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Get Pokemon Mega Power ROM for free in full version from pokemonlog, 100% working and updated link given at the end of this review. Pokemon Mega Power is also one of the best ever hack of Pokemon Emerald. Having a unique storyline which is enjoyed by thousands. The Pokedex of Gaia ROM hack has been changed and some new Pokemons are also added for the purpose of playing special roles in different missions and tasks assigned to you. There are some new roles included which can be experienced while playing the game. As some leading roles are trending and you have to lead in the game as the main character.

Basic File Information on Pokemon Mega Power:

  • Hack Name: Pokemon Mega Power ROM
  • Hack of: Pokemon Emerald
  • File Size: Above 10MB
  • Language: English
  • Role: Single Player

Upd ates included in the Mega Power Version

There are some big updates included in the game. Pokemon Leading character’s roles are being changed so much that you will realize that how much difficult it is to play the main character role. As by the Storyline, once there was a person in the past and he was trying to make something really interesting character of Pokemon. That man was a true legend playing the character of a leading role in that society. His main purpose was to make a Powerful Pokemon which he can then use for his own purposes. Obviously, his purpose was to rule on the who area nearby. That’s why the game name is Pokemon Mega Power. As the name itself explains that the main character will be in search of gaining the power by finding that powerful pokemon.

Walkthrough of Mega Version ROM Pokemon

There is an interesting tale that is there was a true legend as he was the man to rule the society by creating the Powerful Pokemon for himself to reuse them for his own desire in the area. Now, what his thinking was? He was thinking that if he is successful in creating this type of Pokemon which will have all the properties of Super Power, he will gain the power and kingdom.

pokemon mega power rom

Properties of Main Character

As you the main character will have all the basic Pokemon Properties, even you can move in any area you want to move. You will be playing the role of a young scientist in the game which is quite amazing. Now for being a scientist, you will have to make some experiments to make something really interesting and powerful. You main storyline is really interesting by finding that pokemon which he has lifted in the area and so far uncovered.

Challenges to face:

While Working on several projects in that area, there is one man whose name is Kasper and he really wants to be your helper. If you want to take him as a helper you can take him and complete your missions and tasks pending to you. After starting work on your project you will face some difficulties and this man will let all the problems to be solved on time and will fully contribute you to the whole project like in Pokemon Gaia ROM.

New Changes in Storyline

As the main storyline is really interesting, here comes the strategy, the man named Kasper is actually your enemy’s friend and time by the time you will realize that Kasper is doing something suspicious or not. If he is going to cheat you in the project then you have to decide what you should do next. Some new Pokémon’s are also added to Pokemon Mega Power ROM, from all the different Generations.

About the Environment of Mega Power

The overall environment of Pokemon Mega Power is changed from any previous ROM version of pokemon games series. New Gyms are added, which makes the game more interesting to play especially when you have interesting missions in pending to complete. The Gym owners are always there to help you out, they will give you instructions while playing the game. When you visit a Gym like in Pokemon Clover ROM, the owner will let you know what to do next in the nearby area of Gym. When you are successful in completing some serious missions in the game. While staying in the Gym area, you can be rewarded with the bonus marks.

Graphics and Animations:

Graphics and Animations in it are more realistic than ever before. This makes the game more immersive for players, as well as providing a more exciting experience when battling against opponents. The game also features new interactions between characters and the environment, which add an extra layer of enjoyment for those who love to watch their characters interact with the world around them. The graphics are sharp and colorful, while the animations are smooth and fluid. This combination makes for a truly immersive experience that immerses players into the game world.

One of the most impressive aspects of Pokémon Mega Power is its 3D environment. Players can explore various locations, including forests, caves, and cities, all in realistic 3D. The game also incorporates motion controls to help players move around more easily. These controls work well, allowing players to interact with the game world in a variety of ways. Overall, graphics and animations in Pokémon Mega Power are top-notch. They combine to create an immersive experience that will keep players hooked for hours on end. Also, try Pokemon Mega Light Platinum Download (Updated)

They are used to help create a more realistic experience for players, as well as to make the battles between Pokémon more exciting. In recent years, graphics and animations have become even more important due to the increase in quality and detail in many games. Graphics and animations play a key role in making sure that players feel like they are inside of the game world. This is especially important in games such as Pokémon Mega Power, which features a lot of 3D graphics and animation. In addition to enhancing player immersion, graphics and animations also help make battles between Pokémon more engaging. The various movements and actions that each Pokémon can perform are all animated beautifully, adding an extra level of excitement to the fights.

Battle System:

This game features a brand new battle system that has been designed with an emphasis on strategy. The battle system allows players to take control of one of 16 different Pokemon and fight against other players or computer-controlled opponents in battles. The battle system is based around strategic positioning and usage of the Pokemon’s abilities. For example, Charizard can use its flames to burn through opposing Pokemon while Dragonite can use its wings to fly over obstacles and attack from afar. Players will need to carefully consider their moves in order to win battles, which should provide a unique challenge for seasoned veterans of the Pokémon series as well as newcomers who are just starting out. Also, try Pokemon Mega Origins Download (Updated)

pokemon mega power download

A battle system in Pokemon Mega Power is a key component of the game. Players will need to strategize in order to win battles. There are a variety of moves that can be used in battle, and players will need to choose the right one for the situation. Players can also use items to help them win battles. The battle system is very complex, and it will take some time for players to get used to it. The game uses a turn-based system in which each player takes turns attacking and defending. This system is similar to the one used in the classic video games, but with some enhancements. For example, players can choose to use an elemental attack or a special move depending on the pokemon they are battling with. Additionally, certain pokemon have unique abilities that can provide extra advantages during battles.

About the Pokedex

Pokedex is upgraded this time from Low Generation Pokemons to the higher ones. The leading characters of some pokemons are fascinating. While being a scientist in the area, there will be some restrictions on you. You cannot just simply move from one area to another one.  Simply follow proper instructions so that everything is going alright. You may also try Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

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Amazing Features of Pokemon Mega Power ROM:

  • Changes in the Storyline of the game.
  • Some new Pokemons are added.
  • Pokemon Trainers are added.
  • You have to fight with your enemies.
  • Amazing Battles system
  • Some Fakemons are added.
  • The Game is made more complex by adding some interesting characters.
  • Some Pokemons from GEN I to Gen IV.
  • Overall GUI of the game is amazing.
  • Big Evolutions to latest Mega power rom game.
  • Some new characters are added for updating the Pokedex.

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