Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back is a wonderful pokemon rom hack by the Creator Sloo using English Language. This is a brilliant Ruby hack which promotes the story of a Young Boy in the Lunoh Region. Having many dreams to become a Pokemon Master in the game. Download Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back for free from Pokemonlog, which is available for free.

The young man father runs a company name as Edge Co. where he offers multiple services, but it is the dream of your father that you became a pokemon master. There are several new updates and features in the game which makes it more unique from other rom hacks of pokemon ruby. Several new characters are present as the main leading roles. Remember that you will get the Starter name as Eevee! Now let’s move on to the detail section of this article to know what are some of the special features available in this game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back Version
  • Platform: GBA
  • Creator: Sloo
  • Language: English
  • Remake of Ruby

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

main player in the lunoh area discovering some new areas screenshot of the gameplay

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back GBA Download:

The young boy is the protagonist in the area of Lunoh where different kinds of characters are living and they are living for a purpose. The Young Boy father wants to become a Pokemon Master in his young age, but due to certain situations, he didn’t complete his dream and became the CEO of a Company name as Edge Co. which offers different kinds of services in the area of Lunoh. So you are ready for becoming the best pokemon master of this area and train different kind of pokemon like in Pokemon Jade Download ROM. Your age is 13 years and it depends on you, that which gender you are going to use in start scenes of the game. After choosing the Gender, you are good to go and complete different kinds of missions and tasks. Remember that you already accepted the challenge of becoming the Pokemon Master of this area so be prepared for any kinds of hurdles coming along the way.

As you move along the way, you will meet different kinds of people and some evil organizations as well. One of them is the Team Genesis who is working hard to overtake the area under their power like in Pokemon Emerald 2 Download ROM. They have different kinds of powers and some new pokemon as well, which can be used against you for destroying you on time. The main plan of this team is to release an Evil Pokemon name as Giratina, which can destroy almost everything in the area. So now what to do? Obviously, you have to stop them on time so that they are unable to release the pokemon name as Giratina. If they released this pokemon, consider that your game is finished and you are unable to become the Pokemon Master of this area.

About the Storyline and New Pokemon:

The storyline is interesting to play the game because there are some hurdles which will make you to become a pokemon master faster. As it is the dream of your father to become the pokemon master of this area and rule the area with your powers. But again there are some enemies sources which are hurdles in your area. You were playing the hero and protagonist character in the area will save the life of some people as well as some pokemon.

As far as Pokemon are concerend, there are some new pokemon available which can make the game process alot better and faster than ever. Simply catch some pokemon are try to train them on time so that you have a pokedex which is complete and you can use them on time. Using pokemon on time is one of the major factor and main trick of the game which can lead you to become the pokemon master, because you know how to use the pokemon. Remember that the pokemon you have been given is named as Eevee and it can be evolved in Espeon and Umbreon with a Sunstone and Moonstone respectively.

Gameplay and Battles:

The gameplay is enhanced a lot while making sure that there is no lagging behind in the game. Now the character can move and run indoor. There are some new regions added which make the game more complex to play and complete the missions on time. Some new fancy titles are available which will be given to you as you move forward in the game and discover the main characters in the lunoh area. As far as battles of the game is concerned, the enemies are always ready for your challenges, what you have to do is to make sure that you have enough pokemon in the list so that you can use them in battles. Remember that great and trained pokemon can win the battles for you. Also, try Pokemon Jeff ROM

Fakemon locations:

(Other than Legendaries)
Flaradox – Evolves from Burntong Lv.30
Aquabara – Route 23, 24, 25

Strock – Evolves from Peblem Lv.28
Littoad – Route 22, 23, 24, 25, Lunar Cave
Hydrobara – Evolves from Aquabara Lv.26
Furrox – Route 26, 27, Mt. Infernus
Alophox – Evolves from Furrox Lv.30
Tyrangle – Lunar Cave
Kiweed – Route 25
Armorition – Laroche Mansion
Phantarmor – Evolves from Armorition Lv.30
Burntong – Mt. Infernus
Tyrestle – Evolves from Tyrangle Lv.30, Victory Road
Tyrassault – Evolves from Tyrestle Lv.50
Treewi – Evolves from Kiweed Lv.28
Illizard – Lunar Cave
P.E.A.R – Received from scientist on route 15
P.E.A.Rv2 – Evolves from P.E.A.R by happiness
Peblem – Lunar Cave, Mt. Infernus, Route 33
Toxecko – Evolves from Illizard Lv.30, Route 34
Venomodo – Evolves from Toxecko Lv.50
Pumpkid – Laroche Mansion
Pumpking – Evolves from Pumpkid Lv.24
Pumpkrow – Evolves from Pumpking with Leaf Stone
Rambash – Mt. Infernus (summit)

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back GBA ROM:

  • Having some new regions and plot.
  • Pokemon are new.
  • There are about 11 gyms and gym leaders.
  • Now the player can run indoors.
  • Eevee can evolve in Espeon and others.
  • Trade evolutions is available.
  • The Gameplay is enhanced.
  • HMs and TMs
  • Graphics are awesome.
  • Fancy new titles and stories.
  • Different new routes are available.

Download Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back Version for free:

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