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Pokemon Blue Star is a wonderful remake of Pokemon Blue Version by Rangi. I0t has all of the original Pokemon, from Bulbasaur to Mewtwo. There is a new storyline for players to follow. The graphics have been updated and the music’s sound quality improved with remastered tracks. Many other small changes were made as well. Anything you could think of that was changed in this remake?

Having about 151 new pokemon being part of the game. Pokemon of various types are available in the game. Each time you defeat a trainer, they will give you an extra pokeball which means that there is no end to this exciting series!

The battle music has been updated with remastered tracks from Johto region and Kanto region! It’s like another great adventure with your favorite Pokémon just waiting for you to explore it again or for first-timers to experience them all over! There’s also new sound effects too, because graphics aren’t everything right?

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Blue Star GBA:

The first step is to enter your name into the game. Your default name is Red, but you can input any non-special character and it will not alter anything in the story or dialogue of Pokemon Blue Star GBA!

After naming yourself, you’ll be greeted by Professor Oak who tells you about how monsters are being found all over Pallet Town. He then asks if he can count on you to catch them because they’re too busy with their research projects so there’s no one else left to do it. You agree and after that day’s events have passed (which consists of training at Route One) start your journey through Kanto Region as a young boy/girl set out for fame.

Help from Professor:

Professor Oak: You have a Pokemon Blue Star download code? That’s amazing! I need your help, though. There are only three physical copies of the game in existence and they’re owned by my friends – Mr. Game Freak, Mister President, and Commander Red. They each asked me to take care of one copy for them but now something has happened to all three games!

The first two were stolen from their homes while we slept so that leaves me with just one copy left…we can’t let this happen again because there is no chance it will be found like last time if it happens again..I’m glad you helped us out today-if you want to come back here before school starts tomorrow morning then maybe we could train our pokemon.

New Pokemon in the game:

Pokemon Blue Star adds several new features to the game experience. The developers have added three new Pokemon which were not originally present in the original games and updated a few of the old ones, including Pikachu. Also, try Pokemon Lugia’s Ocean Download

This is an announcement that will excite many long-time players who remember how cool it was when they discovered their first Electric type Pokemon because now there are more! Electabuzz, Zapdos, and Jolteon can be found roaming about Kanto region as well as some other areas such as Mt. Moon or Cerulean Cave for example.

In addition to these Pokémon we also have two brand new types of Legendary Pokemon – Mewtwo’s clone Mega Mewtwo Y forme and Zygarde Core Form are also added.


It’s a great game, and it will make you feel nostalgic for what was the first generation of Pokemon games!

The Pokémon sprites are as good as ever if not better than previous games – with every detail on their faces visible unlike Red and Blue where only parts of their snout were detailed. In addition to that, there was more variety in which Pokémon could evolve from others (such as Poliwhirl evolving into Politoed).

One cool remake feature is how your trainer now has hair instead of being bald like before. You can also choose to be either male or female, which was another addition made in later generations. There are even new voices with updated sound effects! They really weren’t afraid to tinker around with this one… we think they did a pretty good job on remaking it though 😉


The graphics of this game are extraordinary. Some new elements are part of the game. All these elements having amazing new graphics.

The graphics are pixelated because they’re from the old days, but that’s part of their charm! The developers did an amazing job recreating this world in all its original glory.

They have added the anime-style intro to each of the eight Gyms before you can challenge them. If it’s not a Gym, then they will show up in some other zone and give battle advice or just talk about themselves. Also, try Pokemon Liquid Ocean GBA

New Gyms:

The game contains new gyms from all over the world, including:

  • The Tokyo Gym is a gym in which trainers can battle for their badge. In this game only it was not possible to get past the first floor because Team Rocket has stolen an important machine from Professor Oak’s lab which would allow you access to other floors.
  • You also have the opportunity to fight against Blaine at Cinnabar Island (the original Fire type gym), as well as Giovanni and his son Silver at Viridian City, who are both members of the Elite Four .
  • There are four new gyms: one on Route 13; another near Ecruteak, just before reaching Mt. Mortar; a third near Mahogany Town; and finally after defeating the main enemies.

Trainers Sprites and Tilesets:

The Pokemon Red and Blue sprites were ripped from the games, however they have been edited to make them look better. All of these edits are done in Gimp, a free graphics editor for Windows and Mac OS X users alike.

A new tileset was created by combining pieces of other existing images found online as well as taking original pictures. Trainers Sprites are completely new, and were drawn in a program called Paint.NET. Also, try Pokemon Dark Realm Download (v3.0)

The tilesets for Pokemon Red/Blue were largely borrowed from here:

-Pokemon FireRed Tileset by MightyMewtwo (used as a base)

-Pokemon LeafGreen Tileset by TheKuribohKing (modified to make it look better)

-PokeMart Tile Layout by Artemio Urbino Jr. aka Auron1206 (altered slightly to fit the game’s style). These images are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike which is the same license that this project uses. This means you can use these sprites, but not claim credit for them or redistribute them without written permission of their creators.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Choose a pokemon of your choice Entering the pokecenter in the game Items to select

Some New Features in Pokemon Blue Star GBA:

Below are some amazing new features available:

  • New Sprites and tiles.
  • New Region – Kanto
  • Updated Soundtrack
  • Some gameplay updates: Pokemon stats and movesets have been updated.
  • The game has an entirely new difficulty mode called “Challenge Mode”.
  • You’ll need to navigate a treacherous cave that takes you through all the gyms in order to beat it!
  • You can now catch other Pokemon besides those found in Red, Blue and Yellow versions. There are also new items such as fossils, berries, etc.
  • Some of these items will allow players to evolve their Pokemon or make them grow faster without having to train them at home first! More surprises await throughout your journey if they happen upon certain encounters with wild pokemon too.

Download Pokemon Blue Star GBA For Free:

Download Here

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