Pokemon Counter Attack Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Counter Attack ROM is the latest rom hack for Android Mobile Phone Users. This game is also called as Counter Strike Game, which is being Created ARPG Mobile Games. The Area in Pokemon Counter Attack Download Version is vast and having lots of different species are living in this region. All the Android users can enjoy the latest version of this game which will inspire you to play all the missions in this game.

One of the special thing about the game is that it is in Ultra HD Quality which makes you more excited for playing the game. The player can be movable in several directions, almost in 360 degrees you can move your character from one place to another place. Different kind of starters are available to choose from, also your rivals have the opportunity to choose from one of the starters. There may be stronger pokemon, so you have to choose these starters very wisely. Let’s Move on! And Explore some of the interesting features and facts available in the game.

Full Game Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Counter Attack.
  • Platform: Android/ Mobile Game
  • Creator: a9games
  • Size: Above 5 MB

Snapshots of the gameplay:

main player in the field game scene fight scene in counter attack counter attack for android

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Counter Attack ROM APK:

As the game starts, you will be given choice to choose the character genre type, wether you want to play the game in Male or Female Mode. Then you can choose whatever mode you want to choose. After choosing this mode, you will be transfered to choosing the starter pokemon and will be introduced to the community people and professors. The Characters in the game are in 3D Shape. Also, the graphics of the game is enhanced alot while making the game more advance than ever. One of the special thing in this game is The main boxing punch to the meat of the real-time battle play, which is really amazing feature and addition to the game. The player can move in 360 Degrees and can run in between the buildings. You can try Pokemon Full Moon Version  OR Pokemon Aquamarine Version

As far as moving of the player and all the characters is concerned, you will experience the real time game moves in omni directions. These type of features makes the game more advance than any other pokemon rom hack. As we know that in previous pokemon rom hacks, we have never seen a game in which the characters can move in omni directions. The interpretation of the hot athletic competition is one of the hot feature which makes the competitions levels more advance and complex. The new Wizard hatching system is quite amazing to experience because we have never noted these features in previous pokemon rom hacks. Now the game have hot against the League 3V3 tower model

Graphics in Battle:

The graphics of the battle system is enhanced with the addition of some amazing kind of animations effects. As we know that the main character is to play the leading role of catching different wild type of pokemon. Hence, the main task for you is to discover the area and find some pokemon to complete the Pokedex, as completing pokedex is one of the pending task and mission that you may consider. All you have to do, is to make sure that you have the best pokemon collection in your pokedex.

After conquering some battles and leagues you can move to the next regions in this area for completing more pending tasks and missions. Talking about the Difficulty level of the game, which is being changed alot and have some really difficult missions are waiting for you. All of your enemy are so strong and cannot be defeated easily while making progress in the game. As soon as defeat your enemies and move forward in the game you will realize that your HP Points are increased drastically. Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians ROM

Graphics and Battle Effects:

As far as graphics of the game is concerned you can experience the advance class battle effects and environmental colors.There are different new tiles and sprites for all the battle which will happen soon. The graphics of the basic small characters are changed while making sure that you will love the new designs of these characters. Moves of different kinds and types can be noted during the battle scenes. Every team have their own kind of moves. These type of features makes the game more interesting for the pokemon game lovers. Hence you can enjoy each and every kind of moves of the players as you move forward in the area.

List of Some Amazing Kind of Features in Pokemon Counter Attack APK ROM Download:

  • Storyline is mystery.
  • New moves and movesets.
  • New Sprites and Maps for battles and leagues.
  • Physical and Special Splits.
  • Difficulty level of the game is increased.
  • New Pokemon from different generations.
  • 3V3 tower models
  • Massive fun play.
  • Full 3D ultra-clear quality.
  • 360 ° omni-directional rotation of perspective

Download Pokemon Counter Attack APK Version for Free:

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