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Pokemon Orange Islands is an English Hack which is created by Kalarie using the Fire Red Based. Lots of new features and updates are part of the game which enhances the gameplay of this game. In Pokemon Orange Islands Download Free Version you are playing the role of Ash Ketchum who is the leading role in the area of Pallet Town.

Pallet Town is composed of several new and mysterious pokemon creatures which makes the gameplay interesting for all the GBA Game Lovers. As the game can be run on GBA Devices and you can also run on PC or Android while installing the GBA Games Emulator. Conquering of various leagues and areas are part of the game and you have to do it for completing the game. After conquering Indigo League, Ash has some new missions to accomplish. Let’s Move on! And Explore some of the interesting features and facts available in the game.

Full Game Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Orange Islands
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: English
  • Creator: Kalarie
  • Size: Above 5 MB

Snapshots of the gameplay:

player moves in orange islands

jessie prepare for trouble

after a long trip safely land at valencia

what pokemon will you choose

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Orange Islands ROM GBA:

Playing the main leading role in the area of Pallet Town, where you as Ash Ketchum is living with your Mom. The main task for you is to discover the area and find some pokemon to complete the Pokedex. Conquering Diffirent kind of leagues are part of the game on which the game progress depends, simply move on to next place in the Pallet town you will face certain challenges of completing the  Leagues and Gyms. Gym Leaders are strong enough and they are ready for different kind of fights and challenges to face like in Pokemon Flawless Platinum ROM. Challenges can be off many kinds and types, all you have to do, is to make sure that you have the best pokemon collection in your pokedex. After conquering the Indigo League you can come in your hometown back to your mom house.

Coming to hometown for the second time may be surprising for you because Professor Oak is already waiting for you to give you next task to complete. You cannot regret to the tasks which are being given by Professor Oak. Now this time he wants you to go to Valencia Islands for collecting different kind of pokeball available in that area like in Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians ROM. Collecting that pokeball for the Professor may be challenge for you because there are various kind of rivals in the area who can dangerous for you. As you have the Pickachu as a Starter, come up with some brilliant kind of ideas to move forward in the Valencia Islands.

One of the strange thing about this Pokeball which you are going to collect is that the Professor Ivy is unable to send via PC System. That’s why Professor Oak chose you to pick up the pokeball for him. Now you being Ash Ketchum in the Orange Islands download rom hack are curious to complete this mission for the professor. All kind of hurdles can be faced if you have a strong collection of pokemon. It depends on the Professor that what does he want to do with the Pokeball which you are bringing for him. This is a myth and can only be discovered at the time of delivering it to the Professor. As the game name suggests there are different kind of graphics, as some of them are orange in colors, some trees are orange and yellow in color. Various enviromental graphics has been changed.

New Sprites:

A player can choose to play as either Brendan or May, both of which are new trainers starting their journey in Alola. Players are able to choose from fire types, water types, electric types, and grass types. This excites players because they will be able to experience a different type of gameplay not seen before in the Pokemon world. It’s time to catch some new Pokemon in the Orange Islands! You can now find Field Sprites like Deerlings and Roggenrolas living here. Even more exciting is the addition of Ghost-type Pokemon who are usually found on Mt. Pyre! Also, get Pokemon Sunset Orange Download (Latest Version)

This game is so popular due to its combination of role-playing and strategy which lets players create their own team of six Pokemon, collect items, and battle other trainers in order to win badges. The latest addition to the series is Pokemon Orange Islands. A new version of this game includes a variety of new creatures that are normally only found in the anime television show. The game features an updated story line that takes place two years after the events of Pokemon Red and Blue. In the new game, players can battle their way to victory while controlling their character on a scaled down version of the original map from Pokemon Red and Blue.

4 Gym Leaders & Badges:

The 4 Gym Leaders of the Orange Islands are all strong trainers that can also use some form of psychic abilities. The badges you need to collect are the Thunder Badge, Soul Badge, Marsh Badge, and Volcano Badge. You will need these badges to enter the Pokémon League on Indigo Plateau. You’ve just been selected to become a gym leader in Pokemon. You’re excited and want to get started, but you need to know what that involves. If you’ve played the Red and Blue series, then you should be familiar with the gym leaders and badges.

The Orange Islands are home to many Pokemon trainers and Gym Leaders. The 4 main Gym Leaders in the Orange Islands are Drake of the Seas, Jinxer of the Ruins, Skeleton King of the Caves, and Jowee of the Lake. Each one provides a challenge for any trainer looking to become a Pokemon Champion. When trainers defeat them, they are rewarded with badges that signify their accomplishments. The story is set in the Johto region, which was west of Kanto, where the original games took place. In this game, there are four gym leaders instead of eight like in previous generations of Pokémon games. The player character’s rival is Ethan or Kris depending on whether they’re playing as a boy or girl. Also, get Pokemon Orange GBC Free Download

The Pokemon Orange Islands region is well-known for its fascinating variety of adventures. Starting off as a trainer in this region, you are given your starter Pokemon without any rules or regulations to follow. There are four gym badges to collect, all with their own difficulty to make the game challenging for new trainers. The first badge is the Rainbow Badge which is found by defeating the Hano Grand Hotel’s Gym Leader, Kadabra.

Battle System and other features:

As far as battle system is concerned, it is changed alot from the previous rom hacks of pokemon. Perhaps you might have played the pokemon sage and rusty versions. I personally feels the same kind of battle effects and graphics, may be it is different. The animations this time is changed with the insertion of some nice kind of slow moves and attack moves. Other features may includes the Sprites for each and everything has been changed and can be seen in the gameplay. You can also try Pokemon Counter Attack ROM

New Maps and Tiles:

The Pokémon Company unveiled two new maps in its newest adventure in the Orange Islands, where players can visit Mandarin Island’s Mandarin Island City and Golden Island’s Golden Town. To accompany these, they’ve also added new tiles for both areas, with even more to come when the game releases next week. The Pokémon Company has just unveiled two new maps in its newest adventure in the Orange Islands, where players can visit Mandarin Island’s Mandarin Island City and Golden Island’s Golden Town.

It has many new features for Trading Card Game players to enjoy, including three brand-new maps that players can use in gameplay. The Island Cave map is an island with waterfalls and trees, while the Forest Path map is a lush forest with plenty of paths to follow. These two maps are designed for 3v3 play. There’s also the Garden map, which can be used for any game mode. The map is much more straightforward now, without as many tunnels or caves to explore. There’s also a lot more water routes, which makes for a nice change of pace.

The updated maps are now able to be zoomed out further, making it easier to see where you are in comparison with other locations. You can also now choose to have a map with or without labels of all the different locations you can visit. The updated tiles are also now different colors, which makes it more apparent what type of environment certain areas are. Some of the map changes include new routes from the original games that were not previously accessible, such as Route 9. Additionally, a dungeon has been added to Mount Molten with a boss that had not been discovered before. In addition to these new maps, ten new battle backgrounds have been added.

List of Some Amazing Kind of Features in Pokemon Orange Islands ROM Download:

  • Nice kind of new Sprites and Maps.
  • Tiles are new and having Physical and Special Splits.
  • The game takes place in Alola, a new region that is based on the Hawaiian Islands.
  • This island region has plenty of features to explore and offers many surprises along the way.
  • One of the biggest changes is that there are now several islands to explore instead of one big landmass.
  • The Storyline is awesome
  • Starters for your rivals are available.
  • Pickachu as your Starter.
  • Now you have Orange Archipelago.
  • About 4 Gym Leaders.
  • New Pokemon from Gen 1 as well.

Download Pokemon Orange Islands Free ROM:

Download Here

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