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Pokemon Orange Rom is a special pokemon rom hack of Pokemon Crystal Version by Pia Carrot. Its a GBC ROM hack that is available in the English Language. Pokemon Orange has many new changes and features which make it truly unique among Pokemon Rom Hacks. It is an entirely New game with lots of changes and improvements done to the original Pokemon Crystal Version by Pia Carrot. The world map has been changed in this pokemon orange version making the game more diverse and entertaining. It also comes with new items, improved graphics, better gameplay etc. Lets see what are the main features of Pokemon Orange.

Complete Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Orange ROM
  • Remake of: Pokemon Crystal
  • Language: English
  • Platform: GBC

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Orange GBC:

After hearing that a fellow young Pokémon trainer named Red had just defeated the Indigo League six months ago, you are inspired to start your own journey and become a Pokémon Master. You set off on Valencia Island in the Orange Archipelago to meet Professor Samuel Oak (a relative of former rival Gary)? and get your first Pokemon. At the lab, Professor Oak introduces you to three Pokémon before deciding which one will be your first partner Pokemon for this journey.

But after you are forced to choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander (Lizard Pokemon), a thief named Rouge appears from outside and steals all the starter Pokemon in a helicopter with her Golbat. You chase after them on the back of a friend’s Dragonite but it is no use as they manage to escape deep into the Orange Islands. The islanders take pity on you and give you another starter Pokemon (the same type that was taken) as well as five Pokemon Eggs collected from Professor Samuel’s research trip to Mystri Isle. While visiting Mystri Isle, you find out that Pokemon with powerful abilities are said to come from the Shennawi Ruins. Also, try Pokemon Photonic Sun Download (v2.3 Latest)

While traveling through this Pokemon Orange Rom, you will also visit Pokemon leagues located in various islands and defeat gym leaders for badges. You can also find a variety of Pokemon by exploring caves, swamps, forests and other locations. The game features some new moves which include Mimic (learned by Pokemon such as Ditto), Substitute (learned by Pokemon such as Eevee) and Beat Up (learned by Pokemon such as Sandshrew). Some Pokemon have been replaced with new ones to bring about variety in the play style. For instance Snorlax has been replaced with an Alakazam while Butterfree has been replaced with Venonat. Pokemon Orange is a new Pokemon experience which allows you to capture Pokemon and raise them in your team. The game’s Pokemon roster also includes Pokemon from Gold, Silver, Crystal as well as the 151 original Pokemon that were included in Pokemon Red Blue and Yellow versions. There are also many other legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo (which can be obtained if you trade Pokemon over to Pokemon Stadium 2), Moltres, Zapdos etc than can be found at different locations. Also, try Pokemon Sinnoh Legacy Download (Working 100%)

Free Access to Islands:

You have free access to all the islands of this game after beating each gym leader and acquiring badges while exploring the whole map on the back of Lapras or using cut trees to reach certain areas. You are required to battle against powerful Pokémon by defeating eight Gym Leaders and the Elite 4 Pokemon Champion at Pokemon League. After completing Pokemon Orange Rom, you are given access to another feature called Seeker Mode where you can complete special missions given by Pokemon Researchers like Professor Samuel Oak, Professor Elm etc. Only after completing these missions will you be given a chance to get to the final Pokemon (Latios or Latias). This game is completely different from what you have seen in other Pokemon Games and is a great experience for all Pokemon fans.

It also has many tweaks which make it even more interesting than any previous Pokemon versions. For instance, this game features Pokeathlon mini-games that uses your Pokemon’s abilities against other trainers instead of normal trainer battles. These games involve Snorlax racing against Magikarp, Pokemon racing, Pokemon surfing and Pokemon doing various other activities. There are also Pokemon Battle Frontier which include facilities like Battle Pike, Battle Dome and Battle Factory. In these facilities Pokemon from all the four generations can be found and trained in Pokemon Emerald Version’s Pokedex order system instead of Red Blue Yellow Pokemon Colosseum order system featured in Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Version.

The game features an Island mode where you can create your own island by visiting Valencia Island (a starter island) with Pokemon that you wish to have. You can keep adding Islands by going to Mystri Isle or any other islands that you unlock as well as sea routes via Lapras. The game play also involves some mini-games where you can throw Pokeballs targets Pokemon Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Battle Poker, Pokemon Rocket game and Pokemon Tamagotchi among the others. Pokemon Orange Rom is a Pokemon adventure with new additions as well as tweaks which makes it very interesting to Pokemon fans of all ages.

OI and Alolan Variants:

Catch Pokemon for Pokemon Battle: [This feature was not released in Pokemon OR at the time of this article.]

Legendary Pokemon: Pokemon Orange has Legendaries like Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos etc than can be found at different locations. The Pokemon League also contains legendary Pokemon like Mew and Lugia among others.

Amazing new Graphics:

Pokemon Orange has amazing 3D Pokemon graphics which is much better than Pokemon X Y Pokemon Black White.

Seeker Mode: Pokemon Orange also includes a feature called Seeker Mode where Pokemon Researchers like Professor Samuel Oak, Professor Elm etc will give you special missions to complete. In the end, you are given a chance to catch Pokemon LATIOS or LATIAS (for Pokemon CLEAR).

Pokeathlon mini-games: Pokemon Orange features Pokeathlon mini-games that uses your Pokemon’s abilities against other trainers instead of normal trainer battles. These games involve Snorlax racing against Magikarp, Pokemon racing [Which was not released at the time of publishing], Pokemon Surfing and Pokemon doing various other activities. Pokemon Orange Pokemon also includes Pokemon Battle Frontier facilities like Pokemon Battle Pike, Pokemon Battle Dome and Pokemon Battle Factory where you can find Pokemon from all the four generations.

Screenshot of gameplay in orange pokemon main player exploring the area main players in the area to explore

Pink or Blue:

Pokemon Orange is available in two different versions – Pokemon Pink and Pokemon Blue which are very similar to the original Red and Green Versions of Pokemon Games. In Pokemon Pink, Pichu can be caught instead of Pikachu while Alolan Raichu replaces Pika in Pokemon Blue version. However, it is up to you which color you want because both have same features except for few differences like I mentioned above. You can use Poke-Dex numbers to catch these variant Pokémon in any version however they may not always be available to catch even after several reloads.

Certain new missions:

There are some new missions in Pokemon Orange like for example, Pokemon Trainer Red in Pokemon Crystal is now replaced by Pokemon Trainer Blue while Pokemon Green is trainer Yellow. You can also unlock Pokemon Green and Pokemon red if you want to play them as pokemons. Also, try Pokemon Supernova Sun Download (Updated)

Info on Pokemon Evolutions: Also keep the following information in mind:

– Some Pokemon evolve at different rates than the normal version based on Natures of your selected attack stats. For instance, Raichu has a higher chance of evolving when its Speed stat is 10 or higher instead of its Attack Stat being 10 or Higher. Also, Lanturn takes longer to evolve when it’s HP is high while Eevee evolves faster when it’s Attack stat is high etc.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Orange:

  • Having a new storyline.
  • Make sure that Pokemon with greater Attack and Speed stats have less Defense.
  • Certain new characters.
  • Pokemon will take longer to Evolve when its Happiness level is low while Pokemon evolve faster when they are happy.
  • Special new graphics and animations.
  • Pokemon Eggs hatch faster after you play an Egg’s melody, Catching Pokemon as well as hatching Pokemon eggs also gives experience points to your Pokemon in Pokemon Orange game.

Download Pokemon Orange For Free:

Download Here

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