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Get the Pokemon Sun Game Full and Final Version Download from Pokemonlog.com, having a different linear storyline to enjoy and experience. Pokemon Sun ROM Download can be freely downloaded from our website, the download link is given at the end. You are playing as a Young Character in the game, capturing different Pokemon Characters in the area. Moving from the Kanto region to the Alola region is the main fact about this game. Some new pokemon are present in the game, which increases the complexity of the game.

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Basic Info About Pokemon Sun Game Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Sun Version
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Developers: Game Freak
  • Publishers: The Pokemon Company

Snapshots of Pokemon Sun Version Download:

pokemon sun rom download

pokemon sun nds rom

pokemon sun download


Pokemon Sun Game Walkthrough and Review:

The main character with his/her mother has moved from the Kanto region to the Alola region. Where he/she have to face several new goals and tasks in the area. Some interesting features are present in the game which makes it special for all the pokemon game lovers. The Professor Kukui is present in the area, who will help you explore the area fully. He will also suggest the  Starter Pokemon to you as the game starts. Also, when the game starts there are some core tasks which should be completed before moving to other stages in the game.

The whole fictional story is based in the Alola region where you have to capture different pokemon creatures. You can also capture the Wild Pokemon characters, which again one of the interesting facts about Pokemon Sun game.

Playing as a Young Trainer:

The main character is playing the role of Young Trainer, where you have to train a different type of Pokemon characters in the town. Your responsibility is also to train all those pokemon that you have found and capture in the adventures. There are some pokemon in the Pokemon League which should be trained by you in the end also.

You have to train different creatures present in the area. Some cool features are present which increases the complexity of the game.

Melemele Island:

Melemele Island is a small island near the Alola region’s main islands. It has a Pokemon Center and some houses.

There are other Pokemon leagues in each of the other four major islands around the Alola region. Each Pokemon League is different, and they are all called by their Pokemon Lague name (e.g., Akala Island’s Pokemon League is called Pokemon League). There will be more on this later on in the article.

The Pokemon Center and Poke Mart:

These help with gameplay mechanics like healing your Pokemon, selling them for money (like at a real Pokemon Center), buying items that you can use to increase your likelihood of catching certain types of Pokemon, making Poke Balls, etc. This also includes using an online feature to trade Pokemon with other game’s players around the world.

You can also go to an online Pokemon Center on a PC and, for a small fee, you can get Pokemon and items sent to your Pokemon Sun/Moon game through Wi-Fi.

This is just like how Nintendo WFC (now called Nintendo Network) works in real life. You can transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Black & White to Pokemon Black 2 & White 2. This was later carried over to Pokemon X & Y as well.


Clothing gets added into Pokemon Sun/Moon that affects whether or not you catch Pokemon and even the number of items that you get if they drop them when you defeat them in battle! ​ Some things affect only Pokemon that you Pokemon battle, while others affect Pokemon from the overworld.

A Pokemon’s moves are directly related to its nature. Pokemon with certain natures like to use certain types of moves — even if they have a different move at their disposal! For example, Pokemon with the Naughty nature will enjoy using physical attacks more often than special attacks such as Fire Blast.

Psychic Abilities:

They might spit fire out when hit with psychic abilities, but would knock you into the sky without much of an effort otherwise. On the other hand, Pokemon with the Quiet nature always want to use their special attack instead of their normal attack (e.g., water gun vs tackle), so be careful! Leader Pokemon:

You can only catch and become friends with Pokemon on it’s Pokemon League. Each Pokemon League has a Pokemon Leader to defeat, and the Pokemon that you catch from there are called “Leader Pokemon.”

Leader Pokemon have a special ability that only they can use. This ability can be an attack or something like Intimidate — it varies per Pokemon. Some Pokemon even learn new moves and are stronger than usual when you befriend them as your friend — even if they aren’t your opponent in battle!

Friends & foes:

As with other Pokemon games, it uses friend codes to add friends so that players can trade, battle, share locations for finding Pokemon (like the 3DS’ StreetPass), etc. You might also notice that some wild Pokemon will show up as Pokemon-shaped icons on the bottom screen of your 3DS, and this Pokemon may be able to battle you.

Pokemon with a star icon next to its Pokemon name are rare Pokemon that will likely give more experience points (or exp.) at the end of battle than Pokemon without it! These Pokemon have special abilities — they can do things like control the weather or even help you catch Pokemon that normally get away easily by charming them into giving up before they even fight!

Defeat all Gym Leaders:

Like previous Pokemon games, it uses Gym Leaders to test your skills as a trainer. Your goal is to defeat all eight gym leaders throughout the Alola region using Pokemon from your party in their gym location so that you can earn their badge. Each gym leader has Pokemon of a particular Pokemon type that they will use against you in their Pokemon battle, and the Pokemon they use can be any level.

Also as with previous Pokemon games, It has Elite Four members to defeat before your Pokemon League challenge is complete. As with gym leaders, the Elite Four are random levels, and each Pokemon type has a different member of the Elite Four (two main plus two subs). The Pokemon types for each member are weak or strong against one another. This means that some Pokemon types are better than others at taking down other members of the Elite Four! You have to finish these four challenges in order to become the Pokemon Champion!

The Island Challenge:

This might sound familiar… It’s based off an old Pokemon game, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. In this game you can go around the Alola region completing a number of trials that pop up as Pokemon story events! Some Pokemon are only available through this process, so be sure to finish it at least once if you want to catch ’em all! ​ Gym Leaders & Elite Four:

It’s important to remember that it has more than eight gym leaders and four elite members in order to prepare for these fights. Preparation is key! You don’t have to train Pokemon, but you will have better ability to take down opponents if they’re stronger with higher stats or special abilities from moves and things like that!

Even if some Pokemon you use are really strong, it gives Pokemon that aren’t as strong the ability to fight back in different ways. Pokemon holding berries can give you the chance to hit an opponent’s Pokemon hard before they turn around and attack — for example, Pokemon with the move Fake Out will use it on your Pokemon to give them a chance to flinch, lowering your Pokemon’s attack accuracy!

Other helpful tips:

If you’re having trouble against certain Pokemon types that are still too strong, consider using status ailments like poison (poisoning lowers defense only) or paralysis (paralysis raises your chances at getting a flinch) on enemies that are weak against those status effects.

Battle System of the Game:

There are different teams which are present in the area where you are currently located. All those teams are ready to fight with you. You have to defeat all your enemies, also the battle effects are improved from all the previous version of pokemon games. As soon as you win some battles from your enemies all your experience points are increasing soon. The Hitpoints can also be increase accordingly by Hitting all your enemies.

The Wild Pokemon are present at different places, which should capture on time. While capturing the Wild Pokemon you are good to go and train them. After training them you can simply use them for various purpose.

About Graphics:

Graphics of the game are really cool and awesome. All the menus are improved from all the Pokemon games. The battle effects are really cool because we have seen different battles in the past which were not that much good. Also, the Dialogues boxes are changed from the old class version to the new styles. Sometimes you will see the Speech Balloons in the place of Dialogues boxes.

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Some amazing features of Pokemon Sun ROM Download:

  • Hit Points can be increased.
  • Having some cool graphics.
  • The UI of the game is different.
  • Speech Balloons.
  • Pokedex is entirely new.
  • Some new Pokemon Characters are present.
  • New 3D Elements are present.
  • Playing the role of young trainer.
  • Experience points.
  • Latest Physics movements.

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