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Pokemon Star is one of the Special ROM hacks of Pokemon Ultra Moon Version which is being created by Rusyass. Amazing kind of new features and a completely different storyline will inspire you to play the Pokemon Star Download Zip game. The main player has several kinds of new adventures ahead in the game. You are living in the alola region where different kind of species are living, catching a different kind of pokemon will make you stronger and powerful. Several New Pokemon has been added in the pokedex which again makes the game more interesting to play and discover the real facts of the game. Let’s Jump into the facts and features of the game which makes it more interesting for everyone to play it.

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Snapshots of the gameplay:

ultra trainer in pokemon star main player gameplay scene gameplay scene 2

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Star Version Download Citra:

The starts in the alola region which is one of the interesting place in all over pokemon regions. Certain kind of challenges are waiting for you as all of your enemies and rival teams are present in this region. Pokemon star download version have all those Pokemon from Gen 1 to 6 which makes the pokedex of the game more interesting and amazing to play. One fact that you will know soon that the Alola Region is full of ultra beasts from the pokemon ultra moon version which is the most awaiting function in the game. As soon as the game starts you will have to choose the gender charatcer as well the starter pokemon that you want to move on with.

Starter Pokemon are available in the region and have a different kind of features and abilities. You will have to choose the Starter Pokemon more wisely because all you have to do different missions along with them.Your partner this time is none other than the sweet little Lillie and the other Aether members, they are some of the most amazing personalities in the region. If you take the Lillie character as you start pokemon, she will have certain type of features and abilities. As you complete different kind of missions Lillie will be with you. You will soon return from the Kanto region which have several reasons and one of them is you want to discover this alola forms and region as well.

You will soon know that the mythicals now have similar stats which were also available in the original pokemon ultra moon version as well. Perhaps you might have played the Ultra sun rom as well. You will soon came to know that some of the features in the game are exactly similar to the the sun and ultra sun moon as well. Different types of Starter pokemon are also available in the game which makes the game more interesting for you to choose your starter pokemon from many of them. You will soon came to know that their second evos are available outside of Po Town as well.

About the Wild and Regular Pokemon:

One of the interesting fact about the pokemon star version download zip is that all the regular pokemon are also available in the wild regions as well. As catching different pokemon is one of the core task in the game and you will have to catch some wild type of pokemon as well. Different Stats for the regular pokemon are also available in the pokedex as well. Now you can look after all the stats of pokemon characters in pokedex of the game. Also try Pokemon Rejuvnation Version for Free



Nihilego = Tentacool + A Pokemon with Drought in your party

Ability: Protean / Limber


Buzzwole = Cutiefly + Work Up

Ability: Vital Spirit / Sheer Force


Pheromosa = Wimpod + Brick Break

Ability: Speed Boost / Emergency Exit


Xurkitree = Sudowoodo + Blush Mountain

Ability: Motor Drive / Reckless


Kartana = Fomantis + Smart Strike

Ability: Infiltrator / Hyper Cutter


Celesteela = Alolan Diglett + Flame Charge

Ability: Heatproof / Flare Boost


Guzzlord = Alolan Muk + Swallow (learnt naturally at level 50)

Ability: Gluttony / Thick Fat


Blacephalon = Alolan Electrode + Mimikyu in party

Ability: Flame Body / Aftermath


Stakataka = Magneton + Magneton

Ability: Sturdy / Analytic


List of Some Amazing Facts about Pokemon Star ROM Download Free:

  • Having a unique storyline.
  • All Pokemon are catchable.
  • Starters from Gen 1 to 6 are available in the game.
  • Some Stat/Type Changes.
  • Ultra Evolutions
  • Phione can be captured in the wild.
  • Various Alola Pokemon have their movesets improved.
  • More Pokemon learn Fire Lash.
  • Having some unique kind of graphics.
  • Some new trainers are available in the region

Download Pokemon Star Version Citra Free:

Download Here

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