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Get the Pokemon Blue Rom Free Download from Pokemonlog.com, having a different storyline and bunch of new features. Pokemon Blue Version is based in the Kanto region where the main pokemon receive the starter pokemon. Unfortunately, you have to achieve some tedious goals. Now Collect about 150 New Pokemon and Gym Badges which are new pending tasks in the Blue version of pokemon. This is the hack of Pokemon Blue version.

Pokemon Blue Rom

Some basic Info about Pokemon Blue GBA ROM:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Blue Kaizo
  • Hack of: Blue
  • Author: SinisterHoodedFigure
  • Platform: GBA

Pokemon Blue Version ROM Free Snapshots:

Blue Rom Free Download

Pokemon Blue Rom Download

Pokemon Blue Rom Free

Discussing the Gameplay and Walkthrough of Pokemon Blue Version GBA ROM:

As the game starts the main character is your one. After entering into the Kanto Region there are different tasks ahead to cover. About 150 Pokemons which you need to capture as soon as possible. After Catching these pokemons you have to unlock some of the missions and tasks.

Professor Oak is the main character who is ready to help you throughout the game. He will give you the very first starter pokemon to complete the missions. Now as we know that the starter pokemon have to achieve some goals before it should be mature. You have to receive some badges of Gyms as well.

There are different teams in the game. These teams are ready to fight with you anytime. If you have trained your pokemons then you are right to fight with them and win the battle. Also, the battle system of the game is really improved from the previous versions of pokemon fire red rom hacks. Team Rocket is the team to fight a battle with. They have different powerful pokemons which can release different powers as you fight with them.

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Some other interesting features like GUI, Powers etc:

Some Powers can be achieved easily as you move forward in the area and receive points. There are a bunch of new hacks of Pokemon Blue Version rom which is a successful Pokemon game.  As we all know that the blue rom was released back in November 2013. The author name as c067912881, this is his code like in Pokemon Ash Gray ROM.

The game is currently available in two versions, i-e in English and French. Some of the features which are in the English version of blue rom is not available in French Version. This game is Completed Version I mean there is no Beta Version available. Its full and final version.

The leading character whose mission is to destroy his enemies in the way. As you forward in the area you have to fight with the Rocket team ( one of the leading team who was against your character). Now you will face some new complex tasks of the game.

The UI and Graphics are improved from the previous version as well. The Physics are also present improving the main character’s movement in some areas. Note that some of the pokemon path and places are abandon. I mean you are not allow to visit these places.

Great features of the Pokemon Blue Rom:

  • UI and Graphics are awesome.
  • Movement is possible now.
  • More Missions
  • Some new events are present.
  • Receive More Gyms Badges.
  • Starter Pokemon.
  • Event hours are more by introducing some new events.
  • Remember that you can play only the Blue.
  • Catch 150 New Pokemons.
  • Some Fakemons are also Present.
  • Blue Rom follows Manga event.
  • New Pokemon Levels.
  • Remember that you cannot catch all the Pokemons.
  • You cannot use HM Fly.
  • Trainer Pokemon.
  • Professor Oak is the main Guide for you.
  • Trainers for training the main character.
  • This version has the 3 main Pokemon (Fairy, Glitch, Shadow)
  • Pokemap is present.
  • Now you can travel to Decolore Archipelago.
  • Day and Night system

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