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Get the Free and Full Version of Pokemon Sapphire Rom. This is the brand new and most interesting rom version of Pokemon games series. You can get the Pokemon Sapphire ROM free from pokemonlog. The complete download link is given at the end of this amazing review. Pokemon Sapphire hack rom game have some extra quality graphics and the storyline of this game is completely changed. Now you will experience the real changes in the whole game of Pokemon World of games.

Pokemon Sapphire ROM Screenshots:

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Pokemon Sapphire GBA ROM Brief Review:

The Initial release of Pokemon Sapphire Rom hack cheat was released back in 2003. So far this game has earned so much fame and installs. According to a research done this game has been sold around 15 Million copies which is quite a big number to notice its popularity. Now you can freely download from pokemonlog.com which is one of the best sites for downloading free pokemon rom hacks. There are some special features in this sapphire rom hack which are the cities and new regions. Go ahead and download the game to experience how it is made by exploring its different flavors of finding Pokemons, cities, and regions etc.

Pokemon Sapphire ROM Features:

  • Entirely new and vast land to discover.
  • New Pokemon Characters are added.
  • Entirely new storyline.
  • New areas to be discovered.
  • Heonn Region.
  • Multiplayer game.
  • The capacity of 4 players to play the game.
  • Run on almost all type of emulators.

Pokemon Sapphire ROM Cheats:

Below are some of the cheats which can be applied during the gameplay. You can apply almost any of them to play the game and discover some new areas and elements in the game. Have a look at the game cheats given below:

Pokemon Sapphire Master Code:

001 – Bulbasaur
C7715E5D 4B03490C

002 – Ivysaur
AC386FDC E1057B11

003 – Venusaur
6C0E650D 9151DC36

004 – Charmander
86FC5D2E 2AB49BE7

005 – Charmeleon
8EF2FF70 229DABA2

006 – Charizard
5F4739E5 94A6717F

007 – Squirtle
F18A71B3 474EF1FF

008 – Wartortle
600C15C9 7A07635B

009 – Blastoise
9DAC9AE7 0802D361

010 – Caterpie
32D2BE30 1538D5E2

011 – Metapod
AF02EDC2 534F3FF1

012 – Butterfree
3D94CBE7 806B75AA

013 – Weedle
0F029558 78490C5D

014 – Kakuna
2C901485 96BF028B

015 – Beedrill
4CD61B87 F05305C0

016 – Pidgey

017 – Pidgeotto
B5A3B324 4A2ABD7E

018 – Pidgeot
ED21FD83 4D34C446

019 – Rattata
3F2FF398 386736A6

020 – Raticate
CBB024C3 3D4E94CF

021 – Spearow
D50BE2E3 E9AC080B

022 – Fearow
1B5E43BD 9713080E

023 – Ekans
9746090A 9B13D34A

024 – Arbok
E8B3D478 7DB12D1A

025 – Pikachu
76575913 837E7434

026 – Raichu
44DC4643 2E37823B

027 – Sandshrew
A90E5784 8E3070F2

028 – Sandslash
DB655BDA 4885F2BA

029 – Nidoran Female
D9862183 3DC52ADF

030 – Nidorina
34046638 0412FF7B

031 – Nidoqueen
A4115F36 A58D2F6E

032 – Nidoran Male
115EE33A 047E08D9

033 – Nidorino

034 – Nidoking
83AF0E64 308DCF7A

035 – Clefairy
0A960AD3 2D88FB71

036 – Clefable
A245B05B DBA62586

037 – Vulpix
E9243AE6 0707C461

038 – Ninetales
8B104BC5 3BBB0554

039 – Jigglypuff
9D6FDEB5 9E31E1D8

040 – Wigglytuff

041 – Zubat
A5F54B47 43289103

042 – Golbat
3955CE26 1CBBE2B7

043 – Oddish
FD90C5C2 2B982804

044 – Gloom
191292AD 8DA00EED

045 – Vileplume
7B389B12 790FFF7D

046 – Paras
28F47730 F2BE0E37

047 – Parasect
8F320452 F34DE558

048 – Venonat
CC91885B A7BDA5D0

049 – Venomoth
7498F3A3 7D8DE734

050 – Diglett
4E0E0953 99832EC7

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