Pokemon Sun Download ROM (Upated 2024)

The Pokemon Sun ROM game is a role-playing game that was released in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS video game system. The game takes place in the Alola region, a place filled with tropical islands and mysterious creatures. Players take on the role of a Pokemon Trainer who battles other Trainers and tries to become the regional Pokemon Champion.

Pokemon Sun ROM is a special game. It has a nostalgic vibe to it, and at the same time, it’s an exciting adventure. In this rom walkthrough, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about playing the rom. We’ll cover features like PokeStops, becoming a trainer, day/night, customizing your character, gym leaders, unique and complex puzzles, exciting battling mechanics and double wild battles.

Basic Info About Pokemon Sun Game Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Sun Version
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Developers: Game Freak
  • Publishers: The Pokemon Company

Complete Pokemon Sun Game Walkthrough and Review:

In the game, you play as a protagonist who has just started his or her journey in the Kanto region. 15 years after the story of Pokémon Trainer Red, Professor Oak is replaced by Brock as the Pokémon Professor. The game takes place in the Alola region, a place filled with tropical islands and mysterious creatures. Players take on the role of the new trainer that has been tasked with exploring the region and discovering new Pokémon that can be transferred to their game representation.

The game consists of travelling through the Alola region and completing various tasks and missions to progress through the story. It is an extremely popular game among Pokemon fans and players can download it from the official website or download stores like nintendo eshop.


It is set on the tropical island of Alola, where players take control of a new trainer and set out on a journey to become the greatest Pokemon champion. The game’s story revolves around exploring different habitats in Alola to complete the main quest and become the next Pokemon champion.pokemon sun rom download

Team skull member against the other team Skull members who try to achieve evil objectives.The update introduces challenges that pit you against powered-up Pokémon & island’s Kahuna in the process also attacking Team skull along with Aether foundation.

The gameplay has been significantly overhauled, with more strategic options and an emphasis on team play. New moves have been introduced in gameplay, giving players the ability to battle with other trainers for rewards. The game offers a unique experience for players who want to experience the world of Pokemon in a whole new way.


The game features a variety of pre-patched Pokemon, such as Pokemon Emerald, Fire Red, Black, HeartGold, Platinum, Soul Silver, Unbound and the hack version (Radical Red and Ultra Violet). Additionally, it features a diverse selection of region-exclusive Pokemon. The game also features a new battle system that is similar to that of Pokemon X and Y.

The story of Pokemon Sun ROM revolves around the travels of a new trainer through the Kanto region. The game’s setting is 15 years after the story of Pokemon Trainer Red in Kanto region. Players can encounter some pokemon which is not found in the pokenex. Besides, they can also participate in regional tournaments to win unique badges. In conclusion, players can enjoy the sun-drenched world of Pokemon Sun ROM without any hassle.


The PokéStops feature a variety of useful items such as Rare Candy, PP Max, and Heart Scale that can be valuable for completing various missions in the game. They are also located at various locations around the island of Alola, making it easy for players to easily access them. The PokéStops located at Mount Lanakila provide players with rare items, such as egg hatches and Dragon Bones, which can be vital for completing certain missions in the game.

The PokéStops located in the city of Konikoni City feature a range of different items, including Poké Balls and other essential items. They are also conveniently located near local businesses and attractions, making them a convenient location to visit if players have some time to spare.

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Become a Trainer

As a trainer in Pokemon Sun, you will have to battle against other trainers to become the champion. You can catch and train wild Pokemon to unleash their potential and develop your team. You can also participate in different types of battles, including league battles, pvp battles, and more. In addition, there is a new feature called Z-Moves that allows you to execute powerful moves instantly when the conditions are right. If you purchase the game as a download or as a cartridge, you can save your progress easily and carry it with you anywhere you go. Overall, Pokemon Sun offers hours of engaging gameplay that will keep you captivated all the way until the end of the game.


Pokémon Sun ROM features the day/night feature, which allows players to experience different aspects of the game depending on the time of day. The day/night feature changes the spawn rate of certain Pokemon depending on the time of day, offering a variety of challenges, such as the Island Challenge Trials, which can only be completed during the day. At night, players can gain access to areas that may not be accessible during the day. This feature can also be used to obtain rare items and Pokémon. The day/night feature in Pokémon Sun ROM offers a variety of challenging and rewarding options for players looking to take their adventure to the next level.

Customize character

The ROM and ISO files allow players to play Pokemon captured in Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, or Y. In addition to that, a new interface and upgraded inventory system offer more balance to the collection of Pokemon and their moves, statistics, and equipable items.

