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Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM is one of the best Hack of Pokemon FireRed Version. You can get the full and final version from pokemonlog.com which is the working and updated link of pokemon ultra violet rom. So far there are many games released in the pokemon game series and now this one (pokemon ultraviolet) have a different storyline and characters which makes the series of the game more interesting to play and complete. Pokemon Ultra Violet Hack version was developed in 2013 by the LocksmithArmy for the sake of a new flavor to the pokemon games. Some new and amazing features are introduced to the storyline and characters are changed this time. The area in this game has been changed from the previous version to entirely a new shape in the game which makes the gameplay of Pokemon Ultra Rom more interesting to play.

pokemon ultra violet

Some Basic Info on Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM:

  • Hack of: Pokemon FireRed Version
  • Developed In: 2013
  • Publisher Name: LocksmithArmy
  • File Size of Setup: Above 10MB

Pokemon Ultra Violet Version Snapshots:

pokemon ultra violet gba rom

pokemon ultra violet gba

pokemon ultra violet rom download

Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Walkthrough:

In the game the cast and crew have been changed, now there will be a leading character which will play the role of hero. Now the whole Storyline of Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Download is really amazing, by adding the different missions and tasks. You have to complete the given tasks in given period of time although it remains the same one which you guys experienced in the previous versions of the pokemon games series. Now the area assigned in the game is similar to pokemon light platinum like there will be same gyms and trees in some part of the game. Now complete the missions perfectly and that’s all depends on the bases of your talent and sharpness of mind. The Leading task of some pokemons which are under you is also assigned to you. New regions are also included for the purpose of exploring the pokemon world more than enough to make some pokemon friends and discover them in different places which makes the gameplay faster than any other version.

About Enemies and Pokedex:

The enemies are also alert every time and they are somehow strong enough then you that you can’t just simply compete them by the weapons and tools you have in your pokedex. This time your rival’s side which is one of the best and demanding features of this game is changed from the previous version a little bit, you will now face some difficulties while completing the game missions and tasks. One of the facts is that they (enemy) are also being assigned some new weapons and tools that you have already and some new features are also added to their side. This time the missions in Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM has been increased and made more complex from the previous version of FireRed Rom Hacks.  While increasing the missions and tasks in the gyms area and some other area in the game, the complexity of the game is also enhanced a lot, get ready for completing the game.

The pokedex in this game has been updated a little bit and now some more pokemons are also available. Now you can choose any Pokemon from the pokedex and select them which are available right now with you. You can use them for your own purpose like for completing some complex missions and task in the area assigned to you. A new addition from the Generations 1 pokemons are also added while keeping some pokemons from the Generation 4 and 3. Now, this is the time for you to use them wisely as you can and complete the missions wisely and quickly to gain some points in the gameplay.

The Pokecenter is changed a lot while maintaining the game complexity and quality. Now you are good to go with some amazing changes and updates in the PokeCenter, which is the main part of the game is little bit updated from the previous version of the Pokemon Games like adding different pokemon roles.  Remember that in the start you have to pass through different stages in the game which is already defined in the game storyline. In PokeCenter you will have some new options available to you like you can view all of the available Pokemons with you and you can even view your map too.

Routes and New Updates:

The addition of new Routes and pokedex has changed the game a lot while keeping some pokemon from previous generations. Now you have different tracks which are also added in the game for the sole purpose of completing the missions and tasks in a different way not like in the previous version of pokemon FireRed rom. One of the best things is the new Pokedex of the game which will be used by you while you play the game. Now use the pokedex to find pokeballs and trace some pokemons are also while playing the game in your own way of Pokemon Omicron ROM Free.  The win-win situation is no more there, it will never let you win every time. One of the best things is that the gameplay is increased about 40+ Hours, which makes the game more complex and interesting.

Some new updates are added while making the map more updated from the previous versions. Now the map feature in the game is highly enhanced from the previous all versions of Pokemon ROM Hacks.  Some advanced features are also available on the map like you can now trace the new pokemon in real-time as well. Some areas and characters are hidden in the map by default like Mew’s Location will be in the hidden area of the map, you have to explore it by yourself. So you can access the hidden area in the pokemon ultra violet rom by using special techniques and methods like in Pokemon Ethereal Gates.

Ticket System:

Ticket buying is one of the best features of ultra violet rom hack, now you can buy tickets from some special places in the game. Now visit some amazing places in the game and make new adventures. As soon as you discover some new areas you are making the game more interesting. If you wish to visit the Seven Island, so for that you have to buy the Tickets of Mystic and Aurora, which are the most demanding ones like in Pokemon Sapphire ROM. You will have some Pokemons which are under your order and they will do everything for you during the mission’s time. Mew pokemon is one of the best companions and he will Obey if you order him.

Some amazing Feature of Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Free Download:

  • New Graphics this time.
  • Map features are updated, now you can view the Hidden Map also.
  • New Region is available.
  • Some Pokeom will obey you like Mew.
  • Some Fakemons are also present.
  • New Missions and tasks are included.
  • Area contain some new features.
  • Pokeballs are added.
  • PokeCenter is Updated.
  • Bill can be updated to new text in the Island Quest.
  • Now Pokemons from Gen 1,3 are present.
  • One Shiny Pokemon is also included.
  • Karate Master will have some new conversations with you.
  • Entirely new Pokedex.

Watch Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM Trailer:


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