Pokemon Blue Star 2 Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Blue Star 2 is a remake of Pokemon FireRed by canal do jean​. Perhaps you may have played pokemon blue star first version. Amazing new features are added. I hope you like it!

Pokemon Blue Star 2 has new features, including the ability to fly on a Latios or Latias in the sky with your Eon Ticket and battle against Red at his house (you can also now do so by going through New Mauville).

The game takes place in Orre rather than Kanto, as Ghetsis’ goal is to conquer this region’s three lakes using Kyogre and intends to cover Unova in icespikes after he succeeds here. – You will be able to find many of the Pokémon from previous generations such as Tauros, Smoochum, Cresselia etc., but they’re encountered much more rarely than before.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Blue Star 2:

You start out as Blue, who is also your character for the first game. He has just graduated from Pallet Town and is about to embark on his journey when he runs into Professor Oak. Just before you set off, Professor Oak gives Blue a Pokedex–a device that records information on all known pokemon in the world–and challenges him to complete an errand by delivering some packages back at home before setting off again! Once you’ve delivered them successfully (this includes fighting five trainers). Also, try Pokemon Liquid Ocean Download

Gameplay and Controls:

The controls in Pokemon Blue Star are relatively simplistic, with only basic directional buttons and a few other functions. It’s easy to get the hang of playing from this perspective.

Pokemon From Gen 1 to 7:

Pokemon from Generation One to Seven and my personal favorites in each generation with their stats, types, abilities, evolution methods and strengths/weaknesses against other generations’ Pokemon. There are close to 700 different species but there’s no room on this page for all of them so I’ve chosen ones that stand out or have some unique feature about them. Let me know what you think!

Bulbasaur: Grass Type; Stats – 90 HP (Average), 80 Attack (Poor), 100 Defense (Good); Abilities – Overgrow; Evolution Method – Lv 16 -> Ivysaur; Strengths vs Other Generations.

Gen I: Bulbasaur is immune to poison and has a type advantage over ground types.

Gen II: Bulbasaur is not very strong but can use leech seed, light screen or reflect to help teammates in double battles.

Gen III: Bulbasaur doesn’t learn any attacks naturally so it relies on breeding for other moves including some good ones like power whip, petal dance or synthesis that make it useful against fighting types.

Gen IV: Bulbasaurus learns Giga Drain at level 16 which prevents it from being one-shotted by special attackers with high attack stats (like Lucario). It’s also the only Pokemon without an evolution method who gets giga drain!

Fairy Type:

The introduction of the Fairy type is a welcome addition to Pokémon. The new typing seems at first like it’s going to be really underpowered, but as you play through the game and gain more experience with different teams using Pokemon that are fairy types, there will be some surprises in store for you.

It was originally introduced in Generation VI so now we’re seeing how valuable it can be against other types that were an issue before; Electric Types for example which are weak against Fairy Types – this only makes them even stronger than they already seemed! Also, try Pokemon Blue Star

Some people argue about whether or not Dragons themselves should also have a type change because their weakness to Dragon moves has always been frustrating, but I think adding another element into battles would just make errors.

Physical and Special Blows:

Pokemon Blue Star 2 GBA has a new feature that allows players to move physical blows from the game’s opponent to themselves. This is done by pressing “L.” The opposing player can do this as well, and when they are about to strike, it will show in their window what part of your body will be hit if you don’t press “L.” Pressing “R” moves special strikes (such as water or fire) back at an opponent who deals them first.

The game also features five different levels for combat power that increases the damage dealt between opponents: Normal, Super Tough Power, Hyper Tough Power, Ultra Powerful Strength and Mega Huge Damage. A change made in this sequel involves saving cartridges with memory packs.

New Fakemons:

The game contains some new fakemon. The player has the option to trade with a friend, and it’s possible for the AI to do this too, so that trading is more realistic. You can also transfer Pokemon from other games as well as breed some new ones in Blue Star using Ditto and another compatible species of Pokemon.

There are many legendary Pokemons which you can catch throughout your adventure or get traded through trades. They all have various movesets and abilities depending on their typing, but they’re not only limited to one type like most Legendaries before now seem to be doing lately (barring Mega Evolutions). For example there’s an Electric Legendary who learns Hydro Pump at level.

Exploiting Pokémon:

There are many ways to exploit the Pokémon series. Some of these exploits have been found by hacking and some of them were discovered in coding, used for debugging purposes. Also, try Pokemon Lugia’s Ocean Download

One such way is known as “Glitching.” Glitching involves exploiting a glitch or bug within the game to achieve different results than intended by its developer. For example, one can extend their inventory space without needing an additional pack over at Generation III with little effort on their part.

This was achieved through manipulating data while storing items into your PC box that would cause glitches when you withdrew them again later on in gameplay (therefore giving more room). Another way is called “Speeding” which may sound like what it does – make the player’s character move faster than normal.

New Gyms are added:

New Gyms have been added to the game as well. There are no trainers in these gyms, but they hold items that can be used elsewhere. The first is on Route 106 near Rustboro City which has a few Pokeballs and HM Cut. The second is at Granite Cave when you get your next badge around Lavender Town with TM Rock Smash and another HM, Strength – needed for victory road! Also, try Pokemon Crystal Shards Download (Working 100%)  

Marts have also been updated so now there’s more variety of Pokemon goods from berries to vitamins to fossils like Dome Fossil (needed later). Remember how I mentioned about new battle types? Well there’s two new ones: Fairy Type which makes some moves ineffective against them like Poison type.

New Items:

There are a number of new items that you obtain from boss battles and puzzles in dungeons. There is also the ability to collect scrolls, which allow access to previously unreachable areas. In order to gain these rare items, players must use their head! The brainpower required for solving puzzles will help make your adventure much easier.

Many items obtained through puzzle-solving may be used as healing or status restoring tools during battle; some might even be more powerful than traditional weapons because they have special effects on enemies who meet certain conditions like being asleep or frozen!

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

main gameplay scene magby vs chincar Items to select

Some new Features in Pokemon Blue Star 2:

Below are some amazing features available in this game:

  • New Fairy type.
  • Pokemon From Gen 1 to 7.
  • GameBoy Color’s Monochrome Colors.
  • Extra Mega Evolutions.
  • 150+ Pokemon!
  • New Movesets for all Pokemon in the game!
  • Huge map with more than 1000 hours of gameplay, making it a challenge to find and catch ’em all!
  • The story is different from any other pokemon games.
  • Pokemon can Mega Evolve.
  • Fainting means game over (no more Pokemon Center visits).

Download Pokemon Blue Star 2 For Free:

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