Pokemon Water Blue Download (v1.9)

Pokemon Water Blue is a GBA rom hack by caminopreacher using FireRed main base game. This hack is a total conversion of the original Pokemon FireRed by caminopreacher. The story is an alternate universe and now features Hoenn as well, making this FireRed-based game completely different than what we were used to in the generation III/GBA era.

The main goal for this project was to make it more faithful to the anime series and adding elements not present in other hacks at that time such as Kanto (though there are many changes), Johto gyms, Sevii Islands or Orange Archipelago with some new twists on top of preexisting ones from FR version. Most importantly – all 151 pokemon available throughout the entire playthrough!

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Water Blue Version:

In the beginning of Pokemon Water Blue, you will be greeted by Professor Willow. He tells you that he needs your help to find out what is causing these strange happenings around Hoenn and beyond! Also, try Pokemon Blue Chrome

Throughout this walkthrough, I will cover everything from catching wild pokemon without having to battle them first (hint: use a fishing rod), getting items for free at certain points in time (such as TM’s) or get a Legendary with ease! Of course there are plenty more cheats then just those two but we don’t want to spoil all the fun now do we? 😉

Control Blue Pokemon:

  • You take control of the Blue team and start off with a Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Pikachu.
  • Control just one pokemon at a time while exploring Kanto region in search for Red!
  • Find trainers to battle out against until you reach Victory Road where your final challenge awaits before facing Red!
  • Make friends by battling other trainers to trade pokemon across regions or send them home.
  • Trade items with others to find new ways of powering up your Pokemon and get ready for Gym battles ahead.
  • Don’t forget that breeding is an option too–choose two compatible pokemon and give birth to something even more rare than the original starter!

Follow Pokemon Red Footsteps:

The second fan game from the developer of Pokemon Red Version, titled Pokemon Water Blue is now available to download for free. The latest installment in this unofficial series builds off the lore and premise established by its predecessor with new features like a region map that spans five distinct islands, an all-new story centered around exploring said world.

Over 300 custom sprites (including those used during battles), more than 60 items—plus some alternate versions of ones you find throughout your adventure—and even small touches like being able to see Pokémon on their status screens while they’re out in the wild or when you’ve caught one yourself. There’s plenty here for longtime fans as well as newcomers looking for another fun set of challenges before heading into Generation IV.

New Sprites in the Game:

This time the sprites of the game are entirely changed. There are also some new sprites.The protagonist has a different pose each time he is called or when the player walks by him, which makes the character appear more expressive than before and closer to something like an RPG;

There’s a lot of detail in every sprite: for example, there are now shadows under characters’ eyes if they’re looking down (which creates more realism), as well as full expressions on many NPCs that weren’t present before. Not only does this make it easier to identify them from afar but also gives off a better vibe overall with how lively everything looks!

In addition, all trainers have had their designs updated, including alternate outfits according to what tier you fight them at – Bronze league vs Silver League. New trainers, gym leaders and sprite animations in the game. Also, try Pokemon GS Chronicles Download (v2.6)

The new sprites make for a more dynamic look as opposed to the old style which made it feel like everything was static. They have also added different positions of walking, running and even smiling!

New Pokemon in Pokemon Water Blue:

In Pokemon Water Blue, there are 54 new pokemon species that can be caught. Primeape(04) is an evolved form of this species. There’s also a subspecies called Alolan Primeape which has more psychic powers than regular ones due to evolution on different islands in Kanto region. Same goes for Grimer line; Muk evolves into Tentacruel with blue spores instead of red sludge like usual one does not evolve into Amoongus because it is already at final stage.)

Gym Leaders:

Your rival is one of the Gym Leaders and has a difficult team to beat. He won’t reveal his secret teams until after you defeat him in a rematch at the Pokemon League. Also, try Pokemon The Last FireRed Download

The other four are: Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, and Erika. The first three will be challenging battles due to their powerful level 50 Pokemon while Erika’s Psychic types will give you problems but can be beaten with strong Fighting or Poison moves (like Machamp). These six Gym leaders have been major characters throughout the series up until generation III when they finally promoted them from ‘Gym Leader’ to ‘Elite Four Member’.

Elite Four has new trainers:

They are the strongest trainers in game to date. Each member has a team of six pokemon that they can use. (Excluding Blue, who still only uses one). The Elite Four members each have unique types and specialties that make them fun challenges for any player with their own strategy.

Steven Stone is a rock type trainer, Koga is a poison type trainer, Bruno is an ice type trainer, Karen is ground field specialist and Lance specializes in dragon types as well as other powerful pokemon such as Charizard.

Team Rocket:

Team Rocket is back again and this time they want to take over the world! But only one person can stop them, Red. You will need to team up with your old friends like Misty and Brock as well as new friend Blue who arrives from Pallet Town on his bike “Pikachu”. Also, try Pokemon Sky Twilight Download (v3.0 Updated)

Team Rocket have three main goons that you’ll be fighting against: Lt. Surge, Koga & Sabrina. They’re all tough but once defeated Team Rocket’s headquarters will blow up in a huge explosion just off Cinnabar Island leaving behind some Specter Pokémon for you to catch (and of course collect). Eventually, you get rocketed into space where Giovanni has created an evil machine capable of overheating Earth’s atmosphere.

Best water type pokemon Blue:

Krabby: Krabby, with its pincers and claws can be a dangerous Pokemon to deal with. Although it is not the fastest swimmer, it is still fast enough to avoid most attacks that come its way. Its natural ability of Shell Armor makes this even more difficult for the opponent as they risk hurting themselves when attacking Krabby’s shell. It has access to many powerful water type moves like Rock Blast or Bubble Beam which are perfect for making opponents struggle in battle against them.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Boy in-battle sprite and wild charmander Boy in-battle sprite and wild Boy overworld sprite and Indigo Girl in-battle sprite and wild Eevee

Some Amazing New Features in Pokemon Water Blue:

  • The graphics are now updated to a higher resolution.
  • New regions have been added, with many new pokemon available in these locations!
  • New Pokemon and moves are part of the game.
  • Sprites have been updated to look even more like the pokemon we know and love.
  • Along with new sprites, there are many new TMs available for use!
  • There have also been some changes to movesets that may not be as obvious at first glance. Notably:
  • Iron Tail now has increased power when it is used on a target iron weak (eg Ferroseed)
  • Scald can no longer cause burns if you fail to roll above 12 in damage rolls (*cough cough*)
  • Hydro Pump’s accuracy improved from 95% – 99%, making it much easier to hit targets, especially after rain or other water move has occurred.
  • The duration of Water Spout was decreased significantly so players could better avoid risks associated with using this powerful.

Download Pokemon Water Blue For Free:

Download Here