Pokemon Turquoise ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Turquoise is the most download pokemon rom hack of Fire Red Version which is being created by the author named as Tropical Sunlight. Get the Latest Version of Pokemon Turquoise Download full version as it is beta version, you can download it from our website. It was created in 2009 and the latest Beta 2.1 Version was released in April 2018. The main character have several thing and missions to perform in this area. So many new pokemon and scripts makes the game more perfect and amazing for your to play. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing and hidden features available in the game, so that you become aware of these hidden features.

Complete File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Turquoise Version
  • Remake of Pokemon Fire Red
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Latest Version: April, 2018 (Beta 2.1)
  • Author: Tropical Sunlight

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

What is a Pokedex
the fields in Pokemon turqoise

a common scene in the gameplay

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Turquoise ROM Download:

The game starts with the main screen appears which is demanding from you to choose a specific character you want to move forward with it. Like in male character you can choose Jack and in Female version, you can choose Lucia. These two characters can be chosen according to your choice and wish. You are sleeping as the main character in your bed and have a dream. In the dream, a character named as GIOVANNI appears and calls you to save the region from evil forces. These forces are trying to destroy the peace from the region and destroy the region as well. He is going to ruin each and everything in this area. These are the statements from the character named as GIOVANNI.

After the Sleeping session you immediately wake up and you have that dream in your mind. So what to do now, as you are sitting in your home and receives your PokeTicket. As we know that PokeTicket is the ticket which gives you allowance to meet the Professor Mango, one of the leading role in this area. He have some pokemon and you will receive your starter pokemon from him. With these starter pokemon you will move forward in the area for the purpose of making some adventures and finding that evil forces. Some nice kind of new scripts are also present in the game which makes it more unique and amazing from the other pokemon rom hacks of Pokemon Fire Red ROM Hacks.

Suddenly, you hear a news that a pokemon cries at the river bank of Harmony. As you have some interest in gaining some pokemon and training them out for battles and adventures with you. We know that these starters pokemon can also help you out in making sure that you have completed your adventures in this area and have captured some pokemons in this area too. These are some of the usages which you can take from your starter pokemon and of course they their own abilities. You have to care what pokemon you are choosing at the time of selecting your favourite pokemon in the area. All of them have their special features and abilities, so regarding their abilities, you can choose them.

UnderWater and Gameplay:

You will be surprised whenever your play the game, as the underwater game mode is one of the interesting gameplay mode i have personally seen so far in the pokemon rom hacks. Some of the features are ofcourse missing in the underwater mode, but still you have access to some main features and abilities that you can make use of. You can also try Pokemon Topaz ROM Latest Version Completed Download

Also, the gameplay mode is a type of thrilling which you can make use off. There are some enemies exists in the region and the game mode is also thrilling and based upon actions. So make sure that you are mentally prepared for the attacks and battles that will be happening in your area.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Turquoise ROM Download:

  • Unique Gameplay and Storyline.
  • New Scripts and tiles.
  • HMs and TMs
  • PokeBalls
  • PokeTicket will be given at the starter.
  • Many new Pokemon as starter are available as options.
  • UnderWater gameplay mode.
  • Having new Rocket leaders.
  • New Gyms and trading centers.
  • Special kind of forces.
  • New Powers are given to you and your enemies as well.
  • Catch a different kind of pokemon.
  • Almost 200+ Pokemon from different Generations.

Download Pokemon Turquoise Version Beta 1.2 For Free Now:

Download Here

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