Pokemon Pinball Game Download ROM (Working 100%)

Download the Full version of Pokemon Pinball Game from Pokemonlog.com, having lots of new features and updates. In Pokemon Pinball there are mainly two tables, Red and Blue. Now each table has its own elements and features. The Storyline and Gameplay of the Pokemon Pinball Download game are so awesome that it have received many good receptions after the initial release in 1999. The 100% Working download link is given at the end of this review. Try Pokemon Sapphire

Basic Info about Pokemon Pinball Game Download:

  • Game full Name: Pokemon Pinball Version
  • Release Year: 1999
  • Platform: Game Boy Color
  • Developer: Jupiter
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Snapshots of Pokemon Pinball Game Full Download:

pokemon pinball game download

pokemon pinball game

pokemon pinball gbc

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Pinball Game:

As the game starts, the main screen will be asking for some basic info which is quite often in many pokemon games like light platinum and spectrum.  There are mainly two tables present for the main gameplay of the pokemon pinball. In these tables, you have to play the game by a ball called as Pinball. Both these tables have its own features and elements which are quite unique than normal routine games. It is a single player game with the genre of Pinball.

Both these tables are placed at a different location, which can be accessed in the game. You have to select one of the tables. Now each table has its own location which indicates that some of the pokemon are available and ready to be captured. One of the amazing things is that those pokemon characters are available which are ready. At the beginning of the game, the slot machine style element is displayed in the game. Now after pressing A will enable you to select a starting location for the game. Try Pokemon Omega Ruby

The tables have its own mechanism for selecting the slots and locations of different pokemon. You can select another means next location, once you have cleared the previous location. You can clear the location in only one case and that is to capture the pokemon. Whenever you clear a location, the next location will be unlocked to you and the main player will move forward. The level will be increased in this way while moving to the next location in the game. Some of the locations are also locked and not available for gameplay.

About the Catch Mode:

This is one of the special things to discuss in Pokemon Pinball game. In catch mode, you have the limited time of only 2 minutes. In this mode, you have to capture the pokemon available for capturing process. Once this mode is activated then you will have only 6 attempts left. Also, you will have an image in front of the table of an uncomplete pokemon. This image will be in the 1/6 part of the whole body. You can also try Pokemon League of Legends OR Victory Fire Game

Evolution Mode:

In this mode, you will be able to evolve only those pokemon characters whom you have captured in the previous model. Remember that only limited attempts will be assigned and given to you. Some of the pokemon will be successfully evolved to different pokemon characters.

After the evolution process ends, you can then add those pokemon characters in the pokedex. Also, you can targets on the playfield in the game.

Some amazing features of Pokemon Pinball Game Download:

  • Catch Mode.
  • Pop Bumpers of 6 times.
  • 2 Minutes of interval time.
  • Capture Pokemon.
  • Two tables and different locations available.
  • Evolution mode.
  • Different UI and Graphics.

Download Pokemon Pinball Game for Free:

Download Here

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