Pokemon Rocket Strike Download Free (Working 100%)

Pokemon Rocket Strike is one of the best GBA game which is made on the base of Fire Red Game. The Developer of the Pokemon Rocket Strike Download named as AmazingCharizard has done some great work while introducing such an awesome game. Most of the Features resembles the Fire Red Version and even sometime you might think as this same as Fire Red but actually, it is completely different. Experience the realistic sound effects as well as the Visual Effect in the game. Some of the gameplay rules has been changed according to the Storyline as well. So you may need to follow all the steps for ensuring that you complete the game on time.

File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Rocket Strike Version
  • Platform: GBA
  • Base Game: Pokemon Fire Red
  • Status: Complete
  • Creator: AmazingCharizard

Snapshots of the Gameplay:


garden in the game

basic pokemon info in pokemon rocket strike game

basic instructions in the rocket strike game

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Rocket Strike Game Download for GBA:

Playing the game as the main leading role is one of the interesting fact about the pokemon games and hopefully, you will experience the same in this game as well. Make some adventures in the game while travelling from one region to another as there are multiple regions in the game. These regions  may contain some areas where your access may be banned for sometimes as well. So always check before moving forward in the game for making awesome kind of adventures. The Creator has made some nice kind of graphics effects in the game as well.

As the main role in the game, you have certain type of responsibilities that you have to fulfill before moving forward in the game. Many these rules are quite new which can be interesting or may be booring for you. Like you have to talk to everyone on the way that you are currently moving. This is one of the funny type features but you have to take it very seriously and move forward in the game while considering this rule in the game.

Rocket Strike GBA Version has many new sprites and pokemon from different Generations. You will be surprised to see that these pokemon were even not available in the last version of pokemon game. But you have the golden opportunity to make it happen and make some serious kind of adventures. The main role will be played by you and you are the main trainer of your team as well. So you will definitely need some amazing and astonishing kind of powers so that you can train your team properly.

Battle System:

Nothing special but some effects has been added which makes the battle system of the game more unique than any other game. Most of the features are from the older version as this hack is based upon the Fire Red Version. So you will face the old kind of enemies on you side and they will be waiting for you to move forward and challenge them. Challenging is one of the amazing features of the game which makes the gameplay more interesting and attracting every pokemon game hacks lover to play it. That’s why it has received so many reviews in the market. Also, try Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma ROM OR Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM

Also, the game has the difficulty level higher and more complex than the older pokemon fire red hacks. Now you will feel the difference as well in the Battle as well as in the general gameplay. As this was one of the demanding features in the pokemon games, so now you have the opportunity to experience the amazing gaming effects and battle animations along with an increase in difficulty.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Rocket Strike Download GBA Version:

  • Amazing kind of new attractive graphics.
  • New Pokemon and routes.
  • Talk with everyone.
  • Sprite of BW types.
  • New Pokedex.
  • You have to play on side of Team Rocket and catch over 300+ Pokemon.
  • Having the National Dex is a necessary feature.
  • Get the Right Badge and you will face no issue at all.

Download Pokemon Rocket Strike ROM For Free Now:

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