Pokemon Renegade Platinum Download (v1.3 New 2024)

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Pokemon Renegade Platinum, a captivating hack of the beloved Pokemon Platinum game. Crafted by the ingenious Drayano, this modification is more than just a reskin; it’s a complete transformation of the Sinnoh region. In this article, we’ll explore the exhilarating features that make Pokemon Renegade Platinum a must-play for seasoned trainers seeking a fresh twist on a classic adventure.

For dedicated trainers yearning for a challenging Sinnoh experience, Pokemon Renegade Platinum is a game-changer. Created by the talented Drayano, this ROM hack revitalizes the classic Pokemon Platinum, introducing new elements that elevate the adventure.

Game File Info of Pokemon Renegade Platinum:

Game Full Name Pokemon Renegade Platinum
Remake of Pokemon Platinum
Creator Drayano
Language English
Latest Version v1.3.0
Operating System NDS

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Renegade Platinum NDS Download:

If you’re a dedicated Pokemon trainer who craves a challenging and immersive experience in the Sinnoh region, you’re in for a treat! Pokemon Renegade Platinum is a fan-made ROM hack that breathes new life into the classic Pokemon Platinum game. Created by the talented Drayano, this mod has taken the community by storm, and for good reason.

Renegade Platinum doesn’t just offer a fresh coat of paint; it’s a complete overhaul of the Sinnoh adventure. This blog post will delve into some of the game’s standout features, with a focus on the Generation V and VI Pokemon added, the introduction of the Fairy type, updated Pokemon stats and types, modified items and prices, and the inclusion of new TMs and moves.Also, check out Pokemon Heart RED Rom

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Increased Gameplay Speed:

    • Enhanced Game Pacing: Pokemon Renegade Platinum introduces a significant boost in gameplay speed, addressing the occasional sluggishness found in traditional Pokemon games.
    • Fluid Experience: Drayano60 has optimized battles, animations, and menu navigation for a more fluid and enjoyable experience.
    • User-Friendly Feature: The increased speed caters to players who prefer a faster-paced game without compromising the challenge.

New Special Events and NPCs:

    • Engaging Story Elements: Renegade Platinum introduces captivating special events and non-playable characters (NPCs) throughout the Sinnoh region, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline.
    • Unique Challenges: Players can expect to face tough trainers, uncover hidden secrets, and participate in special battles, ensuring a more engaging and dynamic gameplay experience.
    • Creative Storytelling: Drayano60’s creativity shines through these additions, combining nostalgia for long-time fans with unexpected experiences for those familiar with the original Platinum game.

In-game Trades Changed:

    • Balanced Trading: Renegade Platinum brings modifications to in-game trades, offering a more balanced and strategic trading experience.
    • Diverse Options: Some trades that may have seemed one-sided are adjusted to provide players with more valuable and diverse Pokemon trade possibilities.
    • Dynamic Gameplay: These modifications encourage players to explore different Pokemon and trade options, adding a dynamic and unpredictable element to the game.

Modified TMs and Added Moves:

    • Expanded Move Sets: Drayano60 has altered Technical Machines (TMs) to offer a broader range of moves and strategies for Pokemon.
    • Creativity in Strategy: This change encourages players to rethink their Pokemon’s move sets, fostering creativity in team building and strategy.
    • Dynamic Battles: The modified TMs not only open up exciting opportunities for team customization but also make battles more dynamic and unpredictable.

Modified Items and Prices:

    • Item System Overhaul: Renegade Platinum features significant changes to the item system, including adjustments to item prices and availability.
    • Resource Management: Players must carefully manage their resources, adapting their playstyle to the evolving item economy.
    • Strategic Thinking: These changes add depth to the game, forcing players to think strategically about item usage and resource allocation.

Modified TMs and Added Moves:

    • Revamped TMs: Drayano60’s modifications to TMs involve shuffling moves around to better match the new Pokemon and types introduced.
    • Exciting Move Options: This creates more exciting move options for players to explore, encouraging experimentation with different move sets for their Pokemon.
    • Broad Range of Possibilities: With the introduction of new moves, players can tailor their team to their preferred playstyle, whether it’s balanced, offensive, or defensive.

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All Wild & Trainer Pokemon Have Been Changed:

      • Complete Overhaul: Renegade Platinum brings a complete overhaul of Pokemon encounters, changing all wild and trainer Pokemon.
      • Unpredictable Battles: The alteration introduces a wide variety of species from different generations, keeping the game feeling fresh and unpredictable.
      • Surprise and Excitement: Every battle becomes a unique experience, whether encountering a classic favorite or discovering a rare find, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the journey. Also, try Pokemon Cosmic Emerald GBA

Not to show Gardenia:

One interesting thing to note that You no longer need to show Gardenia. As we know that in previous versions we have noticed that we have to show the Gardenia a Snover to enter Eterna’s Gym. Remember that Eterna’s Gym is an important place in the game where you can show all the pokemon and can train them for a big fight coming like in Pokemon Platinum Red and Blue. Instead, you will need to find Gardenia herself on Route 216 before you can enter Eterna’s Gym. These are some of the interesting features that you should keep in mind so that you are prepare for a fight in the mentioned gym.

