Digimon Nova Red Download (v2.3.1 Latest)

Digimon Nova Red is the remake of Pokemon FireRed for GBA in the English Language. The newest version of the popular Japanese anime series, Digimon, has been released. The new game is called Digimon Nova Red. This game follows the protagonist as they try to stop Virus Busters who are trying to release a computer … Read more

Digimon New World Download (Latest Version)

Digimon New World ROM

Digimon New World is a remake of Pokemon FireRed for RPG Platform in the English Language. The creatures looked like an amalgamation of creatures from different franchises and sometimes behaved like video game characters. Now, there is a new Digimon series on the rise, one that seems to be more grounded in reality and follows … Read more

Pokemon Plants Vs Zombies Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Plant Vs Zombies

Pokemon Plants Vs Zombies is a remake of Pokemon FireRed for GBA. The game pits players against each other to be the best trainer by catching Pokemon and gaining points. In an effort to combat this new gaming craze, Señor Plant’s Adventures is a new iphone app that is very similar to pokemon go but … Read more

Pokemon Top Secret Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Top Secret Version

Pokemon Top Secret Version is a remake of Pokemon FireRed by megiddo for GBA. A new version of Pokemon was released this past week. Pokemon Top Secret Version, a highly anticipated game for fans of the franchise, has been carefully guarded from all but a select few. The only information available now concerns the amazing features … Read more

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Plus Download

Pokemon Firered and LeafGreen Plus

Pokemon FireRed And LeafGreen Plus is a remake of Pokemon FireRed in English Language for GBA. It was one of the first games to be specifically aimed for Western markets, with elements like more colorful graphics and easier-to-learn gameplay reflected in its design. Additionally, it was the only version released on Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance platform. … Read more

Pokemon Perfect Red Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Perfect Red

Pokemon Perfect Red is a wonderful remake of Pokemon Fire Red, for all the GBA Gamers in the English Language. In Pokemon Perfect Red, the protagonist is a thirteen-year-old boy named Michael. Michael’s goal throughout the game is to become the champion and catch all 150 original Pokemon. In order to toughen up for his … Read more

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