Pokemon Sako Free Download (Updated)

Pokemon Sako is an amazing remake of Pokemon Fire Red for all the GBA Games Lovers. Pokemon Sako GBA Download contains Pokemon from generations 1 to 4, Pokemon from fifth generation will come after its new update. Pokemon has their original moveset and stats, of course you can still change them. You can also catch/evolve … Read more

Pokemon Scarlet Download (100% Working)

Pokemon Scarlet Download

Pokemon Scarlet is a GBA game that is a wonderful remake of Pokemon FireRed. It is available in the English Language which is created by houndoomed. Many new areas and pokemon are part of the game, which makes the game more flexbile. PThe new region is called Izabe Island. There are 5 gym badges to … Read more

Pokemon Sinnoh Legacy Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Sinnoh Legacy Download

Pokemon Sinnoh Legacy is Pokemon Rom hack of FireRed Version by kearnseyboy6. Moves are changed from the game also like Surf now has more power than before. But you cannot learn it until after e4 unless you use cheat codes or something that I can’t remember. It is available in the English Language and one … Read more

Pokemon Pyrite GBC Download (100% Working)

Pokemon Pyrite download

Pokemon Pyrite is a remake of Pokemon Crystal ROM, which is a GBC ROM Pokemon game. Pokemon Pyrite is a ROM hack, which means that it changes Pokemon Crystal code to create new Pokemon stories and gameplay designed by fans- since Pokemon Crystal was released in 2001, its code has been widely analysed and documented, … Read more

Pokemon Crystal Shards Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Crystal Shards Download

Pokemon Crystal Shards is one of the best rom hack of Pokemon Emerald by Kike-Scott. Encounters have been changed – some are more common while others don’t appear at all anymore! Wild battles in caves work differently. Several changes in the gameplay has been added which makes the game more interesting. You still get one … Read more

Pokemon GS Chronicles Download (v2.6)

Pokemon GS Chronicles

Pokemon GS Chronicles is a Remake of FireRed by ~Ruki! in the English Language. The storyline is really interesting in which the main player is obeying Professor Elm to find out the red-headed guy who stole the pokemon. Professor Elm is busy with several projects and tasks in the Johto region. The main region where … Read more

Pokemon Blasting Off / Pokemon Team Rocket Version

Pokemon Blasting Off Download

Pokemon Blasting Off/Pokemon Team Rocket Version is a special Pokemon FireRed rom hack with an interesting storyline to playthrough. Several updates and changes has been done in the pokedex as well the pokemon evolution has been changed. Several Pokemon Gym Leaders are introduced and some have pokemon which are evolved. It is a GBA game … Read more