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Pokemon Crystal Rom Free Download from Pokemonlog.com, having a different storyline, cast and crew. A bunch of new changes in the Pokedex of Pokemon Crystal Download rom is done for making the game more unique and interesting to play. This game again Developed by the Game Freak and published by the Nintendo and The Pokemon Company back in 2000 for the GBC(Game Boy Color). In Pokemon Crystal Online the main story settled in the region called Jhoto and a little access to Kanto as well.

pokemon crystal

Some Basic Info about Pokemon Crystal Download Online ROM:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Crystal
  • Developer Name: Game Freak
  • Publishers Name: Nintendo and The Pokemon Company
  • Platform: Game Boy Color (GBC)
  • Setup Size: Above 10MB
  • Release Date: Dec 2000

Pokemon Crystal Download GBA Game Screenshots:

pokemon crystal rom

pokemon crystal rom free

pokemon crystal rom download

pokemon crystal download

Complete Pokemon Crystal Walkthrough and Gameplay:

As the game starts the main region that is given to you is name as Jhoto Region. After all, you have access to one of the interesting place on the Planet of the Pokemon Games that is named as Kanto Region. But you are actually based in a Small town called as New Bark Town, where the main story begins and you took charge of your responsibilities like in Pokemon White.

When the game starts, after the Welcome text and guidance etc, you will see a new screen. In this new Screen, you will ask that you want to continue to play the game in which Gender. Whether you choose the Boy or Girl as your main character. The main player which is your Character is called to Professor Elm’s lab which is on some distance from the location where you are. You have to run an errand in the Research lab of Professor.

Discussing the Storyline:

When you visit the Professor’s Lab you will be provided with the three types of Pokémons. One of them is Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. Now one of the main tasks is that you have to take them to Mr. Pokémon’s house. Now after Dropping them to Pokemon’s House, they will meet the Professor Oak who is the main character of this game. After that Professor Oak will try his best to do all the necessary tasks of advising, helping and many more things for that three Pokemons.

Professor Oak will guide you to train the three Pokemons which are assigned to you to complete some missions. As you know that these Pokemons are in the starting age of their career and you have to train them. Also, the Professor will assign you a Pokedex from where you can take help in this awful journey as well.

When you are going on the way, to complete some missions, the player is attacked by a spiteful and mysterious Pokémon Trainer. Now what you have to do? You have to take help from the Pokedex and fight with them by choosing one of your three pokemons with you.

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Some of the really amazing features of Pokemon Crystal Rom Gba download:

  • Professor Oak advice to new Pokemons.
  • Amazing UI and Graphics.
  • Take Help from Pokedex.
  • Journey on the way to town.
  • Kanto Region and Jhoto Region.
  • Single Player as well Multi-Player.
  • Pokemon Bank.
  • Some new Pokeballs are present.

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