Fairy-Type Pokemon:

    • Game-Changing Introduction: The addition of the Fairy type, first introduced in Generation VI, alters type matchups and strategies in battles.
    • Enhanced Strategy: Players must strategize and adapt their teams to counter the new, powerful Fairy-type Pokemon, adding a fresh layer of strategic depth to battles.
    • Engaging Gameplay: The inclusion of the Fairy type breathes fresh life into the game, making it a more engaging and strategic experience for players.

Pokemon Stats and Types Updated:

    • Competitive Balance: To align with modern Pokemon games, basic stats in Renegade Platinum are updated to reflect values found in Pokemon Sun and Moon.
    • Diversity in Battles: The update ensures that every Pokemon has the opportunity to shine in battles, promoting diversity in team composition and strategy.
    • Familiar Feel: Players familiar with recent Pokemon titles will find themselves right at home in this revamped Sinnoh adventure.

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Fairy-Type Pokemon

The introduction of the Fairy type is a game-changer in Renegade Platinum. This type was first introduced in Generation VI and brought balance to the type chart by countering the Dragon type. With the Fairy type now part of the game, battles become even more engaging, and you’ll need to strategize and adapt your team to counter these new, powerful Pokemon. The addition of the Fairy type breathes fresh life into the game and makes it a more engaging and strategic experience.

Pokemon Stats and Types Updated

Drayano didn’t stop at just adding new Pokemon and types; he also meticulously updated the stats and types of existing Pokemon. This rebalancing ensures that your old favorites are just as competitive as the newly introduced Pokemon. No longer will you feel limited by the stats of your beloved Sinnoh companions. In Renegade Platinum, every Pokemon has a fair chance to shine.

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Expanded Pokemon Roster:

  • Introduction of New Pokemon: Renegade Platinum goes beyond the original Pokemon Platinum by introducing Pokemon from Generations V and VI. These are Pokemon that were not part of the original game, expanding the available roster.
  • Diverse Selection: With the inclusion of Pokemon from newer generations, players now have access to a more extensive and diverse selection of creatures. This brings a breath of fresh air to the game and enhances the overall variety of Pokemon that can be encountered.

2. Diverse Team Possibilities:

  • Unique Pokemon Training Opportunities: The addition of Generation V and VI Pokemon not only increases the number of available species but also provides trainers with the chance to train Pokemon that were not present in the original Platinum game.
  • Strategic Team Building: Trainers can now build teams with a broader range of Pokemon, each with unique abilities, typings, and move sets. This adds a layer of strategy to team building, as players can explore new combinations and synergies not possible in the original game.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Experience: The diversity in available Pokemon enhances the replay value of the game. Players can experiment with different teams and strategies, making each playthrough a fresh and exciting experience.

3. Exploration Incentive:

  • Discovering New Areas: The introduction of Pokemon from Generations V and VI serves as an incentive for trainers to explore new areas in the game. These areas may now be home to previously unavailable Pokemon, encouraging players to venture beyond familiar territories.
  • Encountering a Wide Variety of Pokemon: As trainers explore diverse environments, they have the opportunity to encounter a wide variety of Pokemon from different generations. This enriches the exploration aspect of the game, making each location a potential source of new and intriguing Pokemon.
  • Reward for Curiosity: The incentive to explore is not only about uncovering new Pokemon but also discovering the unique characteristics, typings, and moves of these additions. It rewards curiosity and encourages a thorough exploration of the in-game world.

In summary, the addition of Generation V and VI Pokemon in Pokemon Renegade Platinum significantly enhances the game’s Pokemon roster. This expansion not only diversifies the available Pokemon but also opens up new possibilities for team building and exploration. Trainers are encouraged to explore the in-game world thoroughly, making each journey a rewarding and exciting experience filled with a wide variety of Pokemon to encounter and capture. Also, check out Pokemon Mega Evolution 2

Amazing Features Available in Pokemon Renegade Platinum NDS:

  • The maid in the Old Chateau now only gives you an Old Gateau.
  • Storyline is new.
  • Graphics are improved a lot.
  • Traynee’s stat training teams.
  • Leafeon is now compatible with the Cut HM.
  • There are TMs and HMs
  • Volbeat has had a buff to its stats.
  • There are about 490 plus pokemon.
  • Fixed an overlap of NPC and item on Route 209.

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