Pokemon Fire Yellow ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Fire Yellow Version is GBA Hack of Fire Red, can be downloaded from Pokemonlog. The Game’s Story Revolves around the yellow character name as Pikachu. Certainly, in Pokemon Fire Yellow Download ROM you can find a different kind of creatures and pokemon present in the area. More improvements have been done to the gameplay and all the bugs have been fixed in the latest update.

The whole theme of fire yellow ROM hack is by the yellow character name as Pikachu, who can be the starter of yours. While Choosing the starter you have to keep in mind that you are going to choose Pikachu. Going to school is a must doing a thing and all of these tasks for getting the licenses of being a pokemon trainer. Let’s Move on to the detail section of this article to discover what are some special features available in this game.

Full Game Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Fire Yellow
  • Platform: GBA
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Created By: longlostsoldier
  • Last Update: Jan 2018

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

a basic display of pokemon data charmanders is waiting for someone pokemon afraid of gyarados in conversation with your mom

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Fire Yellow ROM Download:

The main character is living with his parents, and they are constantly advising you to go to school proper so that you can get some education. But your goal and dream is to become a professional pokemon trainer. And for this reason you are going to school and attend all the lectures so that you become the best pokemon trainer and get the certificate or license. Why you want to become a Pokemon Trainer? That’s because you want to choose any pokemon in the given list and move on with your missions like in Pokemon Nova ROM. At the start of this game, after choosing the male and female characters you will be introduced with the storyline of the game and will face choosing a starter from the given list.

Bad news:

One bad news for you is about yoru neighbor. Unfortunately, your neighbor Gary is now an official Pokemon Trainer and he doesn’t need to go to school anymore. That’s the onething which keeps revolving in your mind. But it is okay, no need to rush. You will get a Pokemon from someone else, not Professor Oak anymore because he is going somewhere to hunt for Clefairy. Professor Oak will not certainly help you out this time, all you have to do is to keep searching yourself and get some good pokemon. Adventures are part of the game and they are in different regions of the game. You will find some wild pokemon as well in a different area, which you have to train them on time. Also, try Extreme Red Pokemon Game

Getting License:

After getting the license from the school, you will be free to do anything you want. Get a chance to select any pokemon from the available list of pokemon in the pokedex. Completing the pokedex is one of the crucial task which you have to do properly. Team rocket is also a big challenge for you to tackel with them. You have to use some special tactics to defeat them. They have some mysterious powers at their back and you have to control them out by defeating them. They are plotting in a different area to control you and your starter pokemon in the available area.

Battle Scenes and Open World Game:

This is an open world game, it means that you don’t need any kind of HMs, so that you can control the actions and motions. Now you can catch and control different kind of pokemon. Wild pokemon is one of the special kind of pokemon which you can catch and train them for having a battle. Battle effects are improved and enhanced a lot like in Pokemon Cloud White 3 Version . Now you will have to face all kinds of war effects from your opponent teams such as Team Rocket and all those characters.One of the special features is activating a special mode, now you can activate a mode to have the same levels as your enemies. Having same levels of difficulty level will increases the chances of winning different battles with your enemies.

List of Available Features in Pokemon Fire Yellow ROM Download:

  • New Maps and moves.
  • Open world game.
  • No Need of HMs and TMs
  • Chances of getting shiny pokemon is increased.
  • Have Fairy type.
  • Pikachu, Raichu, Eevee’s stats are adjusted.
  • Meet some Hoenn Pokemon in Kanto.
  • Run and rush.
  • Different kind of tiles.

Download Pokemon Fire Yellow ROM For Free:

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