Pokemon Crystal Shards Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Crystal Shards is one of the best rom hack of Pokemon Emerald by Kike-Scott. Encounters have been changed – some are more common while others don’t appear at all anymore! Wild battles in caves work differently.

Several changes in the gameplay has been added which makes the game more interesting. You still get one chance before they run away, but after that battle there’s a very high probability of meeting another wild encounter inside the cave until you leave it. Also, try Pokemon Sky Twilight Download (v3.0 Updated)

For example, if your team has two pokemon left and enter a cave with low level encounters (they’ll be easier), then fight an enemy on the first floor; when trying to leave this area again each step leads to another random encounter making evasion impossible without healing! The game also provides cheat codes.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Crystal Shards:

As we know that this is a rom hack of Emerald rom, hack of Pokemon Crystal, but the game is still great! There are some differences between this hack and others. The first difference is that the protagonist has a female voice actor which make it more interesting to play as we get used to male ones in almost every other game. Also, try Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM

The second change is that there’s an NPC inside Pokemon Centers who will sell you Quick Balls for $200 each – perfect for catching pokemon before they flee when their health drops below half HPs or so.

You can also buy Full Restores using your credits at Pokemarts instead of having to find them during gameplay, but do note: if you want higher level items like Hyper Potions (HP healing by 20), Max Repels (prevents encounters with lower powers.

Introduced the Plot of Pokemon Crystal:

The game takes place in the land of Johto, where Prof. Elm is researching a new type of Pokemon called “the New Species” when he discovers that one has already been brought to Goldenrod City by someone else who escapes his notice. The player now must find this person and get him/her to hand over the evidence before Prof. Oak arrives for his monthly visit on Friday at 12:00PM (noon). The protagonist encounters many other trainers with Pokemon from different regions along their journey, all while trying to overcome obstacles such as Team Rocket members. Also, try Pokemon The Last FireRed 

One day, Professor Oaks calls you into his lab because he discovered something really special about your Starter Pokémon! You’re excited – it’s like getting an early Christmas present! Professor is always being very helpful to you you, and you’re happy to show your appreciation by listening carefully.

The Professor says that he was at Goldenrod Radio Tower when he found some strange Pokemon DNA samples – they looked just like a different species of Pokémon! He suspects someone is trying to use this new discovery for nefarious means… but before he can make any further investigations, Oak’s phone rings. The caller ID flashes the words “Oak Residence.” Professor starts talking faster while his face turns an alarming shade of red. You know something really bad has happened – and it’s happening right now in Pallet Town! Before you leave the lab, Professors hands over a small case with five Pokeballs inside: two Red Balls (for catching strong Pokemon), one Blue Ball.

Regions are Johto and Kanto:

You can choose to play as a boy or girl and each have their own storyline. Johto Region is where you’ll be playing mostly, with Kanto being the other region. The gameplay in Pokemon Crystal Shards is very similar to Red/Blue version but it has some changes:


Kanto region is the most famous region in Pokemon Crystal Shards.

It has many areas such as Kanto, Johto and Sevii Islands. The protagonist starts their journey here with Pikachu by his side to defeat Team Rocket. There are eight Gyms that they need to challenge before taking on a team of Elite Four at Indigo Plateau which is located in the center of Kanto Region. Alongside your trainer’s gym badge, there will be an increase in difficulty for your opponent’s Pokémon teams so you should prepare accordingly. Also, try Pokemon GS Chronicles Download (v2.6)

What I like:

– Many areas besides Kiano;

– Difficulty increases when gaining new badges;

– Gym challenges have more than one challenger!


Johto is the region in which Pokemon Gold and Silver take place. The Johto region has a total of 47 different areas for you to explore, each with their own set of difficulties that the player can encounter.

The world map contains all the landmasses from Kanto as well as new ones unexplored by previous generations: Mt. Mortar, Ilex Forest, Azalea Town, Slowpoke Well, Tohjo Falls and Olivine City complete this generation’s world map layout.

Battles are also revamped with the introduction of two new types – Steel and Dark – in addition to Water , Fire , Grass , Electric , Psychic and Ice . An updated time system is introduced able so trainers know what times certain Wild Pokémon will appear.

New Battle System:

Now the game contains a new battle system. This is more like the one in Pokemon Black and White. It’s a lot better than what it used to be, but there are some changes that I miss about the old version:

  • You can no longer run from battles you don’t want to fight
  • The game only allows you to have six Pokémon at once instead of nine (the original extent)
  • When using an attack, your opponent now has a chance of deflecting or dodging it which was not present before
  • However, this new system does offer some good features that weren’t available back then! For example… – The types are different and each type has strengths and weaknesses; so if you use fire against grass for instance.

Graphics and Animations:

Overall Graphics and Animations: The graphics and animations for Pokemon Crystal Shards are the same as they were on Gameboy.

This is a good thing because it makes me feel nostalgic, but there’s not much you can do with that type of graphic anymore. I would have liked to see new sprites or at least updated ones from when this game originally came out in 2001.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Pokemon Main player in the game Amazing new gameplay scene Houses tour in pokemon crystal shards New area in the game

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Crystal Shards GBA ROM:

  • There are many new species of pokemon like Chikorita that were not found before
  • The item list has been updated with items such as Iron and Herb which were not previously available in other versions of this game
  • And there’s also a few trainer battles you won’t find anywhere else!
  • But the best part about playing through Pokemon Crystal Shards? There’s no more need to trade! Trade was one of those things in older
  • The game now features double battles instead of single ones (Pokemon from Gold/Silver also appear)
  • There are more animated scenes than before and new music that was not featured on the original GameBoy games
  • Trainers will get rematches later on like they used to in Yellow Version which gives players an opportunity for extra cash and experience points.

Download Pokemon Crystal Shards GBA For Free:

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