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Get the Pokemon Pearl Game Free Download from Pokemonlog.com, with some new elements and completely different storyline. Pokemon Pearl Game is the only version after the Diamond ROM, which is release after a year in 2006 by the Game Freak. The publishers of pokemon pearl apk download are Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. You can download the game from the link given at the end of this article after reading the amazing review of latest pokemon game.

pokemon pearl

Basic info about Pokemon Pearl Game Download for Free:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Pearl Version
  • Publishers: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company
  • Developed by: Game Freak
  • Release Date: 2006

Some Snapshots of Pokemon Pearl Download Game:

pokemon pearl download

pokemon pearl game download

pokemon pearl walkthrough

Complete Pokemon Pearl Walkthrough and Gameplay:

One of the best Pokemon rom hack, so far we have waited. This is the single player as well as a multiplayer game which can also be played online by connecting the Wifi. Now there are several new Pokemon characters are present in the game. About 107 New characters are added in the game which increases the complexity of the game. Pearl game pokemon was sold in high number after the initial release.

The main story starts from a beautiful town, in which the main player has to play the role of Pokemon trainer. You have to train different pokemon characters in the area in order to get them ready for a fight. You are also one of the leading characters who can thwarter the criminal cases of different organizations in the area.

About the Game GUI and Elements:

As the game starts, your main screen will contain two different characters which will ask you about choosing the player gender. If you choose the Boy Characters then your name will be asked of you and the game will move forward. Now after that initials steps, there are about three main steps and screens in the main layout.

  • Field Map (In this the main player can navigate to find different elements present in the area).
  • Battle Screen (This screen appears whenever your enemy is ready to fight with you or you caught any Wild Pokemon).
  • The Main Menu (This is the main menu in which you can select different game modes and store your scores).

The Internet features are a just awesome addition to the game, now you can play the game in a multiplayer environment. Even you can come online while challenging your colleagues in your circle.

About Points and Battle System:

If you want to be an Experienced person on this planet of Pokemon, then go and collect different Experience points (EXP). Remember that you can collect the Hit Points (HP) only if you defeat your enemy and you’re all team members will get some experience points. As soon you receive some exp points, your rank will move forward and will increase.

The Battle Mechanics are improved from the basic version to advance class. Now there are numerous pokemon which are Wild-Type and some rivals which are ready to fight with you. As soon as your level of playing the game is increased, the moves will be improved accordingly.

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Graphics and UI:

The Overall graphics of the game are improved from the previous version of pokemon rom hacks like Pokemon Diamond and other games. Some new Layout features are present which increase the user experience. There are some new 3D Elements present which can be used while playing the game.

Some Amazing feature of Pokemon Pearl Game Download:

  • New Graphics and UI.
  • Improved Game and Battle Mechanics.
  • Hit Points (HP)
  • Experience Points (EXP)
  • Young Pokemon Trainer.
  • About 107 new Pokemon Characters.
  • Enhanced gameplay from previous versions.
  • New Attacks and move systems are present.
  • Better than Pokemon Ruby.
  • Online Multiplayer gaming mode via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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