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Get the Free and full version of Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM from one of the best Pokemon rom hacks download website [Pokemonlog.com]. Pokemon Omega ruby has several changes in the pokedex as well in the storyline. Omega Ruby version of Pokemon game is Developed by The Game Freak and Published by The Pokemon Company. The overall plot of the game is similar to Sapphire rom which is one of the most interesting game. Pkmn Omega ruby download is also an RPG based game which is developed for the Nintendo 3Ds.

pokemon omega ruby

Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM File Information:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Developers: Games Freak
  • Publishers: The Pokemon Company
  • Game Size: 1.5 GB

Pokemon Omega Ruby Download ROM Snapshots:

pokemon omega ruby walkthrough

pokemon omega ruby pokedex

pokemon omega ruby download

Pokemon Omega Ruby Walkthrough and Gameplay:


After the success of several Pokemon hacks in the Pokemon game series this time, Games Freak has come up with a new game name as Pokemon Omega Ruby 3DS free. Having completely different storyline, which inspires every pokemon game lover. The main character is playing the leading role in the game by guiding several pokemon characters which he finds on the way of his journey.

As the game starts the main character is moving with his mother on the back of the truck. Actually, they are traveling from the Hoenn Region to Johto Region.  The main character father is in the Jhoto region who is working as a Gym leader in the Petalburg City.  Now, this is the main task in the start of the Pokemon Omega Ruby rom download.

After reaching the Johto Region there is some task to do. First, you have to release Professor Birch, who is the leading scientist in the area. Actually, the Professor has been in the cage of a wild Pokemon. Now you have to defeat the Wild Pokemon with your Skills and pokemon available with you. After defeating the Wild Pokemon you are ready to go with Professor Birch.

About the Region:

The Region is Hoenn, one of the oldest regions where different types of Pokemon co-exists from the past to present. Remember that after installing the game and starting it on your Nintendo Device, the first time you to do some configurations. There are several Gyms in the region, where the main player has to discover some characters.

The Area in which you have to perform maximum tasks and complete missions is Johto Region. Actually, you, as the main leading character is born in the Hoenn Region. Now you will be traveling with your Mom in Johto Region for completing some important missions. Johto Region is one of the green areas which is covered by lots of trees and Jungles.

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About the Pokemon Omega Ruby Pokedex:


There are different characters in the pokedex. Some new pokemons are available in the are where you are currently moving. For competing with the Wild Pokemons and enemies you have to use the Pokedex for selecting different Pokemons. As you defeat the Wild Pokemon,  you are able to transfer that Pokemon in the Starter pokemon list.

You can also select some of the Pokemon from the Pokedex of omega ruby version to form a group of different pokemon. After that you can use that group for fighting with your enemies. Remember that there are different pokemon enemies present in the area.

As a Trainer Pokemon your main task is to train different pokemons in the Johto region. After training them in the proper way, you are able to continue them to move with you. Also, you can add them to the Team. Some new Teams can be found in the main menu where different trained pokemon can be added like in Pkmn Silver version.

Best and Amazing features of Pokemon Omega Ruby Download Version 3DS:

  • Having a different Storyline.
  • Moving from the Hoenn Region.
  • New Area is Johto Region.
  • PetalBurg City Gym is the main center.
  • Eight Different gyms.
  • You have to save Professor Birch.
  • New Village type Littleroot Town.
  • Antagonist Group team is present.
  • Extra Quality graphics and environment.
  • Completely different Gameplay.
  • Traveling with Mom in Johto region.
  • You can use the power of the Legendary Pokemon.
  • Entirely new and updated Pokedex.
  • Some new Pokemons are present in the area.
  • Explore and train a different type of new Pokemons.
  • An Amazing Roleplaying game.

Download Pokemon Omega Ruby & 3DS Emulator Free Version:

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