Pokemon Renegade Platinum Download (New v1.3 Fixed)

Pokemon Renegade Platinum is an interesting hack of pokemon platinum which is more popular in the pokemon game industry. The developer Drayano has included so many new features that makes the game more interesting to play. All the characters have different kinds of new moves and sprites.

Pokémon Renegade Platinum is a fan-made ROM hack that takes the beloved Pokémon Platinum game and breathes new life into it. Created by Drayano60, this modification doesn’t just tweak a few minor elements; it’s a comprehensive overhaul of the Sinnoh region. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the key features that make Pokémon Renegade Platinum a must-play for Pokémon fans looking to rediscover this classic adventure with exciting twists and challenges.

Game File Info of Pokemon Renegade Platinum:

Game Full Name Pokemon Renegade Platinum
Remake of Pokemon Platinum
Creator Drayano
Language English
Latest Version v1.3.0
Operating System NDS

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Renegade Platinum NDS Download:

Pokémon Renegade Platinum stands as a testament to the dedication and creativity of the Pokémon fan community. With its increased gameplay speed, new events and NPCs, revamped in-game trades, updated TMs, modernized basic stats, the removal of trade evolutions, changed wild and trainer Pokémon, and the addition of the Fairy type, this ROM hack breathes new life into the classic Pokémon Platinum adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon trainer or a newcomer to the Sinnoh region, Renegade Platinum offers an engaging and exciting journey through a beloved world, filled with surprises and challenges at every turn. It’s a must-play for anyone looking to embark on a fresh and unforgettable Pokémon adventure.Also, check out Pokemon Heart RED Rom

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Increased Gameplay Speed

Pokémon Renegade Platinum kicks off with a significant boost in gameplay speed. The traditional Pokémon games, while fantastic in their own right, can sometimes feel a bit sluggish. Drayano60 has addressed this issue by increasing the game’s overall speed, making battles, animations, and menu navigation much more fluid. This enhancement provides a more enjoyable and fast-paced experience, allowing players to dive right into the action without unnecessary delays.

New Special Events and NPCs

One of the standout features of Renegade Platinum is the introduction of new special events and non-playable characters (NPCs) scattered throughout the Sinnoh region. These events offer fresh storytelling elements, unique challenges, and exciting surprises.

Whether it’s facing off against tough trainers, uncovering hidden secrets, or participating in special battles, these additions keep players engaged and eager to explore every corner of the revamped Sinnoh. Drayano60’s creativity shines through in these events, offering both nostalgia for long-time fans and new, unexpected experiences for those familiar with the original Pokémon Platinum.

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In-game Trades Changed

Pokémon trades have always been a staple in the Pokémon series, allowing players to obtain rare or region-exclusive species. Renegade Platinum introduces changes to the in-game trades, offering a refreshed and balanced trading experience. Some trades that once seemed lopsided have been adjusted to provide players with more valuable and strategic options. These modifications encourage players to explore different Pokémon and trade possibilities, making the game feel more dynamic and unpredictable.

Some TMs Have Changed

TMs (Technical Machines) are pivotal in teaching your Pokémon new moves. In Renegade Platinum, Drayano60 has altered some TMs to provide a broader range of moves and strategies. This change forces players to rethink their move sets and adapt to new challenges. The modified TMs open up exciting opportunities for creativity in team building and strategy, making battles more dynamic and unpredictable. Also, try Pokemon Cosmic Emerald GBA

Not to show Gardenia:

One interesting thing to note that You no longer need to show Gardenia. As we know that in previous versions we have noticed that we have to show the Gardenia a Snover to enter Eterna’s Gym. Remember that Eterna’s Gym is an important place in the game where you can show all the pokemon and can train them for a big fight coming like in Pokemon Platinum Red and Blue. Instead, you will need to find Gardenia herself on Route 216 before you can enter Eterna’s Gym. These are some of the interesting features that you should keep in mind so that you are prepare for a fight in the mentioned gym.

Increased Gameplay Speed:

Playing the game in the normal speed is too slow for many people. There are also gamers who like to play at a slower pace because they believe that this makes the game more challenging. However, there are other players that want to play in “fast mode” or even “turbo mode.” The Renegade Platinum mod allows players to change the game speed without having to edit any of the game files.

One major issue in it is the gameplay speed, which is significantly slower than it needs to be for a game. To combat this, we have incorporated a feature where you can change the gameplay speed to increase the overall pacing of the game. This also allows for easier and more fluid movement and quicker access to menus and items. This feature is easy to use with the new shortcut button on your Game Boy Advance controls.an eevee mom

Basic Stats Updated to Sun/Moon

In the world of Pokémon, balance is crucial for competitive battles. To bring Renegade Platinum more in line with the modern Pokémon games, Drayano60 has updated basic stats to reflect the values found in Pokémon Sun and Moon. This update ensures that every Pokémon has its moment to shine in battles, promoting diversity in team composition and strategy. It also helps players who are familiar with recent Pokémon titles feel right at home in this revamped Sinnoh adventure.

No More Trade Evolutions

Trade evolutions have long been a source of frustration for solo players, requiring a connection to another game or device. In Renegade Platinum, Drayano60 has removed trade evolutions, allowing players to evolve Pokémon like Alakazam, Machamp, and Gengar through alternative methods. This modification grants players more autonomy in building their dream team without the need for external assistance, making the game more accessible and enjoyable for solo players.

All Wild & Trainer Pokémon Have Been Changed

One of the most exciting aspects of Renegade Platinum is the complete overhaul of Pokémon encounters. Drayano60 has meticulously changed all wild and trainer Pokémon, introducing a wide variety of species from different generations. This alteration keeps the game feeling fresh and unpredictable, as you never know what Pokémon you might encounter next. Whether it’s a classic favorite or a rare find, the revamped Pokémon lineup adds an element of surprise and excitement to every battle.foe gardevoir

Fairy Type Added

The introduction of the Fairy type in the Pokémon series was a game-changer, altering the type matchups and strategies in battles. Renegade Platinum incorporates the Fairy type into the Sinnoh region, further diversifying the battle dynamics. This addition not only makes the game more in line with the modern Pokémon games but also introduces a new layer of strategy and excitement for players to explore. As you face both familiar and new opponents, the Fairy type brings fresh challenges and opportunities for tactical thinking. Also, check out Pokemon Mega Evolution 2

Amazing Features Available in Pokemon Renegade Platinum NDS:

  • The maid in the Old Chateau now only gives you an Old Gateau.
  • Storyline is new.
  • Graphics are improved a lot.
  • Traynee’s stat training teams.
  • Leafeon is now compatible with the Cut HM.
  • There are TMs and HMs
  • Volbeat has had a buff to its stats.
  • There are about 490 plus pokemon.
  • Fixed an overlap of NPC and item on Route 209.

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