Pokemon Shining Opal ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Shining Opal is another one of the best ever pokemon hack available for free download. Having lots of funny stories as well some serious moments which makes the game more interesting. Pokemon  Shining Opal Download Version is available for all those pokemon game lovers who wants to be the best Pokemon Trainer in Pokemon Gaming Career.

The Creator of this game wants to have at least 100 Fakemons for making the game more huge than the older pokemon gba rom hacks. The Storyline is quite interesting because some new events and scripts make it unique. Professor Taho is looking for a volunteer person who should be the Pokemon Trainer in this area who is able to solve almost all the mysteries. Some mysteries are there which need to be solved by an Expert Trainer. You have the chance to become an Expert Pokemon Trainer who can solve almost all the secret missions and mysteries. Let’s dive into the article for exploring what different kind of features and facts the Opal Pokemon Game consists which makes the game so much famous.

Basic File Info:

  • Full Game Name: Pokemon Shining Opal Version
  • Platform: RMXP
  • A remake of Fire Red
  • Size of the Game: Above 5 MB

Snapshots of the Game:

screenshot 2
pokemon shining opal gameplay scene 2
lake ziller gameplay scene
basic conversations

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Shining Opal Version:

Professor Taho is the man behind the mysteries solver, who is searching for a Pokemon Trainer who can solve the mysteries. Luckily one day he knocks at your house front door. He is searching for a hard working man, who will be the trainer in this area. There are about 2 Mysteries in the area which are destroying the peace of this area. Now Professor Taho is serious for looking and hiring a Pokemon Trainer. One of your friends has already received the offer of joining the lab as the Pokemon Trainer who can solve all these mysteries. You are the main character working in this area. Mom is out of the home and you are supposed to not have open the door which can create many problems for you. But unfortunately you opens the door and the scientist suddenly rejected you. Get Pokemon Topaz Version for Free

The main character is now waiting for a chance to be hired by Professor Taho in his Lab. So much serious and curious about joining the Team and become a Trainer. At last after so much waiting you will finally receives an offer of joining the Lab. Now your tasks is to find different evil forces which are destroying the peace in this area. Most teams have the members which are different from the other teams in terms of their powers and walking abilities. When you are hired as Pokemon Trainer, you will have to solve almost every mystery in the area as well as catch different types of Pokemon Characters in the area.

What Happens after Professor Visit:

After the visit of Professor in your Home and rejecting you as pokemon trainer, you stand at the door, so much confusion. But unfortunately you see your neighborhood friend running to your door and he is talking with you that he has been hired as Pokemon Trainer like in Pokemon Aqua Blue Version. One thing is fact and that is your old friend is much older than you and you have to respect him he is also your idol. Suddenly this idol walks up to you, saying, “That professor wants me to do an experiment for him! Can you believe that?! I’m gonna be able to solve tons of mysteries. This might just carve out the rest of my Pokemon Career!” These are some of the basic conversations happened between you and him. Now you are feeling some kind of jelousy in your heart as well. Also, Try Pokemon Apex ROM For Free

Solve Mysteries:

After becoming the Pokemon Trainer, one of the most important tasks of yours has to solve all the mysteries present in your area. As the game consist of some new area and all of them was once attacked by some evil forces. Now, these kinds of mysteries should be solved, because for finding the actual bodies behind these mysteries. Searching features have been introduced which makes the searching feature more faster than anything else.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Shining Opal Download Version:

  • Having a new and interesting storyline.
  • Professor Taho is looking for a Trainer.
  • New Scripts and tiles.
  • Different dialogues.
  • The main character has many new features.
  • Solve different mysteries
  • New Pokemon.
  • The Pokedex is now huge and complex.
  • Catch almost every type of Pokemon.
  • Wild Pokemon are present.

Download Pokemon Shining Opal Version For Free:

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