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Get the Pokemon Leaf Green ROM For free from Pokemonlog.com which is one of the best Pokemon rom hack site. As we all know that the Pokemon Leaf Green Version is based in the Kanto and Sevii Islands. Once you start the game, you are playing the role of Starter Pokemon and have a lot of areas to discover and catch the pokemons.  Pokemon Leaf Green download for PC is made in 2007. As the game starts you have to visit so many places one of them is Sevii Islands.

Pokemon Leaf Green

Some Basic Info about Pokemon Leaf Green Version Download:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Leaf Green
  • Release Date: 2007
  • Areas: Sevii Islands, Kanto Region
  • Platform: GBA
  • Size: 100MB


Pokemon Leaf Green ROM Snapshots:

Pokemon Leaf Green ss

in the training

what should raiku do

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough:

As the game starts, the main character is present in the Kanto region. You have to travel different places as the game moves forward. While moving from one place to another you will experience some lagging behind in the gameplay. Now its is fully fixed, now play the game without any lagging. While you are there in the area. Professor will assign you the first mission to complete. You have to steal the Ferry from the Rocket team. Give them the Tri-Pass that you have in the Pokedex and they will give you the Rainbow Pass.

Rainbow is a type of pass that your opponent character posses. You have to receive the Rainbow Passes in the game with the exchange of Tri-Pass. Remember that the Rainbow Pass can be used for the purpose of exploring the rest of Islands. You have to steal the Ferry and bring her to the Four Island as soon as possible.  Please Pick up the Ruby in the center of the room which will be there like in Pokemon Shiny Gold GBA.

Go back to Celio as you have to hand over him the Ruby. The Ruby can be achieved from some places as well. Celio wants you to go onto another mission in the area assigned to you.  As all of us knows that once you arrive at Four Island with the Ferry you have in hand. Gary will first come to talk to you.

Graphics and Other amazing features:

The Graphics and UI of the game are awesome and changed a little bit from the previous versions. There are some new 3D elements present in the game. As the developers have introduced some realistic features that can be seen in the environment. You have to surf across the water and sometimes you to dive deeper for finding different things.

A lot of Puzzles and trick houses are also present in the game. Some new Tiles are also present in the game which makes it more attractive and enjoyable to play.  As Once you’re in Icefall Cave you have to discover some new elements there. First, you have to dive in the water deeper to find things quicker.

One of the amazing Feature is that the HMs are also present in the game. You have to catch them and train them as you have to use them for the purpose of completing missions.  After getting the HM, please teach it to a Pokemon. After that, you can use them wisely as they are quite useful in this sense.

The Battle System is present and updates are also there to experience the new features. There are some new teams which are ready for a fight with you. Remember that you have to use some cheats and tricks that can lead a battle to a Win-Win Situation.

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Some of the amazing features of Pokemon Leaf Green ROM:

  • Great UI and Graphics.
  • HM are present.
  • Awesome Battle system.
  • Sevii Islands and Kanto Region.
  • Team Rocket and other enemies.
  • Design for GBA Roms
  • It can Support the English language.
  • Pokedex is new.
  • Pokemap is present.

Download Pokemon Leaf Green ROM For Free:

Download Here

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