Pokemon Heart Red Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Heart Red is a complete remake of the pokemon heart gold which uses the storyline and obviously there are some changes present in the gameplay. Some new really interesting features regarding to the characters motions and missions are added which makes the pokemon heart red download super fantastic than the older versions of pokemon gold and leaf versions.

Missions are part of the game which should be completed once you start the game and you will have a different experience this time. Male and Female main character options are present in the game which makes it flexible for you to take the decisions. Let’s see what are some special features present which makes this game so special and popular among the heart gold remakes.

Full Game File Name:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Heart Red
  • Platform: NDS
  • City: Celadon City
  • Remake of: Pokemon Heart Gold
  • Language: English
  • Remake by: TriggerHappy187

Screenshots of the gameplay:

you are claiming the fire pokemon welcome to the world of pokemon red put the potion main player moving

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Heart Red NDS Download:

As the game starts the main player is introduced with the basic know how of the game and somehow you get the gameplay shots in the begining. Soon you came to know that what to do as the intro section is so detailed and explanatory which makes it easy for you to get the main storyline and missions of the game. One main thing to note about the gameplay is that all these dialogues has been taken from the Game Boy advance games such as Leaf and Fire Red. But what about the Sevii Islands? Sad! Those are not included in the current version, hope that the developer will include it in the final and complete version.

One special thing about the game to note that this game can be the real motivation for you to start the rom hack. The graphics of the game are so interesting that nobody ignores them. Some special features of moves and fights scenes are part of the game which makes the pokemon heart red rom complex for you to complete all the missions. Also, check out Pokemon Stone Dragon ROM

The chart type of pokemon especially the fairy type pokemon has been updated with so many new feature that you will be amazed. Around 493 new pokemon are part of the game which makes the game lengthy and more complex to catch all of them and to check wether this pokemon will help you in upcoming battles and fights. As far as the fights in the game are concerned you will experience a brand new fight technique which will make your fight experience a lot more quicker and perfect than the previous versions.

About Trainers:

I think maybe only three or four trainers and knowing our luck, all of these three or four trainers are going to be named Veronica. At this point, power points is a pretty concerned and my powerpoints I mean not the program PowerPoint but PP sky attack just due to the fact that we’re locked into return. I really would like to avoid using, if possible, let’s, see if I can grazer winded, we’re, a lot of levels higher, so I should be okay um. I liked having a well stocked medicine cabinet for this trip.

I think that’s, pretty important to do from here out, and it was something that I wasn’t very diligent about previously in all of the regular games, Pat dugtrio, the trout in all the regular games. I’m. Very reluctant to use healing items as well as a bonus, stop hmm, maybe that was the multi-hit move that Nicholas thinking of earlier um, oh god that killed us before no way all right. All right, let’s get out of there.

I lost my train of thought. It wasn’t important anyway. I think having medicine is good. Yeah having medicine is good. I played to thrifty in any of the regular games. I am too reluctant to use TMS and healing items even when they’re necessary. So I got ta break those habits this time around. He has his own hair Yama. So let’s, get out of Shadow Ball and just take it away. All right Shay Veronica is no more until a couple roots later. When will fight the next chef Veronica.

Exploring the Area:

Fine, because we still have some super potions left. It is indeed, as Nick had the Nick had the correct logic earlier. It’s better to use regular potions now, even though it seems like we’re using a lot of them just because we’ll need the super potions later for pinch, but soon we won’t need Some potions at all, because we’ll, be able to get all the good cost effective healing items out of the vending machines later and that’s.

Another reason why I’m looking forward to getting the celadon City also the game corner, because maybe there’s, some good stuff in the game corner good pokemon that are available. I’m, pretty sure that the pokemon are going to be randomized as well, and that will help us in the future. We’re only allowed one Pokemon / sell it on. Oh, I guess. If we’re only allowed one pokemon, then the free na TV that we get it counts as our one Pokemon. So then, maybe we won’t, be able to use the game corner, but so that’s.

Fine celadon is a pretty okay town by the time and by pretty okay I mean pretty solid. I’m, not pretty solid. I mean solid, running pretty low on ppl around, but there aren’t too many trainers left to fight. I’m going to try. You know this is a slacking. I don’t want to take risks of slacking slacking, not having the ability. Truant makes it a pretty scary Pokemon because it has the same base. Stat total as the likes of Groudon and Kyogre.

Ah i guess we have no choice but to use the to hit move on it, but here i’m going to use a super potion in a previous life. I would have not done that and by in a previous life i mean, as recently as maybe episode.

Gyms and about Pokemon:

As you move forward you will not the special feature that the pokemon will follow you. Catching of pokemon is one of the core task and that should be completed as soon as you move forward and complete some missions like in Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 ROM. There are different kinds of new and old routes which leads some specific places which needs to be your destination but not in the start. All the rivals are prepare for the main battle that should be happen as soon as you reach to the completion level of the game.

All the gyms are located in proper places and updated with latest features and stuff. One special thing to notice that there are 4 new gym badges provided in the game which makes it special game in the pokemon rom hack world. The gym leaders are having their own special pokemon that they have trained and they give special training to them so that they have better capabilities of fight and comeback.

Rivals and Enemies:

There are different routes in the game, every route leads to a specific place where something is located. There are some rivals and enemies located who are ready to have a challenege for you. You being a trainer and the main lead role in the game have to be more quicker and faster than them. Train and catch different kinds of pokemon so that they are ready to fight and battle with all of your enemies. Remember that all the enemies are quick enough that they move one step further than you.

Some Amazing Features available in Pokemon Heart Red NDS Download:

  • New Strategic location
  • All the characters have their own moves.
  • The movesets and graphics are really improved.
  • The gym badges are 4.
  • Day Care (with breeding)
  • Many (some WIP) scripted events (Mt Moon, Bill’s House, S.S. Anne ect..)
  • Running Shoes & Bike are obtainable
  • Day and night system is available.
  • The weather can be changed.
  • Pokemon will follow you.
  • Graphics are classic
  • Can now travel to Celadon City through Route 7.

Download Pokemon Heart Red Version for Free:

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