Pokemon Photonic Sun Download (v2.3 Latest)

Pokemon Photonic Sun is a remake of Pokemon Ultra Sun Version by Buffel Saft. Having some new places to visit and explore, Pokemon Photonic Sun have some new Pokemon such as Pokemon from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. One of the main features is having a complete story in Pokemon Photonic Sun, all characters and plot points are being re-written into this new game.

The graphics have been updated to Gen 7 quality. This includes revamped sprites/models for Pokemon which were lowered in detail from G6 (Such as Volcanion). The new models make Pokemon look more realistic than ever before.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Photonic Sun:

The graphics have been updated to Gen 7 quality. This includes revamped sprites/models for Pokemon which were lowered in detail from G6 (Such as Volcanion). The new models make Pokemon look more realistic than ever before.

It includes many changes to Pokémon stats, types, abilities and movesets. Most of these changes were taken directly from my earlier hacks, Eternal X and Wilting Y.

Stronger Trainers:

This game contains the best and stronger trainers Pokemon has ever seen. Trainers are now much stronger than Pokemon of the same level as in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon. Now each gym leader has a team of six Pokemon (12 Pokemon per elite four member). The E4 also includes two Pokemon that do not evolve and are unique to Pokemon Photonic Sun. Also, try Pokemon Sinnoh Legacy Download (Working 100%)

You have never seen Pokemon like this before! Be prepared for an epic battle!

Explore Pokemon World:

Pokemon Photonic Sun has many new areas to explore. Many Pokemon species can now be found in places they were not normally found in Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon. The Pokemon of the Alola Region have evolved into stronger forms! Pokemon you find will be much stronger than before, making for a fun and challenging game play.

The Pokemon from Pokemon Ultra Moon & Pokemon Sun have been reworked and updated with better graphics | They look more realistic and awesome than ever before! This game contains new moves never seen before in Pokemon games. These moves are as strong as Z-Moves (some even stronger!). There is also a move tutor to teach your Pokemon any move it desires! Also, try Pokemon Supernova Sun Download (Updated)

If you do not like Pokemon added from Pokemon Ultra Moon/Sun, you can replace them with Pokemon from Pokemon Black, White and Platinum, Pokemon X & Y or Pokemon Sun & Moon. The new Battle Engine is awesome! This game uses the same battle engine as Pokemon in Ruby & Sapphire. Experience an epic Pokemon battle like never before! You can even use pokemon abilities that were not seen in Gens 1-3.

Improved Graphics:

The graphics have been upgraded to look more realistic than ever before – even Pokemon sprites are beautifully looking better than ever. As far as the graphics go, Pokemon Photonic Sun is a Pokemon game based on Pokemon Ultra Moon. Pokemon themselves have had their models changed to look more realistic than before, the same goes for other things such as buildings and towns.

Improved Pokemon Ratings:

The Pokemon ratings are now improved to be like that of Pokemon from Pokemon X & Y or Pokemon Sun/Moon. This includes being able to rate your Pokemon’s Beauty, Cuteness and Coolness (with 6 cute hearts!). In addition, you can also add a unique nickname for each of your Pokemon!

Searchable Pokedex: You can now search Pokemon in the Pokedex by typing in their name or species number! For instance, if you want to search for Lapras, just type. Also, try Pokemon Clockwork Free Download (Latest 1.9.0)

New Maps:

New maps allow players to explore areas they haven’t explored before. Some areas are now reachable by Surf HM (sprinkled throughout the region). One example would be a network of underground tunnels that connects many cities across the region.

Unique Pokemon and Evolutions:

Many Pokemon have evolutions you’ve never seen before! Pokemon also vary in strength depending on where they are caught. Pokemon caught in later parts of the game are much stronger than Pokemon found early on.

New Storyline:

The storyline has been completely rewritten to improve upon Pokemon Sun & Moon’s climax and post-game story. An evil team is trying to take over Alola, resulting in many conflicts involving both criminals from Team Skull, as well as powerful people around the region who aim to stop them.

Some Pokemon are not available naturally during normal gameplay, and can only be obtained by special events or trading (see list below).

Key Pokemon:

There are some Pokemon available via special events, trades or by using a cheat code. You cannot catch these Pokemon during normal gameplay otherwise. This list contains the Pokemon added from Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon. All other Pokemon are added from Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, X & Y, or Battle Frontier and do not require any code to be used in the game.

