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Pokemon Blue Kaizo is a remake of Pokemon Blue Version by SinisterHoodedFigure. The game is a challenge for those who have played the original Pokemon Blue. New moves and abilities were added to many of the pokemon from Red, Green, and Yellow that weren’t in Pokemon Blue. Get the Pokemon Blue Kaizo Rom for free. Let’s move on and explore some amazing features of the game.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Blue Kaizo Version:

A new “Kaizo” difficulty setting was also introduced with much more difficult gym leaders than in normal mode as well as trainer battles being tougher overall – even weaker opponents will use items such as X Defend against you during battle! These changes make this remake easier if you’re not familiar with all 151 pokemon or just want to attempt something new without too big of a challenge. If you are an experienced player however these changes should be perfect! Also, try Pokemon Metal Red GBA Download (v 2.04)

Kanto Region:

Kanto is the first region in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. It consists of eight cities as well as some routes that connect them. The player can find many different types of wild Pokémon here even though it takes a little while to get past Viridian Forest where most beginner trainers start their journey because there are so many battles at this point in the game. There are also three gym leaders – Giovanni who specializes in Ground-type Pokémon, Brock whose specialty is Rock type and Misty with her Water-types.

Viridian City:

The first place you’ll want to go in Viridian City is the Pokémon Center. If your pokemon are low on HP and need a little healing, enter the building and talk to Nurse Joy or any of her assistants. They can heal all six of your active Pokémon at once for no charge! Talking with them will also give you an idea if there’s anything else they might be able to help with.

It’s important to note that this center doesn’t have a PC so don’t forget about other buildings around town where it may be present (such as Professor Oak’s lab). When ready, head into Route 22 from here which leads out towards Pallet Town- home of Ash Ketchum himself! Have fun exploring. Also, try Pokemon Blue Star 2

Pewter City:

You progress through the game and reach Pewter City. A man tells you about a rock-type Pokemon in Mt. Moon, but that’s for another time; right now we need to train up our Pokemon so they can survive this difficult challenge! The best place to do it is at the gym…but there’s no way inside because of those pesky guards blocking your way. Fear not though, I’m here with some tips on how to get past them:

A) Take advantage of their fear by using an item that makes sound when used (like throwing rocks). This will cause them to freak out and go investigate what made the noise – giving you enough time to run off and make it from one side of town all the pokemon from here.

Cerulean City (Misty’s Gym):

The player’s rival is blocking the way to Misty and their first gym battle. A small scene plays out where they chat before battling with Brock instead. After winning, the player can go back to Cerulean City in order to fight Misty or move on to Vermillion City (the next city). Also, try Pokemon Liquid Ocean Download

Lavender Town:

When you arrive in Lavender Town, your Pokemon will have a difficult time breathing. This is because of the high levels of toxic gases that are being released by the nearby power plant. There’s nothing to do here but go through and head westward unto Route 12. You’ll need to use Rock Smash on an old rock which stands as a gateway to this route so continue walking up north until you see it then onwards towards Celadon City!

Recieve your very First Starter Pokemon:

You are given the choice of selecting one of three starter Pokemon to be your partner. Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses that will differ depending on what type you’re fighting against but for now we’ll go with choosing between two. Once you’ve decided which is best for you it’s time to head out into the world!

The first few routes in this game can be easy if you know where to go so I recommend taking advantage of these moments before things get difficult later on down the road.

That wraps up our blog post about Pokemon Blue Kaizo! We hope this article was helpful and provides some insight as to how much work went into playing such a game 😉

Collect About 150 Pokemon:

Play Pokemon Blue with only 150 pokemon. You can’t have any other pokemon besides the following: Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur; Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard; Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise; Caterpie, Metapod and Butterfree; Weedle (Kakuna), Beedrill; Pidgey (Pidgeotto) & Pidgeot. This means that you can still get most of the original 151 but you won’t be able to evolve them into their final form or trade for more than one of each version-exclusive normal/flying type

Eight Gym Badges:

The story starts when you, the protagonist (named either Red or Blue) are introduced to Professor Oak in Pallet Town. He explains that all of the wild Pokémon have gone crazy; attacking anything they see and without reason. The only way to calm them is with a special music box given by him called Poké Flute named after its creator Mr Fuji .

When played before any battle, it makes all fightable Pokemon docile again but does not work on non-playable characters such as Snorlax , which can’t be battled anyways. With this device he wishes for your help investigating what has caused the change on these wild pokemon. Next stop is at Viridian City where everything seems normal if compared to other cities.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Take your time to select Character in the area Ethers are reduced to 1000 new area to explore

Some Amazing Changes and Features in Pokemon Blue Kaizo:

  • Gym Leaders have bigger rosters.
  • A number of Pokemon have been modified to match the level curve.
  • The difficulty has been increased with more challenging trainers and their teams.
  • A large number of changes make this a really different game to play again!
  • Flying moves are now super effective against Rock types, as they were in Red/Blue versions. (This should be an easy way for players who want this version but don’t know how)
  • Every trainer class is given at least one new Pokemon that matches its typing or strategy from generation I games such as Pidgey being replaced by Spearow so Bird Keeper gets Fearow instead. This makes the battles much more varied and interesting without your team constantly getting squashed by Water type attacks.
  • Several maps has been changed.
  • Fighting all the trainers gives a lot of good exp.

Download Pokemon Blue Kaizo For Free:

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