One of the features that players can customize in Pokemon Sun is breeding. By using this feature, players can customize their characters in the game by creating unique Pokemon with specific move sets, abilities, and appearances. Another feature that is beneficial to players of Pokemon Sun is the day-night system. This system changes events in the game based on the time of day and can be used to customize the character’s journey. Overall, Pokemon Sun offers a lot of customization options for players who want to create a unique experience while playing it. Also, try Pokemon Neo Sun Download (Updated)

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Gym Leaders

Players can face off against eight Gym Leaders to earn badges in Pokemon Sun. Each gym leader has a different type of Pokemon that they use against the player, making it challenging to defeat them. To successfully defeat a gym leader, players must develop strategies and use their own pokémon effectively. After earning all available badges from a particular gym leader, it’s time for the player to take on the next one.

The game also introduces new moves for players to take advantage of during their journey. These new moves will help pokémon perform better in battle and provide players with new strategic options. The gym leaders in Pokemon Sun are tough but rewarding, and with enough effort, players can win their battles and progress further in the game.

Unique and Complex Puzzles

Pokemon Sun ROM offers a variety of unique and complex puzzles to challenge players. The Island Challenge Trials, for example, require players to become a Pokemon Champion. To do so, they must complete various challenges on an island populated by some of the game’s iconic creatures. By using Pokemon with Poke Ride, players can explore new locations and have access to new moves.

As players progress through the game, they will be able to take advantage of boundless combat capabilities. This allows them to become stronger and more powerful as they make their way through the game’s challenging content. Overall, Pokemon Sun ROM offers an engaging and exciting adventure that will keep players coming back for more.

Exciting Battling Mechanics

The game also introduces Z-Moves, which are powerful attacks that can be used in battle. Players will have to use their Pokemon’s unique abilities to take down the enemy team. To win battles, players must train their Pokemon and gain experience to level them up and unlock new moves and abilities. In addition, Pokemon Sun features Island Challenge Trials, which challenge players to prove their skills and earn rewards by taking on various quests. Players can team up with friends and take on these challenges as a group to earn more rewards. Overall, Pokemon Sun offers exciting battling mechanics that will keep players engaged and excited as they progress through the game.

Double wild battles

In these battles, players must choose their Pokemon carefully as the type of their starter Pokemon will determine which wild Pokemon they can battle. The game also features Z-Moves and Ultra Beasts that can be used to gain an advantage in double wild battles. These features make Pokemon Sun and Moon a game worth playing for fans of the franchise who want to take their battling to the next level. They can play the game after completing all 151 original Pokemon from Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Reusable TMs

Reusable TMs feature in Pokemon Sun and allow you to teach a Pokemon a move by using the same move repeatedly. There are various ROM hacks available for Pokemon Sun, such as Pokemon Prime: Purple Edition, Pokemon Robust Red, and Pokemon Salt Crystal. With these ROM hacks, you can use TMs to teach your Pokemon moves that you may not be able to find in the game. However, different rom hacks make changes to the game that may or may not break the rules. For instance, some rom hacks change the battle or Gym Leader formulas, thereby changing how battles and Gyms work. But none of these rom hacks invalidate any of the original features of the game. In other words, they all still work together and provide a complete experience for players. Also, try Pokemon Sun Sky And Moon Galaxy Download (Updated)

Forgettable HMs

There are three HM trainers in the game, Gardenia, Magearna, and Lillie, and they all provide relatively uninteresting quests. The rewards for completing these quests are also lackluster; you are only likely to get a few useful items out of it. So if you have any interest in completing some HMs in Pokémon Sun and Moon ROM, I would recommend playing something else instead. Instead of wasting your time, why not play the game’s main story or take some time to relax?


Pokemon Sun and Moon are new entries in the ever-popular series, and they’re sure to be a massive hit. If you’ve been pining for a chance to catch ‘em all on your Nintendo 3DS, download now. You won’t regret it! The game features new Pokemon, Alola region, and battle mechanics that have made Pokemon such a popular franchise. Get ready for an adventure as you travel sun-drenched islands, solve whimsical puzzles, and take on new challengers with a team of Pokemon that evolve depending on the version of the game you play. You may also want to download Pokemon Stadium 2 NDS OR Pokemon Snap ROM

Some amazing features of Pokemon Sun ROM Download:

  • Hit Points can be increased.
  • Having some cool graphics.
  • The UI of the game is different.
  • Speech Balloons.
  • Pokedex is entirely new.
  • Some new Pokemon Characters are present.
  • New 3D Elements are present.
  • Playing the role of young trainer.
  • Experience points.
  • Latest Physics movements.

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