Caterpie -> Metapod (Level 7) Butterfree (Level 10) Weedle -> Kakuna (level 7) Beedrill (Level 10) Pidgey -> Pidgeotto (level 18).

Ultra Difficulty Changes:

The latest games in the series, Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon, completely overhaul the game’s difficulty. Pokemon that were once weak Pokemon are now very strong Pokemon and Pokemon you’d expect to be strong Pokemon aren’t so much anymore. Most of this change is noticable in the first few gyms, where Pokemon you would have expected to steamroll through become much more difficult than anticipated.

In addition, an entirely new difficulty mode has been added, known as Ultra Mode. This difficulty mostly simulates a battle against real Pokemon trainers from any generation with their Pokemon’s base stats increased by 100%, and rewards 3x the amount of XP per battle.

Movesets also stay similar as those found in Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Emerald for pre-evolved Pokemon and those found in Pokemon Platinum for fully evolved Pokemon (with some exceptions). However, there are sometimes Pokemon available in Pokemon Sun & Moon that are still highly over-leveled in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon.

New Pokemon:

Pokemon with new forms have now been added to the game. These Pokemon come from Generation IV, and will be documented later on with their correct Smogon movepools and abilities. These Pokemon can only be obtained through special events or trades using a cheat code (see below).

Pokemon Photonic Sun Game Screenshot

Due to the fact that Black City and White Forest no longer exist as cities when playing Prismatic Sun & Photonic Moon respectively, the starters cannot be obtained legally unless you trade them into your game from another one. As such, these Pokemon are not available unless obtained via trading or a cheat code.

Battle System:

The battle system has been reworked to allow Pokemon Trainers and Pokemon to, well, move around during battle. Pokemon are no longer restricted into a 2D plane (or walls), and can move freely in all directions. In addition, Pokemon continue moving even after they have used their attacks! This allows for combat to be more realistically simulated and skill-based as Pokemon will not always stay still while using an attack.

Catching Pokemon:

The catching system has also received some major overhauls from Pokemon Sun & Moon’s catching mechanics with the added side effect of only being able to send 6 Pokemon out at once. Most notably, you cannot use Poke Balls without any adequate supply of them available in your inventory. You can purchase balls at Poke Marts if a Pokemon can be found in the wild, but Pokemon are now harder to catch than ever before. The game will also charge you money for every Poke Ball used on a Pokemon!

Catch Combo System (Battle Frontier):

A new addition to Pokemon Sun & Moon known as the Catch Combo system is now present in Pokemon Photonic Sun and Prismatic Moon. As you hit Pokemon with Great/Excellent Throws during battle, your “catch combo” will increase by one each time. When your catch combo reaches 20, your next throw has a chance of being an Excellent Throw where it guarantees capture as long as no other special conditions that activate prior to throwing exist (see above table).

Game screenshot 1

There are two exceptions however: Pokemon who reside in Pokemon are not required to be hit with Excellent Throws (they can instead be caught as-is) and Pokemon that reside in Pokemon that have been set to “No Catch” cannot be captured under any condition, no matter how high your catch combo is. Pokemon who reside in Pokemon retain their status if traded out of them unless they learn a move or gain an ability that removes No-Catch. If this occurs, the Pokemon’s original status will take precedence over its new Statute Status and it must be re-caught.

A stopwatch has been implemented into the game so that you can see when your Pokemon will faint before even looking at the HP bar! This feature becomes particularly useful for new players to identify Pokemon weaknesses and allows Pokemon to be identified faster.

Photon Pokemon:

New Pokemon have been added into the game from Pokemon X & Y that are also called “Photonic Pokemon”. These Pokemon are special in that they will only appear when playing Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon or Pokemon Photon Sun & Pokemon Photon Moon through the Nintendo eShop. How to obtain them is detailed below. You cannot catch such Pokemon without using cheats (see below).

A new item has been added to the game known as the Adventure Bag . This bag initially appears empty but once you acquire it, you can deposit items in your bag and withdraw them again later on at any time via the PSS (Pokemon Storage System) function inside of an Pokemon Center.

Pokemon must be in the Pokemon Storage System before they can be deposited into your Adventure Bag and Pokemon who reside in an Pokemon cannot be withdrawn except through the PSS function. This keeps players from gaining access to Pokemon you have not yet seen or caught!

You also cannot deposit Pokemon with Poke Balls that aren’t legal to use without a stored Pokemon being present inside of their ball. If your Pokemon becomes illegible for battle, it is returned to its original ball before being sent back to the Pokemon Storage System.

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