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Download the Pokemon League of Legends ROM from Pokemonlog.com, which is the famous website for Pokemon Games. The storyline of Pokemon League of Legends download game is really interesting and quite unique too. With the addition of about 400+ new moves makes the game more interesting to play. Pokemon League of Legends is a remake of Pokemon Emerald game and the remake name is C me. This version was finally completed in 2017.

Basic Info About Pokemon league of legends Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon League of Legends GBA Version
  • Remake Year: 2017
  • Region: Valoran
  • Remake by: C Me
  • A remake of  Pokemon Emerald

Snapshots of Pokemon League of Legends Game Download:

pokemon league of legends game

pokemon league of legends download

pokemon league of legends download game

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon League of Legends Version Game:

You may have played several hacks of Pokemon Emerald version, but this one comes up with several new and latest updates. The region in this game assigned is known as Valoran region which is quite a beautiful region. You have to play the role of Summoner, who is a  young player trying to discover the rich history of the region where you are currently moving.  While in this region you will be aware of several new characters in the region.

You have to interact with different characters and will try to connect them with one another. By connecting them you will be able to make a team of legends, who will be able to fight against the evils in the society. There are more than enough evil characters in the region whose main task is to destroy the peace of society. Noxians are among them who are responsible for all that evil deeds and crimes.

Challenging different Groups and teams:

As you are playing the role of a summoner, your main task is to unite different groups to make a team for yourself. After the team making process has been completed you can move further to challenging stage. Where you will be able to challenge different teams in the area. One of the main most strong team is an Elite team, who are able to fight against you. Now you have to challenge them and win from them in order to become a Champion in the area. You can also try Sienna ROM Free OR Pokemon Theta Emerald

Unique Moves:

There are about 500 unique moves, in which the player can perform any movement of Gen 1 to Gen 6. Some of them are from Gen 6 while most of them are from Gen 4 and 5. You will experience some of the realistic movements in the game.

New abilities and Pokedex:

There are about 75 new abilities in various departments. You will experience it only when you play the game by yourself. Also, one of the interesting facts is that the pokedex of the game is updated to the new one, including several new pokemon characters to play the game like in Pokemon Trading Card

About Music and other features:

The music in Pokemon league of legends game download is updated, now it will have some amazing 8 Bit music which is a really awesome feature. Als,o the fairy type pokemon character is also present in the game. One of the big news that there is no need for HM Characters at all.

Battle System:

Talking about the battle system is one of the trending topics in this game. Several teams are available for fixing a fight with you. Some leagues should be completed once you start the game. The main character needs to train himself as well as the Pokemon because there are some teams who are really strong. Strong in the sense of power and various visual effects. You can also make use of Pokeballs in the game which is quite a unique feature of the game.

The EXP points can be increased in a way that you fight with the opponent teams. Fighting with opponent teams needs proper skill because they are skillful too. They have some amazing pokemon characters that you do n’t have available in the Pokedex. As soon as you EXP increases you will have access to some amazing feature and updates of the game.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon League of Legends GBA Game:

  •  Amazing music present.
  • New tiles and about 75  new abilities.
  • Unique battle backgrounds.
  • The really awesome storyline and Pokedex.
  • The Pokedex is a new one.
  • Valoran is the new region with all its areas.
  • Some new trainer classes.

Download Pokemon League of Legends Game For Free Now:

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