dialga. They believe that if they can control Dialga, they will be able to rule the world. Calie has been doing everything she can to stop them, but they are getting closer and closer to capturing Dialga each day. Misty Island is a small, unassuming island located in the middle of the ocean. The island is mostly uninhabited, save for a few wild Pokemon that make their home there. The island is best known for its guardian, a powerful Gyarados who protects the island from harm.

No one knows how Misty Island came to be, or why Gyarados chose to protect it. Some say that the island is home to a powerful mystical force, while others believe that Gyarados is simply protecting its territory. Whatever the reason, Misty Island and its guardian are both shrouded in mystery. The Guardian of Misty Island is a key character in the Pokemon Mega Adventures manga. He is a powerful and wise old man who protects the island and its inhabitants from harm. He has a deep understanding of the natural world, and his wisdom is respected by all who know him. The Guardian of Misty Island is an important ally to Team Mega, and he provides them with guidance and support whenever they need it.

pokemon mega adventure download v1.3

List of Some Amazing Feature in Pokemon Mega Adventures Game Download:

  • Excellent and most interesting storyline.
  • The gameplay is enhanced in the latest version.
  • Version 1.3 is the completed version.
  • Akito area.
  • About 721 Pokemon to catch.
  • Amazing graphics and sound effects.
  • Some special effects are present.
  • About 7 Gyms in the area.
  • This game is for PC and has 18 Towns.
  • Link Cable can be used for the trading purpose.

Download Pokemon Mega Adventures ROM Full Version Now:

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